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Feb 04 2020
Just a bait for offers of lesser value.
Credit Karma Member

It's pretty comical how they get away with forcing you into another card..? 8pts below excellent credit. 100% payment history. 11% credit card use. 0 derogatory marks 7 figure income, figure rent spend... and everything else positive outside of credit age - 1yr, 7mos. Opted in for the intro offer - denied w/ immediate offer for the same card, but with nothing in the initial offering.? -a 0 intro -0 bonus -No intro purchase APR offer - over 26% interest rate from the get-go -Cant remember what the balance transfer rate was but it was prety insane too.. $1,000 credit limit. here I am now with a split screen saying you can't have whats on the left, but here's what you can have so we don't report that you weren't approved for the initial card we offered you. Yes, I'm being a baby, and yes, I get I don't need to use the card -- but just be up front about the ****

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Feb 14 2020
Lousy card from a crooked company
Credit Karma Member

? My main beef: They closed the card after an entire year, claiming they made an "error" in issuing it. I have average credit, the same income I had when I applied, and have no late payments.? Take-away: DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS CARD unless you have stellar scores, *very* low debt-to-income ratios, and no considerable student loans. Even then, don't trust this terrible company at all. The details: Although I had an abysmal experience with Capital One years ago, on the recommendation of Credit Karma (thanks for nothing), I applied for a Savor One card in order to do a balance transfer. Good news: I got the card; bad news: I received a much smaller credit line than other cards I have, could not do a balance transfer, and the APR was an obscene 26+%. Fast forward about one year: I get a vaguely threatening email from them on Jan. 24, demanding that I give them updated income info, or they *might* close the account. I have the same job and income I had when I applied, so I "updated" the info on their website. On Feb. 13, I get another email informing me that they gave me the card in error and, having reconsidered, they are immediately closing the account. I keep my credit utilization under 30%, currently have (according to Credit Karma) an Equifax score of approximately 738 and a 664 Transunion score (dropped recently, not sure why). FICO is 717. Further, I have not been late with my payments, nor are there any recent late payments listed on my credit report. I, of course, called. Telephone customer service was coldly apologetic, but insisted no one else but the "senior" rep who answered the phone could talk to me about my concers about how THEIR error would negatively impact my credit when they reported it as "closed by the Grantor." I hit a brick wall with them, and all they could tell me was to complain to the credit bureaus and/or credit counselor about it. Bad, bad, and more bad.

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Aug 20 2020
Cannot activate card
Credit Karma Member

Capital One will not activate this card even though I already have another card through them. They are asking for copies of 1. the front and back of my driver's license or gov't ID 2. The front of my social security card, signed 3. Proof of residence that is a bill or bank statement WITH address, name, and FULL ACCOUNT NUMBER. They won't accept their own statements as valid. There are no alternative methods to verify identity and residence.

May 22 2020
Dumb Option
Credit Karma Member

Got declined for this even though I had an excellent credit score...774

Apr 23 2020
Terrible Company
Credit Karma Member

As soon as I received card, I was blocked from using it due to "fraudulent activity". Despite providing them with darn near everything that could possibly identify me (BC, ID, SS, 2 utility bills), they refused to return access. Did I mention I spent 2 months trying to get this cleared up? I finally closed the account myself and will never do business with them. Only try out this card if you are an existing Capital One customer. Otherwise its not worth the hard inquiry!!! on your credit report.

Mar 18 2020
Credit Karma Member

get credit check after preapproved, low overall limit, never get your credict limit increase aproved........ There are lot of promises in the ad but you do not get anything back.

Mar 16 2020
Was approved with a generous cL.
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma said I had a poor chance for approval. I spent my 500 dollars to get 150 back an received it within two days. 780 scores across the board except Rico is 808. Can't wait to use balance transfer which is why I got the card anyways.?

Mar 14 2020
No explanation for denied application.
Credit Karma Member

My credit score has been above 800. My online Savor One credit card application was denied. I called customer service and the representative was not helpful and unprofessional. I did receive a credit card denial letter in the mail to dispute the denial. Instead, I received a "hard quiry" on my credit report and I was not happy about it! Recently, Credit Karma recommended a Savor One card to apply for because I have "excellent" credit. I will not apply for a Savor One credit card because I do not trust this creditor, and I do not want to deal with an unprofessional customer service department.

Mar 08 2020
Credit Karma Member

The URL link shown on Credit Karma websit to apply for this card does nodt work!

Mar 04 2020
Cash back is AWESOME!
Credit Karma Member

I pay most of my bills using this credit card. Then at the end of the month I pay off the credit card. When I do this I end up getting 1 2 or 3% back depending on what type of business I'm paying. So basically I'm getting free money every month!

Mar 04 2020
Not approved
Credit Karma Member

"Excellent Approval Odds" my a$$!!? Absolutely no late payments.? 706 credit score.? Utilization on high side- 65% (reason for possible balance transfer).? Not approved and no other offer made.? Save yourself another inquiry on your credit score!?

Mar 01 2020
Great perks and cash back!
Credit Karma Member

I have a 698 on my FICO score, with an increase of 6k. As long as I have below the 30% usage, I am good!

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Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

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