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Aug 28 2018
Good Business starter card
Credit Karma Member

I am an independent contractor and travel steadily for work. I really needed a business card to use so I didn't have to use personal money. My credit has been rebuilding over the last 18 months so I was unsure. I was approved for a limit of 2k. My scores at the time were Experian Fico 640, CK TU620, EQ640. It may also be worth mentioning I already have a personal CO card (QS with 500$ CL) and also a Capital One auto loan (which has good payment history). It took them a whole week to approve my Application, I got the dreaded "wait 7-10 response" on initial application. Somebody was supposed to call me to verify I actually applied. Once I talked to someone I was immediately approved

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Oct 30 2018
Mixed opinions
Credit Karma Member

Considering my scores, I was pleased to get a business card with rewards. My initial CL was $2,000 and it hasn't increased yet (almost 6 months on time now). My gripe, like everyone else, is this card goes against your personal credit rating. I had a chapter 7 BK about a year ago so I'm using all my credit cards to get my scores up. I'm approaching a 700 with all 3 bureaus already because I keep the usage low. I'll max the card out and pay it off the day the payment is due. If you're looking for a CL increase like I am, I believe this is the best way to go about it because I've shown Capital One I'm using the card to its limit but I can also pay it off. This is how they explained it to me when I called to ask for an increase and the best way to go about it. Hope this helps.

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Apr 10 2020
Disappointed Card Holder
Credit Karma Member

Based on my past and recent experience,I have found it necessary to share my experience with this company. My main concern is the high interest rates and the unwillingness of Capital One Credit Card to lower my personal and business card rates, especially during these uncertain times. Because this is my oldest credit card, I have been reluctant to close the accounts. Because of my several attempts to work with this company to reach a middle ground with a lower rate, and until I can pay off the final card, I have decided to share my unfortunate disappointment and dissatisfaction with how I as a loyal card holder am not being heard. I have paid off an auto loan, paid off a credit card, and even with my history with this company they are still unwilling to lower my rate. Needless to say, this is a horrible card to have in your wallet. All I have ever heard is I am sorry at this time we have no incentives for you to lower your rate. Capital One Credit Cards are not worth the hassle and I do not recommend.

Mar 16 2020
BEWARE! Unlike all other business cards.
Credit Karma Member

BEWARE! Capital One, unlike ALL other business credit cards reports to your business name and your personal name. Businesses borrow on a bigger scale than personal. So when Capital One does this, your personal FICO score will take a big hit! This will obviously cause many issues to your personal credit.

Nov 15 2019
So far so good!
Credit Karma Member

I was approved for $1000 CL with a credit score of 601. CK said my approval chances were fair. I have other Capital One cards and they are awesome!!!!

Sep 30 2019
Credit Karma Member

Great card for new or re-building credit business. Only $2000 limit for 620 credit score, but nice card to start my new business.

Sep 27 2019
Capital One the worst customer service!
Credit Karma Member

Capital One the worst customer service!

Sep 10 2019
Approved for 2k and 641 TU score
Credit Karma Member

TU score was 641 EQ was frozen and EX was 700. They ran a credit check on all except EQ obviously and got approved for 2k .. thanks!

Sep 10 2019
Got approved for 2k with a 641 score
Credit Karma Member


Aug 22 2019
Standard Credit Card
Credit Karma Member

Spark cards show they are for business but they do report to your personal credit even if paid on time... personal debt ratio is affected.

Jul 01 2019
Not approved
Credit Karma Member

I got the notification on credit karma saying I had high approval odds and when I ran my credit it denied me. Thanks for that

Apr 30 2019
Great starter card
Credit Karma Member

Easy approval even with low credit score. I was approved for 2k limit with a credit score of 637. The capitalone app is very user friendly as well

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Capital One® Spark® Classic for Business

Capital One® Spark® Classic for Business

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