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Most Helpful Positive Review

Satisfied in an understatment
Helpful to 7246 out of 7525 people

I don't usually leave comments, but I hope this helps someone in need. 10 months ago, I had no idea how credit worked and how important it is to establish it. For some reason, I was consistently denied by various credit card companies, including department stores. I had no hope.

Then I came across this secured card, I remember checking my score and it was estimated to be 550 (yeah, that's crap).

Now its been 10 months, $200 limit, no missed payments; my score is 669 with equifax and 680 with transunion. To top it off, I went to my bank (BofA) and was approved for credit card with a $2500 limit.

I have this secured card to thank for getting me started. I see a lot of people complaining about not being able to get the $200 back. I say, forget the $200 bucks, Capital One can keep it. The credit score increase has been invaluable as it literally jump started me to be able to do what I need in the future.

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Most Helpful Critical Review

Helpful to 2396 out of 2520 people

It's a great card to recover your credit history, but read the fine print, realize that the APR is very high, and don't expect a real credit limit increase. I decided to get this secured card after I defaulted on my student loans before establishing any real credit history. I was finally able to recover my finances and pay off the loans, but the damage was done and no bank was going to look at my history and extend credit. Since I already had a Cap One banking and savings account, it made sense to stick with them for a secured card, given that they have a pretty solid reputation and my accounts would be streamlined. So, made a $300 deposit, got the card, and started using it responsibly. A year later, they increased my limit by $100. Cool!

So, after another year of careful use, I called them to see about another limit increase. No dice. Asked about having my deposit refunded and moving to a regular Cap One MC. Sure, but I would actually have to close the secured card and open a new unsecured card, but it would report as one card. Wait . . . what!? Is that even possible? Can two accounts be "tied" together to report as one card?

In the end, I pulled my scores, decided they were acceptable (despite my limited history), and found out that my student loan default had been changed to report as paid in good standing (guess someone I spoke to at the collection office had a heart!). Took a total shot in the dark and applied for a low APR rewards card with another bank and not only got an instant approval, but a $5000 credit limit!

So, this will get you out of trouble with careful use, but might become a burden later - now I'm stuck with a low limit, high interest card that has tied up $300 of my money, plus a yearly fee. And I don't dare close the account, because it's my oldest card.

I feel that Cap One's claim of a "refundable" deposit may be a but misleading, since many other secured cards will credit back the deposit once an account has remained in good standing for an amount of time.

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Reviews (879)

Good way to build credit

when i applied for this card online and i was denied (who knew you could be denied for a secure card?) than a week or two later i was on credit karma and i saw a suggestion to apply for this card my TU score was 505 equifax 553, so I applied through the app and was approved for the card with a $200 deposit. i recieved my card about 5 days later and immedately added an additional $300 to my account to make my total available credit limit to $500. It took 2 months to reflect on my credit and 6 on time paymets later (3 of the 6 months i paid the balence in full befor the due date to avoid intrest) i was approved (TU score 602 equifax 598) for a capital one quicksilver card for $500 and a unsecured platinum card for $500 to bring a total of $1500 in credit cards for capital one. one billing cycle of all 3 card later and my TU jumper to 615 and equifax 668. In less than 8 months my score jumped over 100 points and by the time i reach 1 year of having the (secured)card my score all around in the 700's. All in all my experiance has been good and i would recommend capital one to anyone!  

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Will never get deposit back!
Helpful to 7 out of 7 people

At first I was happy with the arrangement: put down $300 to receive the same credit line. I added another $700 to up my line to $1,000 and that was my big mistake. After I rebuilt my credit and began to get other offers I asked Capital One if they'd unsecure the card since my score was now over 700. They said no. I asked if I could reduce my line to $300 and get $700 of my deposit back and they said no. Basically, the only way to recover my deposit is if I close my account--which anyone who knows how a credit score is generated would NEVER do. It means you'd lose all those years of history (for example if you opened your secure card 4 years ago, your length of credit history is 4 years. If you close it and open a new unsecured card your length goes back to 1.) Basically, they will hold my $1,000 hostage FOREVER--while paying me no interest--just because I was stupid enough to put anything but the bare minimum in. This card makes sense only if you use it this way: 1. only put money in that you're willing to never see again. 2. Use the card as a starter only and get an unsecured as soon as you qualify. 3. Never close the secured credit line.

CAPITAL ONE: it's a foul business policy to not offer any way for folks who trust you to get their deposits back after they've demonstrated their credit-worthiness and instead simply take folks for their money. Be upfront and let people know that if people are doing it to rebuild their credit score--which is how you advertise it--that most savvy folks will never get that money back. 

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Very surprised!
Helpful to 43 out of 48 people

This is the first card I applied for and was approved for $200 with a $50 deposit. I put a medical bill on it for $59 a month for 4 months, paying it off each month until the bill was paid and then added $100 to raise the limit. I just logged in to see that they have DOUBLED my limit, I am now at $600!!! I did not think they did increases on the secured cards! Since applying for this card, I was approved for another Cap One card, the Platinum with a $1000 limit. I then asked for an increase and they bumped me to $3000 and I was able to upgrade to a Quicksilver card.  It all started with this card though, and I am grateful! 

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KitKattersHaus's review was:    

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Nice card to rebuilding credit,
Helpful to 31 out of 33 people

My credit score was at a low 538 when I applied for this card. I had to put down $99 for a $200 credit line, so I did. It took about a month and a half before it showed up on Credit Karma, and when I checked my score, it jumped 65 POINTS ! So now I am at a 603. I'm satisfy with this card. RIght now my CL is $299 and I applied for the unsecure Capital One Platinum credit card and got approved for $500. Hopefully that should jump my score to 630-650. I highly recommend this card to anyone who wants to rebuild their credit. 

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shaochiavang's review was:    

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Used Car Sales Mentality
Helpful to 37 out of 41 people

Let's  start with this.  I've just went tough year in 2012-2013 and lost my job, I had no choice but to file Chapter 11.  Had everything discharged, so I wanted to rebuild my credit,  first thing was to open a SECURED credit card with a deposit of $300  (Jan/2014),   I've done my research, stayed away from companies that charged Processing fees, admin fees and Extremely High Annual Fees.   I was left between BOFA and Captial one, so I pulled the trigger. Capital one offered a slightly better rate and two additional things,  deposits made to Capital one are refundable after proving credit worthiness as well as credit line increases.

07/2014  recieved a credit increase to $700 without any deposit   wwoohhoo  things were looking up.  I used the card, paid the balance in full 90% of the time minus a few dollars to give them a balance to forward..    

07/28/2015   I just got off the phone with Dawn from Capital One and I have to say she's pretty sneaky.  First she starts off nice and how may I help you attitude,  after I explain the situtation and requesting a credit line increase, she states Capital One does not give credit line increases to SECURED accounts, unless I add more money. In other words , if I deposit another $100, they'd bumped me up by $100.  I told her that's misleading considering the webpage of capital one states that from time to time Capital one may increase your limit based on credit worthiness.  Dawn didn't like that response and said ok we'll apparently you're not qualified.  WTH was that all about,  if I wasn't qualified,  how come Capital One gave me an increase in July 2014.  Of course she was dumbfounded on that.  Next I inquired about my deposit,  she said Captial one no longer refunds deposits  unless the Card Holder cancels the account.   I explain to Dawn, when I first signed up it did not state that. I even called Capital one to confirm this before I applied.  She said prove it.   WTF    how can I prove it.....  ok     The Captial One Website has it plastered all over the **** page.  She said read the fine print,  it was revised to reflect Capital One will not refund deposits unless the account is closed.   So I'm stuck in this dilemma,  if I cancel the card, I get hit with the point AND I just lost my oldest credit card, based on my new profile. 

Here's my advice on picking a Secured Card

Do not apply for a Captial One Card unless it's your last option,  find a secured card that charges NO Processing Fee, NO Application Fee, and low-moderate annual fees.

Make sure they will give your deposit back once you've establish credit worthiness WITHOUT closing your account.

Make sure they will give you a credit line increase, based on your credit worthiness, without having to deposit more money.

I've feel Captial One has really let me down on this, They do have great anti theft protection, however they are very misleading when it comes to Customer Service Explanations and having the customer prove them wrong.  So know I have to scan my credit card agreement with them and shove it down their throat.


Captial One will give you ONE credit line increase for a small amount, anything else you WILL have to deposit

DAWN @ Customer Service is an evil person

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Tjis is absolutely correct! I encountered the same misleading information when I applied for their secured card and was told that if i wanted an unsecured card i would have to apply for it separately (which means running another credit check which also means a hard inquiry which can affect your score!) This card is an accurate account of this card and i agree it should be a last resort!! I know credit karma only does recommendatuons but i think they should also look into the companies they recommend so people can make an informed decision.

Tisha73's reply was:    

Great card for new/restoring credit
Helpful to 27 out of 27 people

This was my first card after my Chapter 13 bankruptcy was discharged.  I applied the day after I received my discharge papers.  First I was denied (since the discharge didn't show up on my credit report).  I sent in my discharge paper and received approval for $250 with a $49 deposit.  I gave them the $49 plus an additional $250 to make my credit line $500.  A few months later I put another $250 on the card and got a credit line of $750.  Six months later I got an Email saying they increased my limit another $100.  I decided to put in another $150 to make it an even $1,000.  One year later I gave them $1,000 and had a credit line of $2,000.  During this time I received a car loan from them with 1.7% APR (yes 1.7% - I thought it was a typo and called to verify 1.7% on new car 100% financed).  One year after opening this card I applied for their Quicksilver card.  Instantly received a $3,000 credit line (It's now at $4,500).

It's been 18 months since I received this card.  I have two car loans, my Quicksilver and one Barclay credit card.  Not wanting to repeat history, I decided two cards is enough for me, and I closed this secured card last week with a 0 balance. I went to my PO box today and sitting there was a check from them for my deposit.  I've heard it could take two billing cycles to get my deposits back, but it took them less than 10 days.  I've been very pleased the past two years with Capital One.  My credit score was 550 when I started.  It's now above 720.  Just remember this is a SECURED card.  It will NEVER turn into an unsecured card, and yes they will keep your deposits for as long as you have the account open.  Maybe since I have another card with them it only took a few days to get my deposit back, but I did get it back.  I wasn't worried about any interest that I could have gotten from that money, and yes I paid the annual fees. Increasing my credit rating was good enough for me. 

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Credit Masterpiece! not Mastercard
Helpful to 67 out of 74 people

I had a credit score of 498 as of December 2014. Along with Disputing items on my credit from inquiries to mispellings and more(which you can do on your own); I applied for this card, you get just under 90days to put the whole $200 on the card. That is Approximately $16/week, you cant beat that for dead beat credit. My score is now a a 583 average and I just got approve for a Quicksilver One Card due to Credit Karma's recommendation (this takes me to 612, once reported). HOW'S THAT FOR EFFORT?

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Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

Same story. In the mid 500's, pulled my credit reports, disputed, took care of collections, had ZERO credit. Of course I was an A+ on credit utilization, I didn't have any. SO, Secured card. $99. Gave $200. $300 limit. Kept bill under 10% utilization. Raised score in few months to low 600's. Was too eager, yet under my personal limit of 2 Hard Pulls Per Year, applied, got this card. $500 limit. Will update in 6mths. Thank you Cap1 for giving me a chance to prove myself responsible.

Buyaobuyao's reply was:    

Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

Edit: Newest card (2nd card) is Cap 1 Platinum Unsecured. $500. While Quicksilver has amazing rewards, I'm aiming for the No Annual Fee and keeping my 10% utilization rule. That doesn't really give any benefit for the rewards offered for me.

Buyaobuyao's reply was:    

It hurt my feelings
Helpful to 5 out of 43 people

it was terrible. i put the card in my pocket and it hurt my leg

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Helpful to 12 out of 16 people

Credit Karma Score


Eqiufax: 571

My actual scores according to Idenity Guard

Tras Union: 561


so credit karma is lower by 30-40 points usually.

Reasons for denial: Income,Deliquency/Collections too recent

I had two credit card collections opens in 2013, I paid them off at the end of 2014. 

It took about a week and a half to get the emailed letter.

I didn't bother with a recon/appeal

Although the customer service lady was very willing to help and gave me plenty of information about the appeal or reapply process I really didn't want a second credit inquiry.

Since being denied here I've gotten approved for a small personal loan from a bank and will soon try again for a different secured card. SDFCU or Open Sky most likely, not the best but they'll get the job done.

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Approval Not Guaranteed!!
Helpful to 11 out of 19 people

You are not guaranteed to get this card. I have 0 accounts in collections. No bad debt or charge offs. I have other cards with $1000 limits...There is no reason i should have not been approved...Am I overqualified? Who knows? If you do not NEED a secured card dont apply for this card.

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