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Jul 02, 2019
Great Perks / Base Customer Service
gopedg5 Cardholder

Had the JetBlue Business Card since 4/2016. Amazing perks that is all listed on the website and leverage the Mosaic status. The cons are the customer services and how the entire backend process does not compare to other cards that I have. When making payments over $4,000 it usually takes up to 10 business days to see the available balance reflected even though they clearly debited the bank account in 2-3 business days. Paying under $4,000 will update the available balance within 3 busines days.  When adding a bank account for payment, be aware that as of 6/15/2019, they only allow for 16-digits account numbers.  If your bank account number is longer, like mine is, you cannot use it.  The customer service cannot add the extra digit for you.  No Apple Pay integration.  Declined on increase request with excellent credit for a $5k increase.  I had to call them and ask to speak to a manager in the credit department and get them to overwrite the decline since the low credit line continuously reached peak.  I have no issues with Amex, Fidelity and Citi for increases.  If you're looking for the latest transactions, it will not immediately show until 5 business days or so.  Then there's the customer service reps that are of no guidance, nor help.  Last time I had an issue, I was transferred from JetBlue rep to Mastercard rep, to another Mastercard rep, only to be brought back to a JetBlue rep. The question was for JetBlue to answer, not Mastercard itself.  You don't have the same negative customer service feel when speaking to an Amex or Citi customer service.  If it wasn't for the JetBlue perks (we travel JetBlue often even prior to the Barcley's card), then this would be a showstopper.

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Oct 01, 2018
Horrendous Customer Service
j4m23 Cardholder

I've had this card over a year and use it pretty much exclusively for all of my purchases. I do not carry a balance and pay off the card in full each month. I was granted a generous credit line upon approval and received a substantial increase within a year. The rewards program is great and I've managed to redeem several free flights using TrueBlue points since opening the account. However, I've recently had to contact customer service a few times and have never been so aggravated in my life. First, it seems that there is only one individual who works in their customer service department. While she seems nice, she speaks very limited English and is unable to assist with any issues that aren't extremely basic. Additionally, it is difficult to understand her and the connection always seems to be bad on top of it. The one time I asked to speak with a representative who spoke better English, I was transferred to a person who made it very clear that she did not care to help whatsoever. Luckily, I was able to get that issue resolved with the merchant. I recently called about about another issue and again, got that same representative. She seemed to be able to help me this time, but when I asked her to email me a summary of the claim, her response was "We don't use email here."  That seems very odd that a company doesn't use email, but ok, whatever. She left me a voicemail the following day and when I called back the phone number, she told me that she was unable to help me at that time and I'd have to call back later. Are you kidding me?! You can answer the phone but can't offer assistance? The last few weeks have been extremely trying and I'm ready to stop using this card entirely. A big part of why I pay with a credit card as opposed to cash is so that if I have an issue with a merchant, I have some recourse. Unfortunately, their customer service department (which seems to consist of two people) is too incompetent to help. I pray that I don't end up with any fraudulent activity on my card, because then I'll really be screwed. Do yourself a favor and avoid this card entirely.  

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Oct 13, 2018

Never Had an Issue resolving any issues just depends on who you talk with... if they arent helpful hang up call again ill recommend that I Have to do that with American Express then get somone really helpful!!

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