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Dec 08 2020
Travel Card
Credit Karma Member

Horrible Customer Service. Incompetent. Horrible system for disputes, account issues, etc. You have to wait 15 days to dispute a charge and no disputes can be made over the phone. Fax and Mail only! Dumb!

Aug 03 2019
Garbage customer service
Credit Karma Member

Although the perks of free miles is good, and I've gotten a few trips on it, ultimately beware of any purchases using it directly as they offer zero buyer coverage. They claim fraud is ONLY if a card is stolen, not in your possession. I was scammed by an online merchant and Barclays refused to offer coverage, and refused to work with Paypal who in effect said they'd refund me (ie. Barclays then me) if Barclays simply resubmitted a claim properly, which they did not. They wasted my time requesting faxes and submitting documentation and writing PO boxes and never bothered to inform me they made the decision to reject the claims within 24 hours of receiving it. I only found out later when I called them back to confirm. At one point the customer service rep claimed that fraudulent transactions are the jurisdiciton of government regulation and the FBI, and not their responsibility. It's just a lame credit card with high interest but as I said, it does offer decent JetBlue perks which is my airline of choice. Just do not use the card for purchases other than rock solid merchants because you have zero protection. Mastercard itself does offer more actual buyer protections but it's limited.

Jul 31 2019
Poor application process & coordination
Credit Karma Member

Although I already had another Barclays card and a FICO score over 800, they took over a week to approve me for this one. Then it took about another week for it to arrive, so I got it exactly two weeks after applying, which is definitely longer than I recall for other cards. Today, I got an email from them saying that they couldn't link the credit card to my TrueBlue account, even though I provided the account number on the application. So I had to call JetBlue directly to fix this, however they connected me with someone who apparently doesn't actually work at JetBlue and sounded like he was at home. He had to speak with someone at JetBlue while he put me on hold, and then put in an "escalation" to have the accounts linked. I was told that could take anywhere between 14-30 days. Keep in mind, the only reward of this card is TrueBlue points, and yet there is a convoluted process involving a phone call of over 45 minutes (with hold time) leading to an "escalation" in order to set up that basic purpose of this account, hopefully within a month and a half of the application. So clearly there is little to no coordination between Barclays and JetBlue in managing this program.

Jul 02 2019
Great Perks / Base Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

Had the JetBlue Business Card since 4/2016. Amazing perks that is all listed on the website and leverage the Mosaic status. The cons are the customer services and how the entire backend process does not compare to other cards that I have. When making payments over $4,000 it usually takes up to 10 business days to see the available balance reflected even though they clearly debited the bank account in 2-3 business days. Paying under $4,000 will update the available balance within 3 busines days. When adding a bank account for payment, be aware that as of 6/15/2019, they only allow for 16-digits account numbers. If your bank account number is longer, like mine is, you cannot use it. The customer service cannot add the extra digit for you. No Apple Pay integration. Declined on increase request with excellent credit for a $5k increase. I had to call them and ask to speak to a manager in the credit department and get them to overwrite the decline since the low credit line continuously reached peak. I have no issues with Amex, Fidelity and Citi for increases. If you're looking for the latest transactions, it will not immediately show until 5 business days or so. Then there's the customer service reps that are of no guidance, nor help. Last time I had an issue, I was transferred from JetBlue rep to Mastercard rep, to another Mastercard rep, only to be brought back to a JetBlue rep. The question was for JetBlue to answer, not Mastercard itself. You don't have the same negative customer service feel when speaking to an Amex or Citi customer service. If it wasn't for the JetBlue perks (we travel JetBlue often even prior to the Barcley's card), then this would be a showstopper.

Jun 06 2019
Great card tied to a great airline.
Credit Karma Member

No foreign transaction fees and awesome points/ dollar spent - especially 6x on JetBlue Flights. So, if you travel for work and expense your flights, it's great. I will agree with other reviews that the customer service is kind of a joke. They aren't helpful and transfer the responsibility to some other person/ department and you wait on hold for hours... If they coul just care about the customer better, this card would be 5 stars hands down.

Mar 09 2019
Credit Karma Member

I've owed this card for years, the points never expire, Ny point paid for three trips last years to DR twice and Columbia. Its my most used card by far

Nov 28 2018
Terrible customer service
Credit Karma Member

I enjoyed using this card for over three years. It has no foreign transaction fees and allowed me to take a few trips for free. However I recently detected some fraud on my card in the form of a $100+ cash withdrawal while traveling abroad in Ireland. I immediately called customer service, submitted a claim to the fraud department and got a new card. I waited three weeks for them to send me a letter telling me my claim was flat out denied. I called again explaining that i had never used the card for cash withdrawals and didn't even know if I had a pin. They again refused to listen to me and stated I "may have forgotten about" the transaction. I pushed further to speak to a supervisor who again would not listen to me. I understand the organization has policies in place to detect fraud and that those policies often work but they are wrong here - I did not make this transaction and I'm now stuck paying it because they don't value their customers enough to investigate further. I pay my bill on time every month and I don't have time to waste speaking to multiple representatives and writing letters. They did the wrong thing by me in this instance and I won't soon forget it. I'm done.

Oct 01 2018
Horrendous Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card over a year and use it pretty much exclusively for all of my purchases. I do not carry a balance and pay off the card in full each month. I was granted a generous credit line upon approval and received a substantial increase within a year. The rewards program is great and I've managed to redeem several free flights using TrueBlue points since opening the account. However, I've recently had to contact customer service a few times and have never been so aggravated in my life. First, it seems that there is only one individual who works in their customer service department. While she seems nice, she speaks very limited English and is unable to assist with any issues that aren't extremely basic. Additionally, it is difficult to understand her and the connection always seems to be bad on top of it. The one time I asked to speak with a representative who spoke better English, I was transferred to a person who made it very clear that she did not care to help whatsoever. Luckily, I was able to get that issue resolved with the merchant. I recently called about about another issue and again, got that same representative. She seemed to be able to help me this time, but when I asked her to email me a summary of the claim, her response was "We don't use email here." That seems very odd that a company doesn't use email, but ok, whatever. She left me a voicemail the following day and when I called back the phone number, she told me that she was unable to help me at that time and I'd have to call back later. Are you kidding me?! You can answer the phone but can't offer assistance? The last few weeks have been extremely trying and I'm ready to stop using this card entirely. A big part of why I pay with a credit card as opposed to cash is so that if I have an issue with a merchant, I have some recourse. Unfortunately, their customer service department (which seems to consist of two people) is too incompetent to help. I pray that I don't end up with any fraudulent activity on my card, because then I'll really be screwed. Do yourself a favor and avoid this card entirely.

Apr 23 2018
Absolute worst customer service ever!
Credit Karma Member

After Barclay's lost my payment of more than $7000 that cleared my bank over a month agao, I have now had to call there 3x and still no one has an answer as to where the funds are and they refuse to attempt to help before their stated "7 to 10 business days" which I fine completely unacceptable. I have spoken to managers, supplied bank account and routing #s and called back for 10 days. It apparently must be 10 BUSINESS days for anyone to find the $7000+ that they have had for more than a month. They are robots who just keep repeating themselves. The absolute worst customer service ever! Do not bother getting this card!!!!!!

Apr 17 2018
Do not get this card !!
Credit Karma Member

Do not get this card. When applying for a credit line increase, they will put it as a hard inquiry. I could of gotten a new credit card instead. I always get a credit line increase on my other credit cards but its a soft inquiry not hard. When I called customer service and ask them why they did it a hard inqury, she didnt know what to say and she kept saying that its suppose to be a hard inquiry. She even got her manager on the phone and didnt give me an answer. Now im stuck with this card and hard inquiry. SMH!!!!!!! Btw, I have excellent credit and still do but this dropped me a lot of point thanks to this card.

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JetBlue Card

JetBlue Card

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