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  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR Not Applicable
  • Annual Fee $550
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR Not Applicable

Most Helpful Positive Review

Sep 21, 2017
It's okay
Lemousine Cardholder

After meeting the requirements of spending $5k within the first 3 months, it is now time for Amex to fulfill what they promised which is 60,000 bonus points. I was supposed to get the points in July, I didn't get it. They said august, but still didn't receive it in august. They later said I'll get it when my statement close on September 8, that date has come and gone but I'm still waiting. I got so upset and I called them again, customer service told me that they'll have to do it manually from corporate office that it might take 7 to 10 days. Ten days later I called again and they said it's been noted on their system that before the end of September. I called again about a week later and they told me a different thing that I will certainly receive the points by my closing of statement in October, that's October 8th. I am sick and tired of whatever it is that they doing. If you just wanna be deceiving your customers over a mere 60,000 bonus points I think Amex can do better than that.

The 4-star I gave you is as a result of the good experience I've had with them in the past. And that's another reason why I'm being patient. I will call them again before this month's statement closes, in case they need to be reminded. After that, I'm taking this matter to the appropriate authority. And I'll also be coming back here to edit my rating 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 03, 2017
Worst card in my wallet.
MochaDiva Cardholder

I applied with 740+ FICO -- don't remember exactly but I know that it was 740+ because I am really proud of having been once at 484 and now being over 70.  I don't pay attention to Vantage anymore because noone else does so I have no idea what my CK score was that day.  The $550 fee is absurd but I paid it because I wanted a card where I could earn points toward travel and I liked the no pre-set spending limit and the pay in full at month end requirement.  Additionally I have read so many good reviews about the card and I saw that I could earn 60000 points in the first 3 months which equals $600 so paying $550 seemed like a good idea.  I earned my points, but along the way there have been too many issues. Yes, it looks great and people are really impressed when you take it out of your wallet... WHO CARES!!  I have now had 3 hotel bills declined at the desk with this gorgeous card.  And just this morning while trying to use it online I was declined an $850 purchase.  In each event the reason I was given when I called customer service was that I had reached the credit limit on my card.  Wait -- the card advertises "no pre-set spending limit" so how can that be? My conversation with the customer service went something like this: Apparently, there IS a spending limit, it's just not preset... HUH?? Well, Miss, you have to establish the spending limit by spending... But I'm trying to spend right now and you won't let me.  Well a few months down the line we will adjust the spending limit if you spend on the card... HUH?? I'm still confused!  And this has happened in 2 other circumstances.  I actually have become afraid to use the card in person because I don't want to be embarassed in having charges declined on a card that weighs 500 pounds!

In case you, like me, are still confused here is the catch with this card:  It costs $550 per year and comes with lots of perks and "no pre-set spending limit".  However, the card uses "algorithms" to understand how much money you spend and evaluate your credit worthiness along the way (initial credit score is clearly unimportant which is why people under 700 can also get approved for this card).  Now I have paid my balance in full on time every month.  Yet, the card comes with many features that are cute and status-worthy but as a functional charge card, so far for me it's not very functional.   $850 is NOT a lot of money and my totaly AVAILABLE credit through other cards exceeds $50K.  Why would I ever want to use a card that I paid $550 to use that won't let me spend $850??  It makes NO SENSE.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 18, 2017
Not Bad-read the fine print
FLgal61 Cardholder

It's a great card but read the fine print-If you've had the card in the past and received the miles, If you close the card and apply at a later date, they will NOT give you the bonus miles again. Be cautious 

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Nov 19, 2017

Amex has a once in a lifetime bonus rule for all their cards. Other banks have the 5/24 rule or something similar.

Nov 23, 2017

That's right they don't give u bonus amex is right, you just didn't do enough research and cry baby no bonus , is ur own fault

Nov 06, 2017
Deceitful Amex Platinum / Amazon Promo
Anonymous Cardholder

Beware of any answering any promotion from Amex Platinum linking your card to your Amazon account as the payment vehicle.  The promotion will automatically link your Amazon purchases to point deduction, rather than your Amex Platimun as your default credit card for Amazon purchases.  Your points will be deducted without any authorization from you.  If you try to reverse the point deduction and revert to a credit purchase, Amex will disavow any responsibility and refer you to Amazon.  A nightmare.  Not worthy of $550 per year, yet along your sanity.  

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Nov 18, 2017

No offense, but Amazon shows when you are using reward points (before you finalize the purchase). Every card I have is a rewards card and is linked to Amazon, including my Amazon Prime Visa. Points for a purchase are CLEARLY shown in the payment details and EASILY edited by the user for EVERY card. Default IS to use points typically. I think maybe your problem is in slowing down to look at the details of a payment prior to authorization.

Nov 06, 2017
Great card for domestic travelers

I give it three stars based on my experiences with it. The Amex Platinum is hard to beat when it comes to domestic travel. However it's missing a few perks. Don't use this card for holiday purchases as Amex doesn't offer price protection. And unlike most travel cards Amex does not provide flight delayed coverage. I don't understand why since Citi and Chase offer it at no cost. The Centurion lounges are overcrowded most of the time (due to almost anyone can get this card). If you're an international traveler I would recommend the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Citi Prestige due to much wider acceptance of Visa and Mastercard. But if you intend to just travel domestically this card is for you. 

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Nov 05, 2017
Apprehensive to apply? Don't be.
SheekTeo Cardholder

To provide a bit of background, I am 19 years of age with an average age of credit of 1 year.  Prior to applying for the Amex Platinum, I had 5 lines of revolving credit.  Moreover, I estimate my annual taxable income at $26,000.  FICO at time of application was 735.  The Platinum intrigued me for a few reasons.  Perhps the biggest was the 60,000 point sign up bonus that I knew would not pose an issue for me to earn.  Global Entry credit, $200 incidental travel credit, and 5X back were the only other benefits I really cared for.  I calculated my expected return for this card after the first year and I will be positive approximately $1,300 with my spending habits and the sign up offer.  For year two, I will barely break even, so I am not sure if this charge card will remain in my wallet in the longrun, but I will definitely enjoy it for the first year.

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Nov 06, 2017

Just downgrade the platinum to the green or gold premiere rewards charge card for a lesser annual fee. I wouldn't recommend closing the platinum account due to it affecting your credit score negatively.

Nov 06, 2017

Excellent option, thank you for recommending that!

Nov 07, 2017

No problem. I would hate to see you start so well on your credit journey at such a young age and have that one hick up ruin it for you. I thought about the Platinum card but got the PRG for the dining and gas benefits to redeem 2x the membership points for free/cheaper hotel stays. Since I'm not traveling as much to justify the PRG $195 annual fee, I'm going to downgrade to the green card for $95 p/year. When I do get the time (a valuable thing I'm losing due to a lot of work; good thing of coarse) to travel, I'll upgrade to the Platinum.

Nov 04, 2017
Amazing customer service and benifits.
Xs2500 Cardholder

The amount of benefits this card carries far out weighs the annual fee. Automatic Hilton Gold status, TSA precheck voucher, Priority Pass membership and the list goes on. If you travel thus card is invaluable.

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Nov 02, 2017
Exlr8me Cardholder

I have had this card since 2004. Couple of things to note. There is a limit. It is based on spending habit and credit score. When I first received the card my limit was 12000. Several times a month I would have to pay down to continue to use.  Last time I checked it is now over 80k. 

Customer service is hands down the best I have ever dealt with. I lose a card, I have a new one by 9 am the next morning.  It’s stolen. I have a new one by 9 am next morning.  Wrong bill, it’s removed. I have noticed that Amex will pick me over a merchant. 

As for the negative reviews below or above, don’t believe them. Amex has stood by me for 13 years and has never let me down.... well one time. Leaving Costco.  I was disappointed there. 

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Oct 31, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder


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Oct 26, 2017
Skoooba2012 Cardholder

if I could give them zero stars I would.  They promise one thing then do another. NEVEE MISSED A PAYMENT and have the statements to prove it BUT they listed on my credit report that I defaulted on a $50k ! Completely killed my credit score!

Hours & days on the phone to Try to resolve it! THEY NEVER FIXED IT! I ended up giving up and waited the 5 years until it fell off by itself!  Every mortgage, every credit app every insurance  includes a request included a long letter of explanation an ALL my statements from Amex proving I NEVER missed a payment!  BEWARE they only want your money! They are HORRIBLE TO DESL WITH.

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Nov 01, 2017

They should have had a conversation with someone with Esq. after their name.

Oct 23, 2017
World class Customer Services and Perks!
FrenchRoast Cardholder

Hands-down American Express is the best company on the planet. They will have your back no matter what if you dispute a charge. Not to mention all of the perks that come with it like getting your TSA pre-check or global entry fee paid for ($7 hands-down American Express is the best company on the planet. They will have your back no matter what if you dispute a charge. Not to mention all of the perks that come with it like getting your TSA pre-check or global entry fee paid $100 value, $200  incidental airline fees, $15 a month on Uber, and  access to nearly every airport lounge.  I kid you not just having access to the centurion club makes this card worth having.  A part of me doesn’t want others to know how great it is because it’s already packed in there, but if you’re going to travel, travel with your AMEX platinum card and you will be treated right. 

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Oct 20, 2017
Great for Domestic flyers!
WiseSpending Cardholder

Originally I was very hesitant on getting this card.  It has great travel benefits for domestic flyers (Best airline lounges, Uber & UberEats credits, and discounted access to special events).  However, it isn’t the best for international travel since it isn’t widely accepted and the travel insurance doesn’t cover emergency medical.  I also had concerns about non-travel spend earn rate (1%), until I found a loophole through United’s Milage Plus X app. You can earn up to 5x MR points when you buy Amazon gift cards through them because the app books as a travel flight.  I was sold from that point onward and have been gladly earning 5x MR points from a that app since.

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Oct 23, 2017

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Platinum Card® from American Express

48 Reviews
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