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Mar 14 2017
The Fruits of Hard Work!!
Credit Karma Member

I started rebuilding my credit in 2015 and with the sage advice here on Credit Karma and a LOT of research I earned the privilege of being approved for the Platinum card. ?I didn't expect it to be the "savior" of credit cards but there is a certain sense of accomplishment felt by being able to go into a Centurion lounge at the airport! ?Call it ego call it pride but when you've come from having a 600 credit score to an Amex Platinum in under 2 years it feels great!

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Aug 03 2017
Worst card in my wallet.
Credit Karma Member

I applied with 740+ FICO -- don't remember exactly but I know that it was 740+ because I am really proud of having been once at 484 and now being over 70. ?I don't pay attention to Vantage anymore because noone else does so I have no idea what my CK score was that day. ?The $550 fee is absurd but I paid it because I wanted a card where I could earn points toward travel and I liked the no pre-set spending limit and the pay in full at month end requirement. ?Additionally I have read so many good reviews about the card and I saw that I could earn 60000 points in the first 3 months which equals $600 so paying $550 seemed like a good idea. ?I earned my points, but along the way there have been too many issues. Yes, it looks great and people are really impressed when you take it out of your wallet... WHO CARES!! ?I have now had 3 hotel bills declined at the desk with this gorgeous card. ?And just this morning while trying to use it online I was declined an $850 purchase. ?In each event the reason I was given when I called customer service was that I had reached the credit limit on my card. ?Wait -- the card advertises "no pre-set spending limit" so how can that be? My conversation with the customer service went something like this: Apparently, there IS a spending limit, it's just not preset... HUH?? Well, Miss, you have to establish the spending limit by spending... But I'm trying to spend right now and you won't let me. ?Well a few months down the line we will adjust the spending limit if you spend on the card... HUH?? I'm still confused! ?And this has happened in 2 other circumstances. ?I actually have become afraid to use the card in person because I don't want to be embarassed in having charges declined on a card that weighs 500 pounds! In case you, like me, are still confused here is the catch with this card: ?It costs $550 per year and comes with lots of perks and "no pre-set spending limit". ?However, the card uses "algorithms" to understand how much money you spend and evaluate your credit worthiness along the way (initial credit score is clearly unimportant which is why people under 700 can also get approved for this card). ?Now I have paid my balance in full on time every month. ?Yet, the card comes with many features that are cute and status-worthy but as a functional charge card, so far for me it's not very functional. ? $850 is NOT a lot of money and my totaly AVAILABLE credit through other cards exceeds $50K. ?Why would I ever want to use a card that I paid $550 to use that won't let me spend $850?? ?It makes NO SENSE. ?

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Sep 03 2020
Its the card of choice for me.
Credit Karma Member

Great for airports lounge and to use any where in the word when I am out having fun.

Aug 30 2020
Service has always been above all others
Credit Karma Member

Would be a five star review, but recently had a contested charge (which was clearly a vendor not ever delivering services) that I had to jump through 3-4 rounds of hoops to get waived. Did not feel they had my best interests at heart as they typically always have.

Aug 20 2020
Credit Karma Member

Aug 07 2020
Really worth it if you use it.
Credit Karma Member

I have it for my business for few years now. In the beginning I had some difficulties understanding how the non preset limits works but after three months I was thinking of purchasing a van for work and I had no problems with it. The more you use this card the better it is. Perks and other offers are great for travelers and shopping. Costumer service is excellent.

Jul 03 2020
This is a must for military members.
Credit Karma Member

I love the perks and constant kickbacks. Great customer service and so many extras.

Jun 01 2020
Great Card
Credit Karma Member

Easier to be approved than I thought. I had this card 3 years ago and was approved at 714 credit score. I had closed it due to an issue with their customer service team. I just applied last week with a 643 score with Experian and 2 medical collections that are not mine. I had checked Amex pre qual site first, and it said I qualified for 4 cards, I applied for the Delta Gold and was approved, then I applied for platinum and was approved. I travel a lot and both cards fit my plans perfectly. Delta one if I need to carry a balance and platinum for everything else.

May 03 2020
Authorized user for 20 years Denied getting my own
Credit Karma Member

I applied for my personal card on May 1st and was denied. Reasons given were too many inquiries on experian. I just refinanced my car and home and bought another car And high loan balances. My transunion score is 799, Equifax 811, experian 787. I also paid off a 54k balance that I have carried over the years with Amex hence the reason I could afford another car. Interest alone, on that balance, was $750 a month.

May 02 2020
AMEX PLATINUM The best for International travel!!
Credit Karma Member

I habve this card...I use it for travel...great 5X for airfare...I travel all over Europe and the US with this card...Services are excellent...This is a better value than the Black Card!!! KC is off on thier credit scores...mine are 150+ higher than what they have me listed at...have no idea what thier problem is...they were great four years ago....but now...

Apr 22 2020
Get this card!!!
Credit Karma Member

Beyond impressed with the customer service. Applied & approved instantly online around 2pm PST on a Friday and received the card via FedEx on Monday morning from Florida!!! Concierge service is impeccable, impossible to get dinner reservations are made on your behalf in a phone call that takes less than 10 minutes. This is a personal card that I spent about $15K on in the first month of having it with absolutely no declines or issues, always approved. Paid off in full as required every month & no complaints. Centurion lounge access at the airport is beyond worth the annual fee. No doubt about it.

Mar 09 2020
Amex platinum
Credit Karma Member

I had this card for years, and always paid on time. One evening I go to use the card and it was declined. When I called to ask why I was told that my card was cancelled and I would be getting a letter in the mail as to the explanation. You would think that I would have gotten a call explaining the reason why. Instead they prefer I be embarrassed while trying to use the card. Never again, Chase Sapphire for me.

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Platinum Card® from American Express

Platinum Card® from American Express

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