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Mar 03, 2017
Customer for 10 years, Mostly good.
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a customer since 2007 and I have a number of accounts with Wells Fargo. In the past I have been hit with certian fees due to features/services not being setup correctly, when I went into a branch and spoke to someone every fee I have encountered has been reversed and the issue corrected. Idealy it would not happen in the first place however their customer service has almost always been good for me.

Wells fargo is a very big bank and I have been in ~100 branches. Not every one of them has had good customer service, I do not blame this on the bank but that branch.  The few branches that had poor customer service I simply don't visit again. 

Wells Fargo does have a somewhat convoluted requirements to waive the montly fee, such as XX auto deposit OR XX debit card swipes per months OR $XX in a connected savings account. The values depend on the account but for example the savings requirement is $300 for the loest which is reasonable if you intend to have an emergency fund. Direct deposit requirement is like $500 so per month. None of these should be an issue for someone with a job and using wells fargo as their primary bank.

Wells Fargo is not the ideal bank to go to when you don't have credit or good credit, even as a customer I needed to get my credit score >680 for them to approve any form of credit, they even denided me a secured card. They do however show you your FICO Bankcard Score 2 which is an actual score used for credit cards.

I personally would recommend Wells Fargo if someone needs a Coast to Coast bank. Credit Unions and other banks may be limited to a reagon, everyone says Credit Unions are better but in my experince that is like Wells Fargo, it depends on the branch and some Credit Union branches can be terrible.

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Jun 20, 2017
Wrong Account Balance
KDL401 Account Holder

We are CONSTANTLY having issues with our account balance. It will show a certain amount is available. We pay close attention to our balance and make sure we do spend more than what is there to avoid over draft fees. But somehow magically when the account "catches up" our account ends up negative and we get hit with overdraft fees...this has happened to us muliple times but here's the story this time. We went to the store thursday night after which we had about $14 and change left in the account. Had a paycheck direct deposit hit friday morning in the amount of $628. 628 + 14 = 642 right? Tell me why the account balance showed 670 something? I told my husband about it and looked at the transactions but could not find anything wrong. Everything we knew we spent money on was listed. Paid some bills and Saturday our balance was $260. we went to the store again, spent $81. Spent $25 on a fathers day gift and $25 on food. Sunday we spent $75 on fathers day dinner, $20 on gas and a little more other places. Sunday night our ending balance was $7 and change in checking and $20 in savings. Monday, no change. Tuesday morning (today) I wake up to a notification that our account is -$40...I check the transactions and nothing has changed. Everything that was listed before is still listed just the same but except now our available balance is negative...I transfered the $20 from our savings to the checking to lower the negative so that when my husband gets paid thursday it won't be so much out of his check but it is still -$20 for which we will reveive and over draft fee. I don't understand why their system can't "keep up" and show the correct amount available. And why do we have to deal with negative account balances and over draft fees for their systems mistake!? I can't take this anymore, my husband and I will be looking for a new bank ASAP! 

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Oct 26, 2017
mariahlynch Account Holder

Customer service has never great in my 10+ years of banking with them but since I did most everything online and almost everything set up in billpay, it was just easier to stay with them. However, as soon a problem arose, an egregious error on THE BANK part, I'm now on day four of trying to reconcile it- everyone told me they had to do "some research" then an EXECUTIVE cust serv rep me that I would have figure this out on my own- not possible wo an attorney. Even the STATE level VP didn't have the decision making abilities to correct an error THEY made (cashed a fradudalent account). I'm still waiting to hear from them but not holding my breath. I'm out the money I suppose but definately out a signigfigant amount of my time, neither of which do I have much.

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Oct 25, 2017
nilla4u Account Holder


My family and I were with Wells Fargo for nine (9) + years. I lived in San Antonio and no problems what’s so ever. Then I relocate to Mcallen TX. Close to the border and I suddenly receive a letter from Wells Fargo which states I have 1 month to close my account with them or they would close it for us automatically!! Supposedly it was a business decision and WE POSED A RISK TO WELLS FARGO!!!! Please what risk at least give me a chance to prove to you what business I own (electrical contractor) by the way. Also unfortunately my girls suffered the consequences for having teen accounts with me. They also received a letter to close their accounts, pffft teenagers (what risk can they pose)? No one from Wells Fargo could give me a clear explanation as to what risk we posed!! PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSE WHERE!! It’s such an inconvenience to have to move all your scheduled payments, savings, checking and 401K to another bank!! So disappointed!!! 

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Oct 16, 2017
Worst Hidden Interest Charge
Anonymous Account Holder

Stay away of this bank.

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Oct 13, 2017
Can't wait to close this account
proudofnick Account Holder

Fees are ridiculous. Had to start out with a secured card even though I had no bankruptcies and had an account with them for over 2 years. 

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Oct 01, 2017
Avoid Doing Business With At All Costs!
Zeigh Account Holder

I was a Wells Fargo customer for just four years with a mortgage and later with a credit card that I succumbed to due to heavy sales solicitation. There were frequent customer service issues, inconsistencies in what I was told from one representative to the next, having to fight for what was promised to me in writing, and more that made dealing with this company one of the most frustrating experiences of any bank that I have done business with in the last 35 years. Then the news broke that Wells Fargo had defrauded literally millions of customers in a series of high profile scandals and that sealed the deal on my decision to terminate all business ties. I actually went to the trouble in refinancing my home to where I it was marginally feasible financially and terminated several months left of a no interest credit card loan. Even then, it took considerable work to get the accounts closed despite repeated sales pitches to stay.

If you are reading this, then chances are you have been burned in some way by Wells Fargo. I feel your pain. On the rare chance that you are a savvy consumer and researching the reputation of this company before signing anything, please take my advice and RUN in the opposite direction as fast as you can! Life is too short to do business with a dishonorable company that takes their customers for granted.

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Sep 29, 2017
The biggest crook's in the banking busin
Anonymous Account Holder

Tells nothing but lies

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Sep 29, 2017
Fee-gouging weasels
Anonymous Account Holder

You'd do better to just stash your money under your mattress. It costs less, has no hidden fees, and will not sign you up for "services" you didn't want to start with.

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Sep 28, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst bank ever! Go to any other bank then this one. They would not reverse $37 fee.  I have 4 credit cards and 2 bank accounts with them which will all be closed.  Their customer service is THE WORST! Stay away!

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Sep 13, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I am a college student and have had this card for a year or so. RIght of the bat my card was stolen and about $800 worth of charges were put on the card. I was super scared because i was so young and this hadnt ever happened. The team worked so well with me, they were so nice and made sure i didnt worry while the charges were pending on my card. if you ever get AMY she is amazing. 

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Sep 13, 2017
Very Rude Teller Supervisor
Anonymous Account Holder

I have an account and went into branch to cash several US Savings Bonds. I called in advance and they said just come in and a teller can take care of you. I arrived 15 minutes later and was told they were too busy and that I would have to come back at another time. They did not look that busy and I told teller I called before coming. She rudly said that doesn't matter, I am too busy to help you out. Now this came from the supervisor who was not assisting anyone. I told her I would close me account if this is the service they give. She said close it, they are a big bank and one person will not make much difference with them.

Now this was not my normal branch. So I went to the next closest branch, and they were very busy, but the teller was glad to help me and I got everything done in about 3 minutes. I understand there can always be a bad apple, but given all that I hear about Wells Fargo in the news, I think there may be a barrel of bad apples, starting at the top.

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