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Oct 26, 2018
hurstdave2 Account Holder

So i Wrote a check for $7000 dollars and Wells Fargo just pays out $10000 and when you call you get told you can’t have your money back for ten days while they investigate! Sounds like their screw up but you still have to wait!@WellsFargo

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Aug 16, 2018
Horrible Bank Run
rondo1960 Account Holder

30+ year WF customer with top tier credit rating with very little debt applied for a 9 k loan to replace roof Denied . Previously they lied and screwed me over on a refinance of home and lied threw whole process and transferred it to wells Fargo financial and didn't honor any of the lies they told us . I just glad I expected this to happen and applied threw another lender and was approved and funded in 3 days . All my accounts with them are now closed as of today. Was fun walking out with 25 k cash and telling them where to go 

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Aug 05, 2018
JudyNicita Account Holder

This bank is the biggest rip off of them all. Look at all the law suits they have filed against them. I have been a victium of thier  unscruplous deceptive practices. I will never do business with them again and for anyone elses sake I hope they avoid this bank at ALL cost!

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Aug 04, 2018
Poor customer service
Bsmith0909 Account Holder

Pre approval for a home loan doesn't mean anything

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Aug 04, 2018
Sage1989 Account Holder

Over 20 years ago, I had a private student loan through Wells Fargo. My brother was a co-signer. I was never late on any payments, but more than once, they contacted my brother telling him payments hadn’t been received, etc. I was able to show my brother they were lying. This caused a major issue with us, though, and nearly destroyed my relationship with him. I worked extra hard in paying that loan off as fast as possible. Fast forward to 2014. My husband and I desperately needed a new bed and couch. Although I was rebuilding my credit due to personal issues, I obtained credit through Slumberland. Much to my dismay, Wells Fargo was the holder of their credit services. We always made on-time payments, until I was injured at work, and was battling Workers Comp. They would  not work with me for a temporary hardship situation. We got back on track, and then I lost my job due to the injury. Again, they would not work with me by reducing my payment for any length of time. We struggled to pay the bill until we couldn’t do it anymore. We fell behind. I recently tried to get help again, telling them I created the debt and had every intention of repaying it, but needed help (ie, lower my payment until we could get back on our feet). They agreed to 3 months of a lower payment, but after that, they could not tell me at this time, if any further help would be given after the 3 months. Now, they are hitting my credit EVERY SINGLE DAY with a derogatory report. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Apparently, they will do this until the card is paid off. They are the ONLY creditor I have that will NOT work with us. Period. Needless to say, I will never, under ANY circumstances, attempt to get a loan from there ever again. I implore people to steer clear of this company. I learned a terrible lesson the hard way. 

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Aug 02, 2018
Nothing but greed. HEARTLESS *******S..
CDLAWSON12 Account Holder

I had a car loan through Wachovia dealer services.  Very nice company.  They were bought out by Wells Fargo sadly.  I bought my car in Jan of 2008.  In July of 2008, I lost my job.  Then I lost my house.  I tried to sell the car, but i couldn’t even get into a used car for less.  That’s how bad the economy was.  These people harassed me.  CONSTANTLY.  When I would answer, and tried to explain, as I’m sure MILLIONS of others did during this recession,  I was ridiculed.  I will NEVER do business with Wells Fargo, and I would suggest to anyone else to avoid them as well.  

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Jun 08, 2018
Anonymous Account Holder

The in branch service was great, the staff were nice. When calling the Wells Fargo phone number the service is absolutely terrible. At one point an error in Wells Fargo's online banking system created a new checking account without my consent, the account caused an issue preventing me from using the online service entirely. After speaking to three different people about the issue a lady who barely spoke english told me: "Sir you are not understanding me, we cannot help you today, have a great day!" before hanging up on me. It has been about two months since that incident and I have incurred random fees and my local branch closed. I will be closing my account with Wells Fargo and while this was my first bank I am certain I will never use their services again. 

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May 04, 2018
Honestly Horrible
singleseed217 Account Holder

So glad to see Wells Fargo sponsoring a major golf tournament. Oh, just one thing. Don't you believe you should be paying back  the customers you robbed before you start paying off rich golfers?

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May 04, 2018
Waste of time!
Anonymous Account Holder

I’ve opted into “Fraud Protection”. Now I’m suspended EVERY SINGLE TIME I ONLY ORDER ONLINEOR UBER. ITs excessive and after at least 40 calls to affirm it’s me using that card, it’s backfired on them. There is no way to return to the old way of usage. I’m basically blacklisted from any online processing. I’ve spent countless hours and embarrassing phone calls to WF. It usually has to be escalated to the hire ups which is a whole cluster fk in it self. I’m tired of being the victim of WF. IM GONF RO TAKW UP CHASE ON THAT $500 bonus for opening a checking Acct. 

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