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Sep 02, 2018
Marilynjazxmun Account Holder

Great credit builder very generous. I have 2 webbank accounts one Fingerhut and one Avant MasterCard with fair credit.

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Jun 11, 2018
No problems
momnbaby Account Holder

I have had zero problems with this company, yes the interest rate is a bit high, but its a credit building company and lets be honest you would not be applying if you could get a regular card. They have wonderful products, everything has been just as advertised, and they do increase your credit limit from time to time.

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Jan 11, 2018
Avoid, save your future
Anonymous Account Holder

I had webbank/fingerhut account, regularly they would increase credit, if you spent set amount, you keep the increase, don't decrease, making your credit score rise/fall/rise/fall. In attempt to get my credit/debt ratio under 30% I quit using the credit, paid on time no missed payments. Everytime I got my c/d ratio at or under 45% they decreased my credit uses, per them for non-usage, to the point my d/c ratio suddenly jumped to 101%, with overage fees it steadily increasing. The only option to stop the games they were playing was to default, them close account and pay via collection, paying off in one lump was not possible. Fast forward, while still paying off the collection, I purchased a car, evidently they did not like that and sent a report to TU, using only my name and address, effectively creating a secondary report, which can create a financial instutute to not be able to pull correct report, possibly locking my credit. To resolve this, per TU, ID and SS card copy has to be faxed to TU to prove I am me, then the 2 reports will be merged into one, At that point it will appear twice on my report, as 2 seperate accounts, lowering my score, that I will have to dispute. Currently it has created lock on my access to my credit monitoring on all sites except CK. Avoid the head ache, just say no!

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Jun 29, 2018

Sounds like the credit crooks. They punish you for not using Credit. I was looking at a business loan and i saw one of the banks by a (Web Bank). Thanks for your review, i will mark this bank off the list.

Dec 10, 2017
Low life`s prey on people
Anonymous Account Holder

Webbank along with the companys that use them prey on people  - fingerhut is one of their biggest thiefs charging up to 3 times what items sell for and some times the shipping alone cost more them item should . rooms to go is another ----stay far away from both and any other company that would use webbank .........

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Nov 17, 2018


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