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Nov 23, 2017
One of the worst
Anonymous Account Holder

Two weeks later my check bounced without contact me for irregular signature. UNBELIEVABLE!!

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Oct 13, 2017
Fees and take no responsibility
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank take no responsibility for their actions.  I have been a customer since Strasburg National in the 1960's, Bank of Lancaster County after the buy out, and PNC up until October of 2017.  I have channelled 10's of thousands of dollars per year through this organization. I have never bounced a check or missed a payment of any type over the course of 45 years. I was hit with a charge last week that I could not get resolution on.  The main branch would not look into it or reverse the charge.  Unfortunately this is not a financial organization that I would recomend to anyone.  Try Fulton Bank for your local needs because it is truly a bank that cares about their customers.

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Oct 06, 2017
Frank246 Account Holder

Pnc charged me multiple times on a whole crap load of different things and now they’re trying to say that I am responsible for paying them $900 and I explained that it is very urgent that they fix it as I need to get gas to get to work TODAY and need food for my animals today or they’re going to starve and pnc customer support just says “and I understand that is frustrating but you’ll have to wait until it post in a few days and then call back to see what we can do and won’t do anything with out me agreeing that if they don’t fix it I have to pay in full so I obviously declined. I am switching banks as soon as this is resolved!

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Sep 20, 2017
Customer service argues with clients
Anonymous Account Holder

Don't bank here

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Sep 16, 2017
Awful customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

My loan was purchased a year ago and PNC is the worst company I have ever worked with. Customer service does not incldue mortgage loans on the weekend. Unable to access my account. DO NOT USE PNC FOR MORTGAGE SERVICES.

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Aug 29, 2017
The bank that robs the little people!
Anonymous Account Holder

I just left my PNC branch and i have never been so furious in my life. I have had numerous issues with their practices as far as negative balances. Not one has actually been my fault when I actually get them to listen to me. Over and over people have told me to get out of there and i didn't listen. Now I guess it is my fault because i believed from the past that they would make things right. I can only wonder how badly they rip off other seniors and disabled people that are on fixed incomes. I have an automatic deposit that goes in every month. As soon as it goes in my car insurance comes out. i used to leave the balance there but the last few months i had medical bills, so i had to move the balance to my other account. I just round the figure out to an even dollar. this past month however, their service charge of $7.00 caused that check to bounce by $6.03. I'm sure they sent me a notice at some point but because its not an account that I deal with on a regular basis, their mail got put in the pile of unimportant. Banks are always sending you stuff that's a waste of time even opening the stuff. At the end of the month I take a day to go through everything and low and behold i come across their notice that says not only did that $7.00 they charge for doing nothing cause my account to bounce by $6.03 they are charging me a total of $147.00 in fees. FOR WHAT??? They didn't do anything on those days!! I tried talking to an associate and they even tried the branch manager but they said they cant remove the fees because the system wont allow it and because they have removed fees in the past? (Yes you removed them because it wasn't my fault) In my opinion neither is this one. For probably 10 years I had my monthly check going into this account but due to the way my bills are set up to be paid now, I had to open another checking account at another bank. I had no notice that PNC was changing my account at that point because the check that I still had going in wasn't enough so they started charging me because they were getting less. Thats a great business practice! People have less money so they take even more away!! This is just unbelievable!! I'm not soe corporate company or business. I'm just one of the little people on a fixed income in a fairly small town where everyone knows everyone. Please explain to me what was even done with my account over those days that you feel that I owe you $147.00. That's half of my food for the month! So now I will go hungry eating ramen noodles which are no longer cheap so that you can rip me off for a measly $6.03 mistake that was caused by the $7.00 that you charge for nothing. If you read this, listen to others GET OUT!!!  I didn't and this is what I get. I'll bet nobody at PNC will go hungry this month!!!

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Aug 18, 2017
beware the atm
Anonymous Account Holder

At my local PNC branch I utilized  the "balance inquiry" feature on the atm. It told me my balance was one thing so I deposited the correct funds for an upcoming transaction only to find out later when the overdraft letter came it was another. I called, complained and got no where. I don't understand how their ONLINE atm can have the incorrect balance and then still stand by their overdraft fee. I kept the receipt of my balance inquiry that states what it said at the time was my balance. I'm guessing class action down the road. In short be leery of what their atms say apparently they're far behind. Ok update...just got off the phone with an awful customer service rep. I forgot to mention I called also earlier in the day and checked my balance. everything was fine around 7pm eastern time. I deposited the money at 1am eastern. The rep told me the check went through @ 11pm east so when I called at 7pm I was correct in what I thought my balance was. I asked the rep why was there no "pending transaction alert" they said there isn't one for checks. ok, that explains the phone automated service, why did the atm tell me everything was in order and post EXACTLY what my balance should've been @1am then? they said their atms must not have updated yet. So in the 2 hrs it took from check posting (under all radars) to me depositing the sufficient funds their atm couldn't see it but their overdraft fee mechanism sure caught it quick. I called my huntington bank and they said they give me 24hrs forgiveness for any transaction overdrafting my account for free. just an fyi. 

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Oct 19, 2017

Why is it the banks job to balance your checkbook?

Aug 04, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Don't do business with them

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Aug 03, 2017
PNC ruined my credit score!!
Anonymous Account Holder

PNC reported two late car payments on my car that was totalled in an accident. My insurance company did not follow through properly to pay off my car loan. PNC took that opportunity to report the payments as late and ruin my score. I will never bank with them again.

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Jul 22, 2017
Den of mother****ing thieves
Yourmom12346 Account Holder

This has to be the worst ****ing bank ever! This **** show of a financial institution thinks it's cute to charge astronomically large overdraft fees even though deposits come through on the same business day. Really, you mother****er? Go screw yourself, you son of a bitch!

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Jun 06, 2017
Live to make you pay fees
mamaofthree Account Holder

This bank loves to charge you overdraft fees even though there are funds in your account. I question how you can have a deposit and fees charged on the same day?!?! Going elsewhere with my money.

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May 22, 2017
Fewer benefits, more fees, zero service
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been a PNC customer since they bought my previous bank about 7 or 8 years ago. I have multiple checking and savings accounts with them and a credit card that I opened with them directly. 

Over the years, PNC has gradually rolled out various changes to my accounts, lessening the perks and benefits and upping the fees and potential to incur charges. 

Customer service? Not so much. If I use a teller, they charge me. Beyond that, the phone "customer service" is a cluster F. Poor training. What should have been a simple request turned into multiple lengthy phone calls, disconnects, conflicting and misinformation from one agent to the next, and in the end, when I thought the issue was taken care of, it turns out it was not, resulting in more time and expense on my part.

Rather than make the situation right, PNC escalated my call to a representative who tried to up-sell me another PNC product/service. Ridiculous. 

This is the latest of several frustrating experiences over the years. Meanwhile - just a few days ago, I received yet another letter from PNC notifying me of more new changes to my checking account. More "no longer offering X" and more hoops to jump through or I will start paying additional monthly account fees.

As much of a pain as it is to switch banks, it's past time that I do it. PNC has been an unbelievable frustration for the last time. #ByeFelicia

0-star review.

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May 10, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Do not apply for a loan of any kind there

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Apr 20, 2017
Got out, haven't looked back
Anonymous Account Holder

Overall, a pain to deal with! I was a customer since the National City days, and it used to be just fine. They keep cutting services and don't allow you grandfather in your old account types. I finally jumped ship to Ally Bank and have been very pleased with the switch. PNC was terribly frustrating with poor customer service, and lack luster product portfolio. 

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Apr 10, 2017
They steal your money!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

They literally steal your money!!!! They switch on options you didn't request for and make you pay for it!!! The customer service is horrible!!! They don't listen to you and don't want to help!!! Don't trust your money to this bank!!!!! Horrible horrible horrible!!!!

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Feb 08, 2017
Worst banking experience
Anonymous Account Holder

Pnc creditcards has THE WORST customer service that i have ever experienced. I am very disappointed at the way that my concerns were treated. I have had a credit card with pnc for almost a decade and they seem to care very little of the amount of time that ive with them. No special promotions for long time customers besides the 0% balance transfer which it is ridiculous. I have never gotten that type of service from discover,amex, or citi bank. If you are wondering on what type of credit card to choose dont go with pnc.

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Jan 06, 2017
Terrible HELOC Servicing
Anonymous Account Holder

DO NOT open a HELOC with PNC. I took out a HELOC in late September 2016 in order to fund needed home repairs due to toxic mold issues in my house. Since opening the account, NEVER have I experienced such dysfunctional servicing of an account. In order of irritation:

1. For some absolutely ridiculous reason, PNC has 2 separate departments that handle customer service for their HELOCs. One only handles issues and transactions made through the HELOC card, the other only issues and transactions made through the accompanying checks. Neither department can access the information the other has, and both have different hours. This leads to an exceptionally frustrating experience when attempting to resolve any issue that may involve the account as no one at the bank seems to have a global view of your account at any time.

2. Unlike security checks with every other financial organization on the planet, if you call the customer service number on the back of the HELOC card you cannot speak with anyone in the HELOC card department unless you have your full account number with you. This number only appears on your checks and HELOC statements. You can provide your name, address, phone number, SSN, DOB, any and all information off the card itself to the representative, but if you don't have the full account number they will refuse to speak with you. If you are out and about and need an issue resolved quickly, unless you have the account number memorized you're utterly out of luck.

3. While I appreciate the lengths to which banks go to extend fraud protection, the PNC HELOC division is ridiculous in regards to the frequency of how many times card swipes have been declined for even tiny amounts. I had a card transaction for around $30 declined while the very next day a check cleared for several thousand dollars against the account. The several occasions I have had to contact the HELOC card division to clear up issues such as this, I have regularly received misinformation, misdirection, and have had to call back multiple times to resolve issues I was told had been taken care of.

4. While regular checking and savings accounts at PNC appear to exist in the modern day of online banking, the HELOC division seems to still be abiding its time in the late 90s or early 00s. Logging into your online account and accessing the HELOC area, you cannot access any HELOC statements online and cannot view check images that have cleared. The only way to get HELOC statements is by mail and check images by special request.

All in all, working with PNC after the HELOC was approved has been an abysmal experience. If you're considering PNC for this type of lending, just don't. I have worked in the financial services industry for some time, and am staggered by the sheer incompetence with which PNC services this account type. You would have an extraordinarily more pleasant experience whacking yourself in the head repeatedly with a 2x4.

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Dec 26, 2016
This bank is a mess, way too many fees.
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank will charge you for every litlle thing. Always recommend against this bank to anyone looking. Will be canceling all business with them as soon as I can without them charging me even more!

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Dec 17, 2016
Worst banking experience ever
Lperkins1980 Account Holder

I never review businesses, but I feel that people looking into banking institutions should know how this bank operates.  We have a PNC account and we also have a smart access card that we only use online to avoid fraudulent charges to our bank account.  It is almost Christmas, I have been waiting to order gifts for my kids, shame on me for waiting so long, I know.  I have always transferred money online from my PNC bank account to my smart access card and it has posted immediately.  This transfer immediately gave us an error, the money was taken out of our bank account but not transferred to our smart access card.  I called pnc to ask them to at the very least cancel the transfer and put the money, for my kids Christmas gifts, back in my bank account.  They said they can't help me and it will be Tuesday (4 days away) to get our money. That means there will most likely be at least SOME gifts that I was going to order that will not be able to be delivered before Christmas. Also, before we got direct deposit they would put a 10 day hold on our checks. I hope you read this and seriously reconsider this bank, you can find a better bank that will be helpful and will not hold your money for days. As for me, I will be moving our money to sun trust immediately.

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