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Sep 23, 2016
Worst bank ever! Don't bank with Key!
Raiinyy Account Holder

Worst bank I have ever dealt with. They are rude and thieves. When you call their customer service number no one gives you the same answer and no one ever calls you back when they say they will. I have been calling for over a month with one question and no one has told me the same answer. I am closing my account immediately. The constantly assess fees that they shouldn't and they do not give the sign up bonus that they promise either. The people at the branch in my location are very rude also and they act like its a chore to help you. They are a bunch of thieving liars! Don't bank with key bank! 

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Sep 09, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I found some foreign currency, and in my free time, I thought I would stop at my local branch, free standing, to check on if this was exchangable or just wall hangings. I sat at the desk and showed the woman what I had, she said Hmmmm, got up went to the "window" asked the person behing the counter, comes back and says "we don't take this here"!  HUH, its a bank, if you don't take it, who does....Ummm "I don't know" WHAT!!  So I come home and email them.  The answer comes back....take it to your local branch....I email back and say "I DID",  I email back...then can YOU tell me what branches take it.....answer back.....take it to your local branch   UGH!!!!  If I could give you a MINUS 5 stars, I would.

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Aug 28, 2016
I will never recommend key bank!!!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

Please I very strongly advise banking with key bank I had never had a worse experience with a bank before key.  Everything from calling there customer service line to there dishonest ways to get you to open up an account with them, and don't even try to get decent customer service at any bank location.  Please save yourself the headache and go to Chase or a credit union.

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Jul 25, 2016
Great so far
tybow22 Account Holder

Really enjoy Key and their relationship rewards program for my checking account - which is free because my employer is part of a program that I qualify for their premium checking account with just $2500 monthly direct deposit. I wouldn't advice people do the relationship rewards on the other checking accounts though- there is an annual fee so it kinda takes away from the earnings. But for me I'm earning on a checking account and that is so rare these days, so I'm happy!

Surprised to see some of these really harsh comments becasue all of the Key employees I've dealt with have been awesome, but maybe I'm just lucky? Either way I'm happy, and happy to get a free $300 credit for recently opening my account!

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Jul 25, 2016
RedBeard937 Account Holder

Key bank has made a policy change for mobile deposits without notifying it's customers our household has 3 accounts and one is for business use. They only stated the change in the statement which we have not received yet and they will not provide any alternative solution. I mean we can deposit the said checks in the atm and have the $100 instant availability but no longer with the mobile deposit. If we knew about this change the checks would not have been mobile deposited as we have employees to pay. A change like this is not a small deal. E-mails should have been sent, phone calls should have been made, a direct policy change letter should have been sent through the mail or something of that sort. This is just simply very bad business practice as in business 101 you learn that things like this are unacceptable and bad for business, once the funds are available all 3 accounts will be leaving Key not to mention my entire family as we all use mobile deposit for this very reason.

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Jul 19, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Made a credit card payment for $350 for the last 2 months. Key only credited my account for $330. When I caught it they said it would be taken care of. Instead they reported the account as being past due to Equifax. Refuse to adjust the account despite the fact that I have statements proving what they were paid. Refused to remove it from credit report. Customer service reps are clueless. Keep transferring you to different departments. Transferred the little balance I had left to another card and closed account. Stay away from this bank. 

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Jul 01, 2016
unprofessional, unethical, incompetent
Anonymous Account Holder

When we first opened our account we were lied to and told we would receive reward points, but then they tried to charge a fee for this. We were then lied to again and told we would get the points without a charge.  They didn't do this at all and the very rude manager simply cancelled our rewards completely and the thousands of points we had actually accrued.  When we continued to press the issue and spent hours dealing with their inept customer service people we ran out of patience. after i told them what i thought of them they decided it was easier for them to cancel our account then to actually help us. they are a real bunch of small time hustlers trying to operate a bank with horrible customer service, stupid and inept management that could care less about anything except their inflated egos. i'm retired and the crew of babies there insisted on closing our account so fast that it could cause the transfer of my retirement pension to another bank problematic. It took me all of 10 minutes to open another account with a bank that explained everything properly and presented their programs with actual documents, brochures and the truth. Take our advice and don't bank with key.

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Jun 02, 2016
A Thief in a Bank or a Bank of Thieves
Anonymous Account Holder

Vow, I should have read those reviews before doing business with key Bank! I used Key Bank Guilderland Branch for a very long time. A year ago, I realized there was a monthly fee taken out of my checking account, cumulating to $375 ($25/month). Prior to the occurrence of the fee, I worked with the Bank to re-arrange my account type so that there would be a fee charged on it. When I found the large amount of fees, I called Key Bank general number and was referred to a “relationship manager” at the University branch. I talked to the manager and she agreed that the fees should not be taken out of the account but didn’t do anything in a period of almost six months. Last week I went to the Guilderland branch and the manager there, Guy Prisciandaro, literally told me that I should have noticed the fee early and now he would not do anything to pay it back – “I am a thief but you need to catch me early otherwise I take your money. I closed my account at Key Bank this afternoon.” This is a bank of thieves and we idiots put our money in the hands of thieves…. Stay as far away as you can! 

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Jun 02, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

F KEYBANK! They suck! they give you overdraft fees like no other.  Even when you have money in your account.  Even if you have a student account that doesn't receive overdraft fees, you'll get one.  They are so unhelpful.  I waited for customer service for a good hour.  Key bank, i hate you with a fiery, burning passion. 

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Mar 07, 2016
nomorebanks Account Holder

You should definitely know that they will not give you back any late fees that they charge to your account illegally because I'm decently sure that's illegal now. Even if it's not, it's freaking sick and literally is a way for them to just steal your money. Instead of helping you though, they'll just stare at you, while you cry, because the late fee THEY CHARGED YOU caused your account to be in the red and you're trying super hard in life to make ends meet. I couldn't pay my credit cards because of things out of my control including the fact that I went through severe mental abuse and a drug addiction due to the mental abuse (which I got myself out of with no rehab or counseling yet still face issues from it) at a job and really just needed a little help, called them for advice and was told to call back when someone there could help me and the lady didn't know when that person would be gee, thanks for the help! and even went to speak with someone and was turned away for a loan where i would've just refinanced the two credit cards basically and worked with them on a low monthly payment but noo....they have to keep calling me and calling and calling and calling and harassing me when I TOLD THEM I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY TO GIVE THEM they KEEP calling me and calling. This is harassment, and it's wrong. Key bank can seriously SCREW OFF! There was a time when I needed money in my account, desperately needed it, because I was a delivery driver and needed gas for work so I could make money to pay THEM. They just stared at me when I went in and said oh sorry, the money you deposited 2 days ago isn't yet in there and turned me away. 2 days!!! Please! Simple deposits instantly. This is the 21st century and there is NO reason ANY deposit shouldn't be instant. It can and is being done by other companies. So here's my advice: don't bank with ANY bank. Because they're all scumbags, they will not help you in your time of need despite being a billion dollar company and especially stay away from KEY. I'm planning on closing my account ASAP. I had to call a debt relief service to consolidate my debt because no one would help me at the bank that claims they're so freakin' fantastic and wonderful. Then if my bank is so amazing why do they keep literally robbing me? Charging me late fee after late fee doesn't make it any more possible for me to pay off my debt...stupids.

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