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Keybank Reviews
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Oct 15, 2019
Key Bank is the WORST
srbennin2 Account Holder

Key Bank is one of the biggest SCAM institutions I have EVER encountered. They have countless hidden fees. They set up promotional cash incentives for opening accounts that are then not met, as they will find any loophole possible to avoid paying. Their customer service is a run around that spins you in circles but accomplishes nothing. DO NOT BANK HERE! SAVE YOURSELF!!!

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Sep 09, 2019
Thieves Scumbags and Faecal Stains
simonhorowitz Account Holder

Run dammit RUN!!!!!!!! Don't walk, don't stroll. Run away from these thieving douc%bags as quickly as possible. Don't look back...RUN DAMMIT!!!!!

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Aug 11, 2019
worst bank in America
briangood11 Account Holder

I have a car loan with this joke of a bank. They have the worst website and the worst policies of all banks I have ever dealt with. No auto payments. Ridiculously outdated website and ability to manage your account on line. Don't use. Avoid at all costs and try any other bank. You'll be glad you avoided them. Losers

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Aug 07, 2019
Brandygreen1 Account Holder

They will steal your money and claim it was due to previous transactions. Keep track of every penny you spend, you cant trust key bank for a second! I ordered a 200 dollar bed off of Amazon which took a month to arrive. The money was deducted the same day I made the purchase online and was posted on my account for the entire month until the day the bed arrived at my door. The first charge was gone and they charged me another 200 AFTER IT WAS AT MY DOOR! Amazon doesnt work like that and it was posted for an entire month. As a single mom of 2 I keep track of every penny. I have had several experiences similar to this but that was the most severe. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM KEY BANK

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Aug 02, 2019
Very limited services & accommodations
dhydock Account Holder

First time ever doing business with Key Bank (assumed account from First Niagara bank).  Car loan taken through a dealership for my daughter 3 years ago & just want to have her name on the registration since I will be re-locating out of state. Many other institutions will provide a 'Release of Title for Transfer Purposed Only' for Motor Vehicle to put the registration in another person's name.  It doesn't release the title, it doesn't remove me as the debt-holder, it doesn't absolve me of responsibility.  It's just for registration transfer purposes - no impact or changes to the loan conditions.  They won't do it. I need to re-finance the loan & add her to it.  Ok, fine.  Except they don't refinance loans. Their loss - I can easily re-finance it at my own bank & will do so.  But self-defeating on their part as they have no interest in keeping business or obtaining new business.  They'd make more $$ on this refinance than they did on the original loan because the interest will be higher for a vehicle now several years old.  Stupid business model on their part.

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Jun 24, 2019
gregvalentine Account Holder

I had paid my loan ahead by a few payments and on-line, the loan kept saying there was no payment due for each month I paid (presumably because I was several months ahead?). So for one month, I skipped a payment. The on-line loan was showing no payment due for several months out. Except, on the day after the payment is normally due, I start getting late notices. What!?! I have been making my payments all along and even extra ones. So I call customer service who cannot help me. I call the bank directly but re-directed back to customer service. I decided to immediately make a payment. Except the on-line account is telling me no payment is due!?!. Somehow I forced it to take my payment. I will make a payment every single month no matter what but my account is still showing my next payment is due 3 months from now.

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May 19, 2019
Fees, Fees, Incompetence and More Fees
srm001 Account Holder

I have accounts with basically every money center bank and they mostly are fine but KeyBank is AWFUL.  I put $1500 into this bank and I get inactivty letters, I get notices I haven't paid for my safety deposit box (when I have), I get notices that they will be charging me new fees, to top it off they lost my signature card.  I can't wait to close this thing but that too will be an annoying process.  Still with the devil you know and DO NOT OPEN a KeyBank account.  

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May 05, 2019
Terrible is going under ..
Phudela Account Holder

They going fail soon terrible everthing ....keep away

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Apr 26, 2019
"Ridiculous Bank"
ResearchTEAM Account Holder

The ATM at Keybank takes my deposit (to pay bills) it sends back an error on the screen, and keeps my deposit! Does not record my account that I just deposited the funds. I go back the next day, the bank manager isn't allowed to touch the cameras and get my money back, to put in the bank, so my bills are paid. I am told I have to wait ten days so investigators can come in and check the cameras. Ten days later I get my deposit back, my bills are late with late fees, and I now have three overdrafts. I have to call the bank to get the three overdraft fees reversed. They do nothing about my late fees for my bills. 

A couple weeks later I get charged two more overdraft fees! The manager at this particular bank, changed my account so things would get paid trying to fix it so my bills would still be paid, without fees which didn't happen. She never changed my account back, to how I opened it, where things could not be overdrafted. My account is now negative nearly $100 because of the constent mistake and problems at KEYBANK! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS NITEMARE! I've never had to deal with this type of problem at a bank in my life! 

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Mar 12, 2019
Steals money from customers!
Studor1998 Account Holder

This bank basically just steals money from you. They process debits before credits, which for as a broke college student is basically setting me up for failure. Just recently I had some payments coming out of my account and I realized that I didn’t have enough money in my account to cover them so my mom lent me some money which I immediately put into my account, but because of KeyBanks policy they took all the money out before they processed the money I had put and then charged me an overdraft fee even though if they would have processed the money I put in first nothing would have overdrawn. Do not use them, they just want to screw you out of your money! The same situation happened with my mother, she had bills coming out of her account and her boyfriend put money into her account the day before everything came out, but they processed what came out before they processed what she put in and she got charged over $100 in overdraft fees.

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