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Jun 02, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Closed my account without any notice for lack of activity. Never returned the balance on my account though not much. Called the customer service and they even cannot find my account number or any other information in their system. The worst banking experience I have ever head.

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Oct 06, 2016
Excellent customer service!
Anonymous Account Holder

I needed a  place to put money just for a little while, and opted for one of their high yield money market accounts. Application was easy and quick, although the web app userface doesn't look super high tech. Never had any trouble with banking and found their customer service to be incredibly helpful, friendly, and personable when it came to answering questions, transferring my money out, and closing the account. If I still had the sum that I had when I opened, I definitely would have stayed!

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Aug 17, 2016
Bad Bad Bad
Anonymous Account Holder

I got a letter from them saying my money will be sent to unclaimed fund within 30 days.  How could this happened? I talked to them about my account 7 months ago and I also logon to my account 4 months ago.  How can my account be inactive!!  A totally screwed up system they have.  Watch out for your money before it disappeared!!

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Jun 27, 2016
Kiss your money goodbye!
Anonymous Account Holder

I had 4 CDs here. This bank does all it can to avoid giving you your money back. They send you an e-mail every day with yet more documentation they say they need: day 1 they need a picture of your drivers license. Day 2 they want to verify your address even tho you have put it on the Close Account request. Day 3, copy of a utility bill. I have given them every piece of info they asked for, and now waiting 11 days for their ****ed check, and even when I get it, I still have one more CD to close at the end of the year!! And since they are not much different than any of the other online banks, just stick the cash under your mattress so you will have it when you need it!

All the deposits for these CDs were made thru ACH, but they refuse to return the money that way as they can keep use of it much longer by playing their stupid delaying games. I am posting anonymously as I still have one CD with them!

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