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Oct 31, 2017
iGoBanking is in the dark ages
psinps Account Holder

If you are looking for an online that bank has its stuff together DON'T use iGoBanking! It must be that they are very new in online banking. Tasks that you would expect to be simple are not. Like, you can not change your debit card pin... anywhere! Not online, not on the phone, automated to speaking to a live person. The only way you can change your pin is if you find where you can send them an email online and request a new pin, and they MAIL it to you!. You can't simply change it to one of your choosing on ine! Of the many banks I have used, brick-and-morter and online, I have never heard of that! It has always been a simple automated phone call. 

There are so many other issues. They have not separated their phone cusotmer service line from their parent bank, Flushing Bank. So when you call customer service, you get Flushing Bank, even when they transfer you to iGoBanking, you may still get a Flushing customer service person who has to put you on hold and find someone who knows what is going on with iGoBanking. 

Don't be in a hurry, or even expect a normal turn-around time to open an account. Wow! it was slow! It took forever before I had my account info to make a deposit and I still had to make a customer service call because the log on steps they sent was not correct.

Make your life easy and do not use this this bank!

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Jun 02, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Closed my account without any notice for lack of activity. Never returned the balance on my account though not much. Called the customer service and they even cannot find my account number or any other information in their system. The worst banking experience I have ever head.

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