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HSBC Bank Reviews
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Mar 20, 2021
Quick Fix
Gavin3474 Account Holder

Big thanks METRONET CREDIT SOLUTION for the great job they are doing. Am still surprised how they were able to erase all the negative items on my credit and raise my score across all 3 credit bureaus, in less than 10 working days. You can call them on   205  518   3032 or text metronetcreditsolution at gmail dot com for any kind of credit fix.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 04, 2021
Athlete166 Account Holder

Worst bank to do business with.  Staff is unfriendly and dismissive  of any issues that arise with your account.  The bank acts with impunity when it comes to its actions and they will not respond or provide you with explanations when confronted.  If you have the opportunity to bank with someone else, do so, it will save you headache and frustration.  The bank doesn’t work with Zelle or Plaid so it makes linking your account very difficult.  Forrest Hill, the VP is especially unhelpful and never returns calls or offers any real help.  The customer service is routed to India and the people you speak to have no real desire to help you out.  Calls regular get disconnected and you will never receive a call back.  The customer service representative Rachel Brown should not even have a job.  She was supposed to be my point of contact but never returned any of my calls or emails.  Overall, worst experience I have ever had with a bank.  

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Jun 25, 2021
LindaWilliam2357 Account Holder

 Hey folks I don’t t know about you but I think I have a beautiful months and year ahead of me all thanks to this awesome credit specialist called R00TKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST. I’m Linda William from New Jersey I had a really messy Credit profile with hard inquires, eviction and foreclosure but with the help of this angel (rootkits credit specialist) who gave me a whooping score of about 811 and gave me a fulfilled life here in Jersey City. He’s an angel in human form don’t fail to hit him up on: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com /  760  474  3440.

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Jun 23, 2021
Macdoris191 Account Holder

 I was severally denied of loan because I had an Eviction and criminal judgment on my credit report that has been on my report for about 3 years and I was turned down several times trying to get an apartment of my own, I also lost several job opportunities so I told my friend who immediately introduced me to XAP Credit Solution. He testified how XAP have helped several other people on their credit issues so I called XAP on  972  597  9704, immediately he wiped the eviction off my report, three days later the criminal judgment was erased including late payments were all marked as paid on time. XAP raised my score to 790. I’m so excited for what he did for me on my report I now own an apartment with good credit profile. if you need help in fixing your credit I will recommend you to email XAP via XAPCREDITSOLUTION  AT GMAIL DOT COM and get all yours fixed ASAP. Regards.

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Jun 22, 2021
BrianGeorge757 Account Holder

Are you worried about repairing your credit report? Rootkits credit specialist is FIVE STARS in my ranking. My wife had cancer in 2020 and everything became very difficult for me to manage in the hats of pandemic, I messed up my payment while trying to keep her alive and my credit score drop to 542. I’m happy to be free from all debts including Home equity, Credit card debt just after I trusted my fund and requested information, my score boosted to 811 excellent score within 12days. Reach him for help via: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com Cell Phone  760  474  3440.

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Jun 21, 2021
Lost Funds Recovery
RobinsonC1 Account Holder

  I was able to recover my funds from a very sketchy credit repair company, Just last month a friend and I invested all our life savings in fixing our credit but got duped in the process. This June, we were able to use the services of ''JimFundsRecovery AT Consultant DOT Com'' and we have gotten all our money back. My nightmare is over, It's a whole new day here. Do be careful when dealing with these companies

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Jun 20, 2021
Justinallen448 Account Holder

JERRY LINK CREDIT GROUP was recommended to me by a close friend, who has used the service of this company. Before contacting Jerry Link Credit group, I read good reviews on numerous blog about how they helped people fix their score. I must say, the good news working with Jerry Link Credit Group is that, they can relate with you on a personal level. They are reliable. Within 12 days my credit score was raised to 807. I’m on my way to conclude the process of moving into a new house with my girlfriend, I suggest you work with Jerry Link Credit Group amazing company! I feel so blessed to have them. Write them via: jerrylinkgroup at gmail dot com   916  888  4118.

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Jun 20, 2021
Best In Terms Of Credit Repair
ethangrant45 Account Holder

I have always been skeptical about credit hackers; but my doubt was finally cleared when I came in contact with 760Plus Credit Score through my uncle during his son’s funeral. I contacted them for fix and It took only 9days to get my credit back on the right track. Late payments have been marked as on time payment, inquiries, eviction and charge-offs all cleared and my score is now 802 from the initial 519. I’m recommending them to anyone in need of urgent and permanent credit fix. Contact them via; Mobile: 304  774  5902 or by Email: 760pluscreditscore @ gmail . com.

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Jun 17, 2021
Jonah05 Account Holder

My wife had cancer! We needed a lot of money for her Chemotherapy. All my applications for loan fell through due to my outstanding debts; I owed $21,000 student loan, $17,000 on judgments and collections, $35,000 on card debts. A friend of mine who had been helped by Metronet Credit Solution told me about their services. I contacted them after careful deliberation with my family. Right now I’m so happy, all the negative items on my credit have been wiped and my scored boosted to excellent. Plus I’ve been approved for a low interest loan. Contact: + 1 . 2 0 5 . 5 1 8 . 3 0 3 2 / metronetcreditsoltion at gmail dot com Thank me later.

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Jun 16, 2021
FlorenceEdward32 Account Holder

Do you want to increase your FICO score? Do you want to pay off your credit card debts? I want to use this medium in appreciating rootkits credit specialist for his good service. My FICO score suddenly raised up to 810 excellent score within 5days and he also helped me make payment on my credit card to clear off my debt the total sum of $85K within the short time. He did exactly what he said he would, He’s always available at any time and awesome. Reach him for help via: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com /  760  474  3440.

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Jun 14, 2021
Best in Terms of Repairs
Waambrose0013 Account Holder

I applied for a loan to purchase a car for my family months ago, but wasn’t approved due to poor credit, I needed a score of at least 700 to be approved for the loan, but my score was at 542. I had inquiries, late payments, collections, judgments and eviction. I contacted this specialist Metronet Credit Solution they helped me wipe all the negative items and raised my score to 793. It’s been 2 weeks now and nothing is coming back. Call their number 205   518  -  3032 or text them at metronetcreditsolution @ gmail . com.

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Jun 02, 2021

Amazed at Mr. West and his Team Hack West the Credit Repair, not the cheapest program but they get the job done. My sister started off with their half down and the rest when done and few days later her credit jumped 61 points. She then upgraded and her score jumped close to 200 points in 6 days. Do well to contact hackwest @ writeme . com or (424)  307  2638

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