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HSBC Bank Reviews
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May 04, 2021
Athlete166 Account Holder

Worst bank to do business with.  Staff is unfriendly and dismissive  of any issues that arise with your account.  The bank acts with impunity when it comes to its actions and they will not respond or provide you with explanations when confronted.  If you have the opportunity to bank with someone else, do so, it will save you headache and frustration.  The bank doesn’t work with Zelle or Plaid so it makes linking your account very difficult.  Forrest Hill, the VP is especially unhelpful and never returns calls or offers any real help.  The customer service is routed to India and the people you speak to have no real desire to help you out.  Calls regular get disconnected and you will never receive a call back.  The customer service representative Rachel Brown should not even have a job.  She was supposed to be my point of contact but never returned any of my calls or emails.  Overall, worst experience I have ever had with a bank.  

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May 05, 2021

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Nov 09, 2020
Promotional offers were a scam
otokomaeguy Account Holder

I opened a new account from an email link I received, which offered a promotional bonus for new accounts, new customers. I did all the required steps over a 7 month period, complying with every item on the list. At the end of the 7 months, I never received the bonus and when opening a case with customer support the answer was "you did not click the appropriate link to open the account" which basically is a total cop out. There was only 1 link, I received in an unsolicited email offering me the option. I also had screen shots showing that I opened the account with the link and the promotional code for the offer, they would not accept screen shots as they said they could have been tampered with.

Bottom line, I feel as though they completely scammed me by offering a deal, it took over 6 months for the offer requirements to be met, that entire time HSBC is holding my money, making interest on it, and in the end they weaseled their way out of it by simply saying I didn't click on the right link and they would not honor the promotion.

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