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Jul 19, 2016
Used to be a good bank, now is horrible
turkified Account Holder

I have had a frost personal account for 10 years. We have opened up a business account, and I have found that if you need to do anything at all with this bank, you can just forget it. Trying to get a ligitimate transaction or statement from them for an up to date recent activity is impossible. I feel for anyone who has to buy a house and is using Frost as their bank. Today, I went to do a transaction list for my loan officer, and my balance went from current to pending dropping 2,000 dollars in pending with no explanation, it just dropped. I called customer service as I frantically refreshed my browser trying to reset Frost's glitch. Nothing was working, it was showing a drop from 8,000 to 6,000 in pending for no reason. (no transactions were processed between current and pending to show the drop) So, I knew it was a glitch, but it was very stressful because I am trying to buy a house and what I can show them counts. The Frost Rep started LAUGHING at me as I was trying to tell her what was happening! LAUGHING!!! I angryly told her, I DONT THINK THIS IS FUNNY! How can you laugh at a customer who is telling you there is a glitch showing 2,000 less for no reason? UNBELIEVABLE. I am still floored she was laughing. Finally, I had to log back out and back in and the glitch went away. She told me "SORRY YOUR COMPUTER FROZE" WHAT AN IDIOT!!!! My computer freezing would not be able to refresh, and not be able to change the values on my frost balance... stupid idiot!!! I can not believe the idiocy of their very rude employees.  I will obviously be looking for a more reliable, professional and less rude bank to work with. What a nightmare they have turned into. 

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