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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

Great bank! Their rate is always among the highest in the nation.There's no minimum, and no fees. Their website is easy and they have excellent 24 hour customer service. The rate is down to 1.10% right now, but as the economy improves, I'm sure they will raise it up again. I've had an FNBO savings account for about three years, and I've never had a single problem.

hyperian24's review was:    

  Feb 21, 2011 Reply

hyperian24(1, 4)

Review by hyperian24

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AWESOME BANK!!! Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

Friendly, great rates and easy access!!!

Mar 22, 2013 Reply
Stay away. Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

I have been waiting for more than 4 days to get money from my high-yield money market account.  The money was dedducted fom my account on Monday and today (Thursday) I received an e-mail saying the transfer will take longer.  Really?  It's $4,500.  There are way too many other options for high yield money market that provide better service. STAY AWAY.

Oct 25, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Great start a few years back but the rate trickles down without notice. You MUST watch your statements. Delayed withdrawals can be a pain. I pulled out most cash and will watch for better rates.

Jul 11, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

 Pretty solid savings account.  I've been with Fnbo direct for over two years now, but have watched them shrink their intrest rates, over and over again.  Good customer service, but they are not keeping up with the jones'!  Ally anyone?  If they dont' get competitive I may just have to move over. 

panther35's review was:    

  Mar 22, 2012 Reply

panther35(1, 2)

Review by panther35

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Great Bank!!! Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

FNBO has great rates and customer service!!! I know the rate bounce around but if you were to go to a large bank like BOFA and Wells Fargo the rates would be worse and customer service may not always be the best.

Try FNBO!!!

Qtiepi's review was:    

  Mar 22, 2013 Reply

Qtiepi(1, 1)

Review by Qtiepi

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This bank is corrupt Helpful to 2 out of 5 people

Not a good company. I worked there for 8 years.  The meetings I attended were eye openers.  They expect loyalty from customers but only care about the rich.  Do not believe their commercials.  They live in the grey.  Black and white is not their comfortable environment.

Jul 05, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 3 people


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  Jan 18, 2012 Reply

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Review by mcraemark2

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Company Overview

First National Bank Omaha is better known as FNBO Direct, the internet bank subsidiary of multi-state holding company First National Nebraska. FNBO Direct offers high-interest savings, checking, CDs, and credit cards. FNBO Direct was established in 2006 with an incredibly competitive rate of 5.25% APY for their online savings account and peaked at a high 6.00% APY. Today, FNBO Direct continues to offer competitive high-yield rates to customers nationwide.

Parent company First National of Nebraska is currently the largest privately-owned bank in the United States and has a strong banking reputation that dates back 150 years. First National of Nebraska offers corporate banking, investment banking, personal banking, retail banking, wealth management, and consumer lending services at branches in select states.

Company Details

First National of Nebraska

  • Established: 1857
  • Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Website:
  • Products: Banking, Credit Cards
  • Assets: $17 billion
  • Available: Online nationwide; in branches in select states

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