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Mar 17, 2019
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kf4sci Account Holder

I’ve had two cards with them for about 4 years. Started with a low credit limit but raises automatically a few times each year. Interest is high with processing and annual fees but Iknew that going in. Everything has been fine except that paying online is often difficult. The website is down about 1/3 the time! It also can take several days to post payments to your account. Pay at least a week early! When the website is down, call customer service and pay by telephone! Other than that, no complaints. It has been a tremendous help rebuilding my credit! So yes, it was worth the estra cost and effort.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 09, 2018
They dont care about customers!
ShayB1215 Account Holder

They will suspend your account without you knowing for stupid reasons like you are adding too much money. You will be at the register and cant make a purchase. Took them two weeks to resolve issue. I had to send verification three times so they could get it right.

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Aug 19, 2019
davidalls Account Holder

Worst company ever! They decided to suspend my account due to a misunderstanding on my part on the cash advance option for my car. I read through all of the documentation and I must’ve been in small Asterix or on the website or something because I didn’t read it but they decided to suspend my account anyways. Weeks later I have sent in multiple attempts and faxes of my documentation and verification of my Identity and they STILL Did not release my 300 limit or my 99$ program fee. Pathetic company and I have a 618 FICO. Due to all the big companies losing my data I had no other options but Stay away from this card if you can they only cause trouble and customer service for anything other than balances and typical information is useless. There’s no direct line to verification or anything. The absolute worst!

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Aug 11, 2019
Snoopydog415 Account Holder

Scum bags of the earth don’t ever report my payment and has hurt my credit more that it has helped it these people are fraud stay away from them if I was able to give them 0 stars I would probably the worst customer service I have ever had the people are run and don’t know how to do their jobs 

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Aug 02, 2019
Mix views
LaneB75 Account Holder

The application process was smooth and fast but DO NOT pay the $29 fee for immediate access to your credit line. This part is a scam and unnecessary. You will not have access to your credit line until you receive the card, of which you can activate yourself. The customer service representatives I spoke with could not explain why the site made it appear as though access was immediate if you paid the $29 fee, when in fact, it is not. I'm not a fan of monthly fees either but due to my credit situation at this time, this was one of the better credit card offers to get things back on track, credit-wise. I will probably not keep this card for more than a year. 

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Jul 30, 2019
Con artist
Shawnboe Account Holder

A early payment isn't and on time payment! I get paid weekly and made multiple payments of more then the minimum and got hit with a late fee for not paying 30 dollars
on the exact due date.

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Jul 23, 2019
Changed my due date by one day
applianceguy1234 Account Holder

They will change your due date, usually by one day like they did me to get a late fee. Have had their card for 5 years (2) cards. I had perfect record with 12 accounts and never late. Now, they ruined me. 

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