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Jul 02, 2019
shadow049 Account Holder

no problemas of yet and i have had this card a year now

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Jul 02, 2019
shadow049 Account Holder

read before you apply for this card i have never had any problem with this card had it a year now

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Jun 17, 2019
Jaymiemmm Account Holder

Ive had this card for 4 months and only use it some, but so far eveythings going great. Builidng my credit has never been so easy as soon as i hit my 6th month im going to apply for a real credit card. This card has boosted my credit score 130 points. 

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Mar 20, 2019
Perfect to rebuild credit!
Tomchat5 Account Holder

I've had this card about 3 months $300 credit limit. It's my first credit card and I'm 43 years old. I never had any problems at all just pay your bill on time and use the card at your convenience. I don't understand all the bad comments. How can things go wrong??? Just don't fall behind and PAY what you owe. 1 month ago I got approved for a $3000 CL on Capitol One! There's an annual FEE and a fee to get started but this card is well worth it.

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Mar 17, 2019
Good & Bad Unbiased Review
kf4sci Account Holder

I’ve had two cards with them for about 4 years. Started with a low credit limit but raises automatically a few times each year. Interest is high with processing and annual fees but Iknew that going in. Everything has been fine except that paying online is often difficult. The website is down about 1/3 the time! It also can take several days to post payments to your account. Pay at least a week early! When the website is down, call customer service and pay by telephone! Other than that, no complaints. It has been a tremendous help rebuilding my credit! So yes, it was worth the estra cost and effort.

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Sep 18, 2018
kandc422 Account Holder

I have had zero problems with this card and all you are complaining about the Fees and that you can’t use it without a pin.  Get real you should of read through the terms of the card instead of thinking it was free money.  And they aren’t there only ones that use a pin my god how hard is it to create a pin and use it at a store!?  That is if you even know what your doing which half of you don’t.  Quit blaming them for the fees you should of known what you were signing up for. And the website  is so easy unless your brain dead and don’t know how to use a computer which sounds like the case on most comments. :))))

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Sep 23, 2018

You sound just like one of their agents, and I'll bet you are. Anyone that wants to know what talking to one of their agents is like and getting wind of their "attitude" about their customers, just read what this guy wrote. They treat all their customers like desperate deadbeats at a Las Vegas casino, which is not surprisingly where they're from. No customer service, no courtesy

Sep 23, 2018

Nobody could possibly give this bank five stars unless they were an employee shill. Look at all the real reviews, hardly one is higher than a one star and I'll bet most would give them lower if they could.

Sep 26, 2018

Nah not no employee bro. And u just sound like one of the salty card holders who didn’t read what they were signing up for before hand and then spend all the money and see they got high interest and fees then get ****ed that they are charging it when it clearly states. I’ve never had to talk to a rep because I never have had a issue with the card and knew what I was signing up for

Nov 15, 2018

I have had this card and I haven't had any problems either. Matter of fact, i've talked to the reps a few times just to get information on the card and they have all been super professional and nice. I completely understand the terms of this card and I plan on using it wisely. I have bad credit so therefore I know what terms i have agreed to. I as well plan on paying my balance off in full each month to avoid the high APR. The plan is to use this card so that I can get better offers from different lenders. Not sure where everyone is getting all the bad reviews from. I do NOT work for First Premier bank either. The key is to read the fine print and be responsible because credit card companies are sneaky.

Aug 25, 2018
preciousgold86 Account Holder

Never had any problems always paid in full. Great card.

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Sep 23, 2018

You've got to be kidding.

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