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Mar 03, 2019
It serves its purpose
camu9155 Account Holder

I got this card to help improve my horrible credit score.  I’ve had no problems with it thus far.  The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars I the nterest is really steep but what do you expect when you have bad credit.  I charge something every month to keep it revolving and pay it before interest accumulates.

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Dec 01, 2018
Great so far!
Penelope901 Account Holder

I’m not sure why there are bad reviews . I’ve had this cArd one month now and I haven’t had any problems. Yes the interest is high but what do you expect with bad credit people?! You have to be responsible, use it but pay the balances off in FULL and there won’t be high interest charge. 

Secondly ive read reviews of bad customer service. I’ve called numerous times to get an understanding of all the fine print, make my $95 payment and ALL of my customer service reps have been helpful and friendly . 

I made my first payment over the phone with my DEBIT CaRD, I paid on 11/30/2018 and my payment was posted at midnight and that is when my credit was available. It even says it in fine print on the website, maybe some people aren’t reading the fine print ??!! To my understand paying with a debit card processes quicker as opposed to paying with your checking account. It also must be paid a certain time to be posted the next day which is also in the fine print!

its only been one month and my credit score has increased 50 points so I have no clue as to why there are bad reviews. Yes the interest is high, yes there is a deposit you have to pay and yes there are other sucky things like to have a credit increase you have to pay for that as well. But it’s all in the fine print if you are smart enough to know what your are applying for beforehand .

Overall the sole purpose of this card is to use it responsibly to avoid the ridiculous fees so that I can improve my score and get approved for a better card in the future. Simple as that = )

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Jun 17, 2019

wait until you get hacked multiple times, even without activating the new card.

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