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First PREMIER®  Bank Reviews
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Aug 02, 2019
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LaneB75 Account Holder

The application process was smooth and fast but DO NOT pay the $29 fee for immediate access to your credit line. This part is a scam and unnecessary. You will not have access to your credit line until you receive the card, of which you can activate yourself. The customer service representatives I spoke with could not explain why the site made it appear as though access was immediate if you paid the $29 fee, when in fact, it is not. I'm not a fan of monthly fees either but due to my credit situation at this time, this was one of the better credit card offers to get things back on track, credit-wise. I will probably not keep this card for more than a year. 

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Jul 05, 2019
Not too choosy with bad/borderline cred
PJ2012 Account Holder

Yes, they charge up front fees before you receive the card. In the housing industry this is akin to getting a junk mortgage where the lender was providing funds up front for mortgages that should not have been written.  Hence, FP charge higher rates and also a monthly rate.

My limit is $1000.  My first bill was $20 before I received the card.  However, the payment was due after I got the card.

My only complaint with FP is the length of time between taking payment from the bank and making that credit available.  I'm at 2 weeks right now and while the balance shows accurately, the available credit is not updated.

It's not them, it's me with my credit.  Get better credit, see FP go away.  It's really that simple.  I'm not there yet.  Soon!!

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Jun 06, 2019
Ok starter card
mtankesly Account Holder

So I've spent the past year cleaning up my credit agressively (by myself, no credit repair places) and got to a point that almost everything bad is off, and only my car payment (which is stupid high right now) is reporting positively. I haven't used credit cards in over 10 years, so I figured it was time to apply. I know it's going to be "bad" cards that I qualify for at first, but here's to hoping that using this one minimally will help. The interest rate is outrageous, but again, I know that's just part of the consequences of having damaged my credit. Yes, they require you to pay a "deposit" of sorts, but again, it's an unsecured card, and one of the few I qualified for. I'm a little annoyed about their yearly fee, which was $100 and has been taken from my available credit, and I had to pay a $95 fee to open the card. I did speak to a rep over the phone and honestly she was very helpful. I work for a credit card company and knew what questions to ask, and she had an answer for every one of them, the one she didn't know she was honest about, researched and found me the right answer. I'll see how I feel about this card in a year. 

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Jun 10, 2019

Run this absolutely the worst card you could ever get. High interest rates, poor customer service and high monthly fee you have to pay even when you don’t use the card smh

Nov 19, 2019

You would be better off fixing and building up your credit with discover or Mastercard. They have cards to help fix your credit and are way cheaper and easier to use and build it faster. But good luck to each their own just thought I'd let you know.

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