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Mar 16, 2014
Discover Bank and Card
krodamai Account Holder

I'm loving Discover.

I have had a discover card for 16 years (and I'm only 34).  I just don't see any reason not to have my credit card company pay me instead of the other way around.  So about 3-4 years ago, I noticed online that DiscoverBank also had a better APR than my other online account (used to be called ING Direct, now Capital One 360).  Again, why not let Discover pay me?  So I opened the account.  I've had absolutely no hassles or problems either with account opening or maintaining over the past several years.

I have had several occasions to deal with discover customer service.  Once was when an entity (company or person, not sure which) charged my discover credit card for something when I'd never heard of them, never been to the state from which I got charged and was actually living internationally when it occurred.  Discover took care of that really quickly; as soon as I called, the item was removed.  They then actually checked with me over the course of the next week or two to ensure that the other purchases I was making were, in fact, mine.  (Note: they didn't decline my purchases - that would've been a big problem for me; they simply checked with me when the transaction posted).  Another was when I needed to increase my credit limit.  They very easily and quickly did that as well.  Admittedly, both of these occasions had to do with Discover Credit Cards, not DiscoverBank, but it's the same company and since I haven't dealt directly with DiscoverBank service, I can only comment on my experiences with the company as a whole.  Customer service has always been (at least for me) awesome, helpful, and easily understood.

As for rapidity of transfers, I've never had a problem.  I'm usually not desperate enough to need the money right now, so I haven't noticed the lag that some people complain about.  I haven't noticed any difference in the speed of linked accounts transferring funds to or from DiscoverBank, compared with CapOne 360, which I still have and recently linked to DiscoverBank as well.  Last week, I sent a request from the CapOne site to receive funds from another bank.  The same day, I requested DiscoverBank do the same.  Both sets arrived in the online accounts on the same day (after a weekend, since I had made the request at the end of the week).

Hope this helps for anyone interested in getting paid by their financial institution, rather than paying their financial institution for services rendered. 

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Nov 18, 2014
Tuskers Account Holder

I am only dissapointed with the length of time it takes to have deposits made available. In this electronic age it shouldnt take 5 to 6 days to have a transfer of funds made available. 

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Jul 17, 2017
Worst Bank
Anonymous Account Holder

 They were offering a promotion code "MM217" in May 2017, giving you $100 if you open savings account and meet certain criteria.  I met all their requirements including having to deposit $15000 into the savings account by a certain date and when it was time for them to give me the reward as promised they reneged on giving me the $100 claiming the reward code was not put on origional application.  I asked them to verify it by going back and listening to the recorded line when account opened where their representative verified the reward promotion. They said it would take up to 4 weeks to look into and that no guarantee I would get the $100.  It has been over 2 weeks with multiple calls to supervisors and still no resolution. They also started taking federal witholding taxes out of my interest claiming I messed up by not filling out all the paperwork, later it was determined they messed up I had filled out all the necessary paperwork.  They are horrible to do business with, I fell like I was scammed.

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Jul 13, 2017
Legacy customers are treated like dirt
Anonymous Account Holder

Been a customer for over 30 years with 849-850 FICO and they closed my account due to an error.  They told me I can re-apply which I will not because their system approves charges from vendors even if the card is expired in the vendor system. Discover claims that they do this so that there is continuity in service with the vendor but the account holder does not want to automatically continue the service each year.  Why is Discover making decisions for the account holder? Customer Service no longer cares if you are a legacy customer and Discover places the blame on the loyal customer. There is no such thing as loyalty with Discover. I am done with credit cards with all the trickery, fraud and breaches. I will start using cash.

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Jul 07, 2017
Horrible. Worst bank
Stephie2780 Account Holder

Worst bank to deal with ever. Customer service is completely useless and won't take ownership of the wrong informtion provided. Long story is they will take your deposit. Hold it for as long as they want. Give you the wrong information and when you have items that need to be paid they will return them and charge you a fee even though they have over $3k sitting in a deposit hold that has already cleared the other bank. Then they want to tell me that that's not the case when I clearly can see the money is gone. So it's in limbo? Worst experience ever. This is coming from a former BOA employee who understand the banking industry RUN FROM THIS BANK!! Do not use them at all!!!

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Jun 16, 2017
Horribly bank. Avoid it.
Mauizard Account Holder

It has been two weeks since opening my account and depositing my first paycheck at my new job in the new state that I moved to and I still only have access to $200 of the total balance. Just went to the ATM to use my debit card and take some cash out and despite setting up the card correctly, it was registered as invalid and will not work anywhere, so I cannot even access the $200 that was released to my account. So now I have to wait 2-3 business days for a new card to be shipped to me. Required an absurd amount of identification for account, froze my account when it wasn't received and allowed no flexibility based on circumstances. Customer service is very friendly but so far has been completely useless, just like every other feature of the bank.

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Jun 06, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

They suddenly closed my account, stating they could not verify my identity. Yet they failed to contact me in any form to attempt to verify, obtain my ID or any form of verification. 

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May 05, 2017
Failed me miserably!
Anonymous Account Holder

         I've been a faithful client for many years until today.    

         Discover Bank failed me miserably. Every year I would set up an IRA CD with the bank and deduct the contributions on my tax return. In 2015 and 2016 I opened new IRA accounts online a day or two before the dead line (mid April), requested electronic funding from another bank, then the signature package would come in the mail within 10 days. I would fill it out, sign, mail back - all this way PAST April 15th. 

         This year I really needed that IRA deduction so I opened a new IRA account on April 9th! As usual requested electronic funding from another bank. April 10th there was a confirmation email simply stating that a welcome package should come within 10 days and that I need to fill out the paperwork and mail it back. No dead line dates or even a warning or any additional information. 

         The package came, on the letter it said that I have 60 DAYS to submit the docs and fund the account. No warning or any dead line date again. Not even a date stamp on the envelope itself. Paperwork was signed and mailed back. 

         Today I was checking online and my new account is not funded. I called the customer service. They couldn't find my paperwork and said that it is too late to process the contributions for 2016 tax year! Really?!!!!!!!!! I was informed then that the rules have changed and everything should have been completed prior to April 18th! WHY WASN'T I INFORMED AT ALL ABOUT THIS? Not online, not in the follow up email, not in the mailed package. No dates on any of them, no requirements on any of them except funding within 60 days. 

         They simply refuse to fund my account. 

         Now I have to amend my tax return and pay back the IRS close to $2000. Discover Bank, you JUST LOST a very loyal customer. I will be moving my savings account out within several days. Once my IRA CD mature they will be moved out as well. I am not dealing with this bank again.

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Apr 22, 2017
Obsessed with freezing customer accounts
Anonymous Account Holder

A very uncanny, paranoid bank that abuses the Patriot Act when customers transfer money to accounts they own.

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Apr 21, 2017
Horrible Bank
Anonymous Account Holder

This is a horrible bank. If you don't call them about something than it is your fault that something is wrong. If you do call them about a problem the mistake is still your fault and even when you point out that you had called them before and were told such and such, they tell you were not told that and if you were they will make sure that employee is taken care of. Only one time before have I seen a bank treat their customers this poorly - thus I rate them one millimeter above Bank of America. 

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Apr 07, 2017
Never use their international wire!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been using Discover for 4 years but my recent experience with international wire has been horrible. Everything when I call the customer service, I would get different answers .Because the first time I called before the wire transfer they didn't provide me enough information. Then my money went missing and they blamed me for not doing it correctly. They can't trace the money neither. I still don't know where my money went. I'll quit discover as soon as this transfer gets resolved. 

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Apr 05, 2017
unprofessional and unknowledgable
Anonymous Account Holder

if you have another family member added for authorization, they don't know how to remove them off of the authorization after you cancel the card.  Now today my daughter and husband is suffering.

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Jul 01, 2017

So how are your family members "suffering?"

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