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Mar 16, 2014
Discover Bank and Card
krodamai Account Holder

I'm loving Discover.

I have had a discover card for 16 years (and I'm only 34).  I just don't see any reason not to have my credit card company pay me instead of the other way around.  So about 3-4 years ago, I noticed online that DiscoverBank also had a better APR than my other online account (used to be called ING Direct, now Capital One 360).  Again, why not let Discover pay me?  So I opened the account.  I've had absolutely no hassles or problems either with account opening or maintaining over the past several years.

I have had several occasions to deal with discover customer service.  Once was when an entity (company or person, not sure which) charged my discover credit card for something when I'd never heard of them, never been to the state from which I got charged and was actually living internationally when it occurred.  Discover took care of that really quickly; as soon as I called, the item was removed.  They then actually checked with me over the course of the next week or two to ensure that the other purchases I was making were, in fact, mine.  (Note: they didn't decline my purchases - that would've been a big problem for me; they simply checked with me when the transaction posted).  Another was when I needed to increase my credit limit.  They very easily and quickly did that as well.  Admittedly, both of these occasions had to do with Discover Credit Cards, not DiscoverBank, but it's the same company and since I haven't dealt directly with DiscoverBank service, I can only comment on my experiences with the company as a whole.  Customer service has always been (at least for me) awesome, helpful, and easily understood.

As for rapidity of transfers, I've never had a problem.  I'm usually not desperate enough to need the money right now, so I haven't noticed the lag that some people complain about.  I haven't noticed any difference in the speed of linked accounts transferring funds to or from DiscoverBank, compared with CapOne 360, which I still have and recently linked to DiscoverBank as well.  Last week, I sent a request from the CapOne site to receive funds from another bank.  The same day, I requested DiscoverBank do the same.  Both sets arrived in the online accounts on the same day (after a weekend, since I had made the request at the end of the week).

Hope this helps for anyone interested in getting paid by their financial institution, rather than paying their financial institution for services rendered. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 18, 2014
Tuskers Account Holder

I am only dissapointed with the length of time it takes to have deposits made available. In this electronic age it shouldnt take 5 to 6 days to have a transfer of funds made available. 

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Apr 22, 2017
Obsessed with freezing customer accounts
Anonymous Account Holder

A very uncanny, paranoid bank that abuses the Patriot Act when customers transfer money to accounts they own.

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Apr 21, 2017
Horrible Bank
Anonymous Account Holder

This is a horrible bank. If you don't call them about something than it is your fault that something is wrong. If you do call them about a problem the mistake is still your fault and even when you point out that you had called them before and were told such and such, they tell you were not told that and if you were they will make sure that employee is taken care of. Only one time before have I seen a bank treat their customers this poorly - thus I rate them one millimeter above Bank of America. 

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Apr 07, 2017
Never use their international wire!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been using Discover for 4 years but my recent experience with international wire has been horrible. Everything when I call the customer service, I would get different answers .Because the first time I called before the wire transfer they didn't provide me enough information. Then my money went missing and they blamed me for not doing it correctly. They can't trace the money neither. I still don't know where my money went. I'll quit discover as soon as this transfer gets resolved. 

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Apr 05, 2017
unprofessional and unknowledgable
Anonymous Account Holder

if you have another family member added for authorization, they don't know how to remove them off of the authorization after you cancel the card.  Now today my daughter and husband is suffering.

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Mar 12, 2017
Upped my interest rates for no reason.
JasonW1178 Account Holder

I had this card, and back when the economy went bad I ended up keeping a balance.  No late payments and only carrying about a third of the limit, and it was about 2010 they jumped my interest from the low teens to the mid twenties.  I called their customer service and they told me it was because of the downturn in the economy and people not making payments they raised rates to cover their costs.  They also lowered my limit. 

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Feb 25, 2017
ACH & Wire Transfer take abnormally long
bluewater667 Account Holder

Wire transfers are supposed to be same day, this place stretches a Wire Transfer out over days and blames the sending party.

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Feb 24, 2017
Hard to add funds
Anonymous Account Holder

If you need to add funds to your account same day, it's impossible.  You have to wire it or bankd transfer it and that's 3 business days to get through.  While it's easy to withdraw money from ATMs, the same ATMs do not accept deposits. Discover Bank doesn't accept Google Wallet or any of those services.  If you overdraft by even 1 dollar they'll send it back and charge the fee (Most banks would allow it for such a small amount..and charge a fee of course).  This bank is very very unusable.

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Jan 28, 2017
Rusty2017 Account Holder

If you do wire transfer to a CD account, you have to do in when you first set it up; otherwise, you have to mail them a check instead. They never mention this on their website and keep saying you can fund your account later. The processing of your CD and savings accounts are extremely slow. It took more than 3 business days. Their security department is rediculous. Many times when I tried to log onto my account, they kept on saying I had security issues  and kept on giving me security code to log on via my phone. What a waste of my time. This week, they banned my account saying that I had security issues and I forced me to call them up. When I called them, they said I had too many internet activities in a short period of time. By "too many internet activities", they actually meant I set up 3 different CDs with different maturity periods. Obviously, they don't want to do business with me. What kind of security issue is this? When I ask them whether there are people trying to log onto my account using a different IP, the stupid security guy ask me instead "why are you asking this?" Maybe I should have used the F word. So much for internet security. It is a joke.

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Jan 23, 2017
Does not replace physical bank.
D6T Account Holder

I really enjoy the interest rate, but they act like banks did 20 years ago. They float themselves loans of your money so they can trade and invest short-term. If you deposit money, it will take a week to be available to you. If you send money out to another bank, it will take a week to get sent. As long as you use this as a secondary bank, you'll be fine. The customer service is usually great. The website is frequently unavailable. They also love insufficient funds fees by not posting withdrawals by up to a week. In other words, you have to bank the way your grandparents did and keep track of every single purchase because their systems are always 3-5 weekdays behind with transactions.

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Jan 17, 2017
They need to stck to credit cards!
cs1ktech Account Holder

Application process... Tried to sign up for joint checking and savings. During process, found that you cannot get checking and savings account at same time despite the signup page saying you can. Ok, went with the flow, and created joint savings. Went back around and tried to create joint checking account. It said due to technical issues, you can't create a joint checking account and you have to call to accomplish that. OK, sounds OK. Well, not so much. Called after creating checking account and was told that I have to send paperwork in. They know there's a problem, but can't fix it. That, and spelling / grammar errors on three of the signup pages - which I reported.

Deposit availability... Ok, got through the signup process. Made inital deposit - $1000. A week goes by, and still no deposit, though the bank account shows that the ACH hit took the same day as I initiated the transfer. Called customer service. Again, they say they did an upgrade, and are having problems. Literally took a week for the deposit to make it.

Transfers between accounts: After deposit finally showed, figured I'd move some of the inital deposit to Checking from Savings. Nope. No luck. In the accounts dropdown, the only option is "external account" yup, I can pull another week-long wait for money from my other bank account. Cannot xfer from savings to checking. Customer service doesn't know why. Said they had to refer to tech support. We're several days into this, and it's still not fixed. Compared to Discover card online site and Discover card customer service, this is a complete joke.

Will likely just tell them to cut check, and close account. Who knows how long that will take.....

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