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Apr 01, 2018
Fraudulant Charges?
MrChrisCarter Account Holder

I've had bluebird since like 2015 I've never had any charges that i didn't make and never had a issue where I had to call customer service either. It's a prepaid card so they aren't the most secure. You have to be careful where your swiping and buying online expecially. Real cards with a chip and attached to a real bank account are the most secure you can get not "free" prepaid cards

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Feb 19, 2018
Easy to use, USUALLY
Anonymous Account Holder

 I have had a bluebird American Express account for almost 5 years, during that time I’ve used it for direct deposit, And I could get cash out at US Bank ATMs for no fee. However on Sunday, the app on my phone would not work Nor did the login site on a desktop or regular computer.  I have thousands of dollars on my set-aside  Account but only have about $13 in the main account which draws off of the card.  Thinking the problem would be resolved quickly, I went to lunch with some of my friends by the end of the meal I still was not able to login and began to panic, thank God I had my U.S. Bank debit card because the American Express bluebird site was down for more than 13 hours.

 When I tried to call the customer service number from both the app and the website, and also the number on the back of my card, all I would get is a busy signal and the call would terminate.  Had this been my only form of payment, I literally would have been held hostage the entire day. I could not access the account via phone or online or the app and a huge amount of money was suddenly made unavailable to me. 

I can no longer rely on the service, knowing that someday I can just be locked out and unable to use the money in my set-aside account. I will no longer be using the service. I will go back to relying on my regular checking account, for which I can either call or go to an ATM to make transfers. 

I was so angry because the site kept saying that it was a planned outage however no one was notified of this outage. I’ve worked for a .com company and this was no planned outage, and their lack of customer service to assure the customers was disgusting. Neither reliable nor safe. 

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Dec 08, 2018
Customer Service Sucks - Excessive Holds
MiVibing Account Holder

When charges are declined, the hold on the funds are ridiculous long which 7-10 days. I called and complained about this. Initially they said it is the company put the hold while thinking you won't call and follow up with the company. I did both times and they said the charges were declined and have no control of bank holds, Bluebird do. Bluebird is no help but to say sorry repeatedly and cannot release the funds until waiting time is over! I removed both direct deposits from this card and doing traditional banking from now on. It is NOT that great and stress-free as it seem.

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Nov 21, 2018
mskjv Account Holder

i cancelled mine, customer service is horrible and money disappears. I am with CHIME now and don't regret it one bit. NO ISSUES at all!!!!!

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Oct 27, 2018
A big let down
kgovan26 Account Holder

I have had bluebird for years and have always been good with them! I’ve had a good experience and they usually due whatever they say they are but I recently had fraud on my card to PayPal a greyhound web charge. PayPal refunded me because they could see it was used through a fake account but greyhound can not locate the charge and advised me to call my credit card and i already bad. Filed the dispute 10/06/18 and as of just now I have received NOTHING!!! I have called them 3 times AFTER submitting the claim docs and ordering and receiving a new card! Every call they say that I have to wait! I’m still out the money and have been given o answers or help! SUPER DISSAPPOINTED AND HAVE ALREADY SWITCHED

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Nov 21, 2018

i have cancelled them as well. I use Chime and did some research on them and I absolutely LOVE them. No issues

Sep 12, 2018
CHrisKitch Account Holder

Worst company EVER!! Money has continuously come out of our account and goes God knows where. Never any answer as to where it actually goes. Weeks or months to get a refund or no refund at all! AWFUL!!

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Nov 19, 2018

I have never had problems with my Bluebird card. I have read a lot of feedback and I just can't believe all the bad storys

Aug 15, 2018
Prepaid debit card
Mjameson86 Account Holder

Do not use this card!! Multiple times this year their system goes down and when u trt to use ur card it gets declined but the charge still shows up under gns American express they place it on hold to get interest then release the funds 3-10 days later. When yoy call trying to get your funds they act stupid like they have no idea what's going on. This is your hard earned money u should be able to spend.

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Aug 09, 2018
itzmyworld Account Holder

Be mindful of your balance! I've been noticing money coming up missing from my account with no new transactions. It can be $130 one day, and $96 the next, without any new transactions/trans history. I've had this card awhile now, and my only real issue was customer service. If you have unauthorized charges, they will cancel your card, but they always find the charges to be correct - EVEN WHEN IT'S FRAUD. So, to circumvent that issue, I never kept a large balance/used the card on high risk sites. Customer Service is practically nonexistent, but I've known this. Nonetheless, it's been virtually free up until this year when I started noticing unexplainable balance discrepancies. I can go back through, and add up my charges to see that what's missing is from them. IDK what's going on, and they swear that they don't, either. Yet, seriously.... if I didn't spend my money, where did it go? There's no information on where it went. It's so odd. It doesn't happen all the time, but today marks the 5th or 6th time it's happened except they won't help me. We can go through the numbers together, and these Philippians agree that's it's gone yet no one can find it to give it back. Watch your balances, people.

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Jul 22, 2018
They HOLD your funds for no reason
ruvidan Account Holder

I put all my spare money into one of these cards.  Went to pay my phone bill.  It stated it was"ON HOLD".  I thought it was the phone.  Tried again.  The second charge was "ON HOLD".

I borroed money and used a different card.  IT WORKED.  I call Bluebird to get the HOLD charges released.  They say I have to wait up to a week.  I call the phone company and they don't reflect any holds.  It's all on Bluebird.

I can't wait a week, I need the funds now.  Nothing they can do about it.  They rejected it.  They are holding my money.  I ask to speak to a manager.  I am put on hold for 10 minutes then they hang up on me.  I wait a day and call them back.  Exact same thing.  I hate this company.

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Jul 17, 2018
Bluebird is exceptional!!
Wagnerray Account Holder

American express prepaid Bluebird card is the best prepaid card on the market hands down! I've been an account holder for years and have NEVER had one single issue. I use the card to load paychecks through their mobile check capture service, purchase items online, send and pickup cash at Walmart, withdrawal money from moneypass atms, ect.. Every time I call customer service the representatives are prompt and helpful. PLEASE IGNORE THESE NEGATIVE REVIEWS! if u read closely all these anonymous postings are people ranting about personal incidences that are most likely card user error on their part or people trying to recover stolen money due to theft. (NO PREPAID CARDS WILL EVER REFUND STOLEN MONEY). Prepaid cards lack the legal protections of bank issued credit/debit cards. Bluebird is a prepaid unsecured card if u want a secure card with theft protection services use a chipped debit/credit card issued by a bank or credit union. Again, it's a prepaid card use common sense. Don't load large sums of money on it especially if the money isn't going to be spent right away. Overall, I can't say enough nice things about the bluebird card. Using BLUEBIRD has been a flawless experience.

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Jul 12, 2018
Karpenl85 Account Holder

I have had the prepaid card for several years now.  I unfortunately lost the card… And ordered a new one. In the meantime my paycheck was deposited onto the account. I thought I could withdraw the money at my local Walmart being that I don’t have the card. When I went to do so it makes me give the three digit code on the back of the card… That I don’t have! Giving me no access to my funds. When I called their customer service representative they told me there was nothing I could do to get access to my money. I could order in expedited card that would cost me $10. But otherwise I had to wait until the Card came in. Thank God I have a friend who is a banker and was able to just write myself a check and deposit it into my actual checking account. Bluebird gave me no solution nor were they concerned about the fact that I was very unsatisfied with their services. Very poor customer service!

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