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Oct 28, 2016
Saved me from fraud
kellyc620 Account Holder

I know BOA has issues but when mt debit card number was stolen last weekend, it was the bank who caught it, fixed it, then called me. When I found out, they had already gotten everything fixed and my new card was on the way. Very grateful to BOA. 

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Jan 19, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

One month ago I opened a savings account at BOA as a way to save a little $ for vacations. I figured that they have ATM's all over the place so it would be a good choice. Tuesday I checked to see if a transfer from another bank had made it into my account only to find that my account was closed. I called and was disconnected, kept on hold, transferred 4 times and told that in the Depositors Agreement the bank or the customer can terminate the account at any time for no reason....and that is what they did. I went to the Portsmouth and it was too late to talk to anyone that day. I set up an appointment and went there today. Not only do they give the customers the runaround on the phone but they do the bank staff as well. Finally they put me on a phone where I went through the same thing as I had on Tuesday only to hear the same thing, based on the Depositors agreement they opted to close my reason need be given and they wouldn't!! I guess I was getting a little loud in the bank (imagine that) because they asked me to leave. I can never open a Bank of America account ever again!! I guess that is why they have such bad reviews....#nowilook!! Buyer beware BOA is run by Commies, I know it!!

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Sep 29, 2017
Worst Bank Ever & Customer Service Sucks
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst bank ever. I opened a new account and they closed my account just a few weeks later because I had rented a car for $678 and I thought I had enough in that account, including the deposit for the car in my bank account, none the less when Avis took their money I got over drawn only $138. A few days later when I went to pay the balance and deposit my check they told me they had permanently closed my account and mind you I was updating them and even went in person to let them know that I would be paying a few days later and the misunderstanding with the car rental. Super rude Fraud department on top. NEver use this bank. They are not reliable on top of charging way more a month for maintenance fees than other banks. On top of that I waited twice on the phone fore fraud for about 20-30 minutes, insane amount of time for a phone customer service.

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Sep 25, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Bank of America is the worse bank ever!!!! After 16 years of a business account never being late with a payment or missing a payment they abruptly called me after 16 years and cancelled my credit cards and established credit lines. They said after all those years it was a mistake to extend my type of business credit however I could continue to have a bank account in which they will allow deposits to make money off my money. Representative were very uncaring in deliverying the message that up and out of no where sabatoged my business of 17 years. I would advise anyone to not bank here!

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Sep 21, 2017
Will do anything to charge a fee.
Anonymous Account Holder

We had been a customer for over 20 years. Every year or so they eliminate the checking account you are in with no fee and put you in an account with a fee. You have to call and get the charges reversed and get put in a new account. OK once in awhile,but the consistency is aggrevating. Our mortgage required flood insurance, so we had a survey done, which put us out of the flood plain. They eliminated most of the flood insurance but required us to insure a shed. Which I believe is against the law. It is an unoccupied dwelling. The kicker was the escrow account was more than the flood insurance. They also had my wifes social security number and mine transposed. Please verify your social security number, yeah right, took us a few calls to figure it out. No matter how many times we asked them to fix it,it never got fixed.Years ago they were the best,now they are one of the worst and we have moved on.

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Sep 14, 2017
Self-Serving Bank
Anonymous Account Holder

Avoid like the plague!

I found out recently I was being billed $12 a month since 2013 for an account they converted without notifying me. They deny not sending documents, as they would be in trouble with the Federal Government, but I received no such warnings.

They called them "Legitimate charges" and would not back down, or refund me. The man helping me told me he could do the last month, but not the others while someone else told me he could try to refund up to a years worth. In the end, I got the last month back, but have been billed for the last few if the bank couldn't afford to give me my money back for an honest mistake on THEIR part.

Crooked, and disheartening. I've banked with Bank of America for more than 10 years, and it feels like breaking up with an abusive partner. Looking for a new bank!

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Sep 12, 2017
mrimmps Account Holder

Literally the worst bank ever with terrible customer service! I recieved an email from them telling me I was pre approved for a credit card limit increase and did not need to run a credit check or hard inquiry. I called customer service three different times and each time they assured me, there would be NO hard inquiry on my account. As soon as the limit increase went through a hard inquiry showed up and now they dont want to take responsibility and wont help in removing it from my credit score. literally they are all liars. 

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Sep 06, 2017
Doesn't care about customers
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a customer since 2003, so 14 years.  I always pay my balance in full on time.  I am a widow and had a health problem and missed my payment due date.  I paid the finance charge and late fee and the rest of the balance in full ($3000.00) by the next due date.  The next statement had another finance charge on it, that I was not expecting.  I called and talked to 3 people who would not remove the last finance charge.  I asked to speak to the Manager of the Supervisor I spoke to who would not help me and they never called my payment is due.  I will pay it and never use this card again!!!

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Aug 25, 2017
Horrible Service
JMV25 Account Holder

This bank has horrendous customer service. I am affiliated with several banks and, by far, receive the worst service from Bank of America. In addition, in a day & age of technology, they are extremely inconvenient. If you have a BofA checking account, they will only allow you to pay your BofA credit card with that checking account (I had a Credit Card prior to opening a checking account and was unaware of this). As this is not my main checking, I would have to transfer funds from my other bank into this account in order to simply pay my credit card. Their website is very much behind the times. And, they will not work with you at all. There is no leniency or understanding for real life situations. In a world where there are so many banks to choose from, go elsewhere. You will be treated better, have a higher level of convenience and likely access to better technology. I am closing my account today.

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Aug 11, 2017
Horrible non-caring customer service.
Anonymous Account Holder


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Jul 05, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Poor Customer Service! Rude, Sarcastic and Unhelpful  customer service associates...and that's after waiting 35 minutes to speak with someone. They clearly don't mind losing valuable customers. BIG mistake switching to BofA. Rating= -5

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Jun 23, 2017
Consistently disappoints
jus10young Account Holder

I think everyone has gone through the BoA phase. I had an account for about five years, from high school to early college years. Over night, they began processing their credits and debits differently.

My direct deposit posted at 5:30a, but my automatic transfers went out at 1:00am. This meant SEVEN items were classified as overdrafts. Upon calling customer service, I was instantly laughed at and told "it's not my problem you can't handle your money".

Mind you, my automatically transfers and direct deposts had remained untouched for many years. This was prior to the CFPB  and the class action suit for intentionally causing overdrafts. 

Once trust is lost, I'll never have any BoA branded product in my househole. 

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