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Bank of America

1.4 out of 5 stars
65 Reviews

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Application Process

2.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

2 out of 5 stars

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Oct 28, 2016
Saved me from fraud
kellyc620 Account Holder

I know BOA has issues but when mt debit card number was stolen last weekend, it was the bank who caught it, fixed it, then called me. When I found out, they had already gotten everything fixed and my new card was on the way. Very grateful to BOA. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 01, 2016
Sf2500 Account Holder

Got to watch out for outsourcing I have great credit loan declined

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Feb 22, 2017
negative one star
Anonymous Account Holder

If I could give zero stars- or better yet negative stars I would. Do not put your money here. This bank and it's staff made life difficult for my Dad. Every year they

sent him a note saying his safe deposit box was over due- and every year he to show them where they had taken the payment out of his account. Since his passing I have tried to transfer the balance remaining in his account. I have submitted all the documents including death certificate and the county form showing that I am the executor of his estate. They stall and stall and stall. I am not sure whether it is a systematic avoidance of their responsibilities or incompetence. In my opinion I have never dealt with a worse bank.

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Feb 22, 2017
horrible bank
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank is horrible with credit card accounts. Never ever fall to open account  with this bank. Have account with them for almost 1/2 year but problems come along with statements and bill. They will find way to charge later payments fees and other BS.If  foe some reason you overpay bill they never will call  you  to tell you overpay  but if you get pay later for 1 day ( due to not received statement from bank ) they will start charge you fees . By spoke with one of the managers I got only one answer  We relay on US Postal service. But on who I have to relay? This bank not recommended for any service.

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Feb 17, 2017
Greedy Piglets
fungiblefungi Account Holder

Bank of America's overdraft policies are ridiculous. They have no option of forgiveness for long time customers as opposed to Ally Banking. They make no differentiation between overdrafts that are covered in one day over overdrafts that take a week to cover. Capital One's 360 charges an overdraft fee commensurate with the line of credit you pull for the overdraft, which seems to make A LOT MORE sense. As you can probably tell, I'm done with BOA and I'm cancelling my checking account with them.

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Feb 13, 2017
worse bank ever
stuffybird Account Holder

BOA is a joke. They just want to make money and will not provide any assistance. their customer representative are useless. Zero product knowledge. No iota of helpfullness. There are other better cards in market. They are robotic and have no human interaction. Unnecessary fees and snobbish attitude. 

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Feb 10, 2017
customer service sucks
liamsullivan67 Account Holder

The automated customer service sucks.  once you get through to a person they are nice.  

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Feb 05, 2017
Horrid bank. Horrid service.
Sufyuf Account Holder

They literally told me that after checking with multiple departments that there was nothing anyone cod do for me.
All i wanted to do was add a "pay from" account and remove an old "pay from" account. So I could pay them.

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Feb 04, 2017
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

Horrible Customer Service

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Jan 28, 2017
Bank of America
Anonymous Account Holder

No drive up on weekends. Just to deposit you have to go in and get bothered. During the week you have to wait for a teller to free up from taking care of customers inside before they can get to you. Terrible customer service. I'm looking for another bank.

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Jan 26, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Just FYI, if you owe them money on a closed account, they can and will withdraw it from your savings account months later without any prior notice. 

Even if you receive no notice that you had any kind of balance remaining on the closed account, they will withdraw it from your savings (assuming you have the available funds) and that is it.

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Jan 19, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

One month ago I opened a savings account at BOA as a way to save a little $ for vacations. I figured that they have ATM's all over the place so it would be a good choice. Tuesday I checked to see if a transfer from another bank had made it into my account only to find that my account was closed. I called and was disconnected, kept on hold, transferred 4 times and told that in the Depositors Agreement the bank or the customer can terminate the account at any time for no reason....and that is what they did. I went to the Portsmouth and it was too late to talk to anyone that day. I set up an appointment and went there today. Not only do they give the customers the runaround on the phone but they do the bank staff as well. Finally they put me on a phone where I went through the same thing as I had on Tuesday only to hear the same thing, based on the Depositors agreement they opted to close my reason need be given and they wouldn't!! I guess I was getting a little loud in the bank (imagine that) because they asked me to leave. I can never open a Bank of America account ever again!! I guess that is why they have such bad reviews....#nowilook!! Buyer beware BOA is run by Commies, I know it!!

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