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Will removing a duplicate State Tax Lien improve my score?
I had a CA State Tax LIen that has been released. The problem is the State put it on my credit report twice, with different ID numbers on different dates. Both show released on my report. I contacted the State and they said they will not remove the second lien b/c they have already released it and they can't. I'm looking to get buy a house soon. If I can get the second lien removed will it increase my score or not?

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Duplicate Liens

I can assure you, this is a very common problem.  Working at a bank and looking at numerous credit reports over the years, I see that many states file liens two or more times.  It appears that they may file the initial lien and then file periodically with a different amount that includes interest or fees on the original amount.  That makes it appear to be a different filing and it will have a different number.   From a lender perspective, the most important thing is that you obtain a proof of payment/release that references each lien that they have filed.  If they file three times, you need a release that shows each filing number (or book and page, depending on your location).  The best scenario is to have separate releases for each filing.  And by all means, if the liens were filed in a public record (register of deeds, county clerk or the like) BE SURE that the RELEASES are also filed in that office.  It is not enough to have the releases in hand, they must also be filed if the state/county/government filed them in a public place.  Don't assume that the agency filed your releases.

Your question is whether they can be forced to remove the duplicates.  If you have unlimited time energy and resources to put to that task, maybe after months of determination, maybe you could achieve that.  But in the cases I have known about, it is maddening to attempt to deal with such agencies and probably not worth the effort.  And technically, the amount of their lien did increase due to interest, so they will say that filing it at the higher amount was legal.  

If you can prove that you have a release for each instance, that will satisfy a lender that you are past the problem.  If you have proof of payment and show you are organized, the lender will likely believe you that it was a duplicate (or triplicate, etc.) filing of the same original lien.   So, other things being equal, having the lien filed twice versus once will not be a big problem, provided that you actually pay it in full and get your releases.

Hope this helps you.


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what do i do to grt the lein removed

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