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Why does my credit score rate 587 on credit sesame and 507 on credit karma?
My score on credit sesame is 80 points higher than what is on credit karma...which one is more accurate and why is there such a difference?
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Credit Sesame has my C/S 692, C/K 720?? These are only guesstimates? i.e. My wife has small income & C/U of 117% & her score on Credit Sesame is 711. I've given up on trying to figure out what is the closest score to FICO, the only score that really matters.

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 both of those companies get their information from different credit bureaus--and not all lenders/credit card companies report your info to all 3 bureaus--some only to one--some to two and some to all 3--it just sounds like the two different bureaus has different info on you in their file--thats why its important to check your credit reports from all 3 bureaus--or maybe one of credit bureaus hasn't updated your info in last 30--60 days--80 points difference does sound like a lot--but credit karma and credit sesame use different formulas to figure your "score"---i also use both of those companies--and i've found that credit sesame seems to be more in line with my FICO score--

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Credit Karma = False

My Credit karma is 657 and my credit sesame is 687 there is a huge differnce in which place. I believe that the sesame is better but i honestly just want to know a straight anwser not 2 diffrent becasue if and when i want a credit card i will not know which one to exactly go by i just think they should try to get as accurate of a reading  and i beieve that credit karma just deucted points for every little thing that may not actually drop your school as much as it has to mine.

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credit sesame the best

i will believe credit sesame over creditkarma my sesame is 782 my karma is 747

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