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Why did my Auto Insurance Score go down so much?? No lapse in coverage, no tickets or accidents.
I have had no accidents or violations in 5 years, no lapse in insurance coverage, and my Auto Insurance Score just dropped 50 points. What in the heck?

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If there is no feedback from those producing a score as to reasons for movement, positive or negative, then it does no good to know it in the first place. If a credit monitoring site is to be usefule then it must provide some type of individual feedback.

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I spent the last 5 years working for an Insurance company which caters to senior citizens.

All Insuance Companies are required by federal law to include a NOTICE OF ADVERSE ACTION Statement in every policy they issue. The jist of this notice says, due to your credit score, you may not receive the best rate plan offered by the company.

Your credit score is one small element of your "INSURANCE SCORE". Your Insurance Score dictates what tier or rate plan your policy is priced on.

i have re-ordered  Insurance Scores because customers claim they have the best credit possible. They say, "My credit is spotless! I checked it and my score is 805!! How could I not receive the best rates?

if you ask your Insuance company to reorder your score, you will be forced to rate your plan on the new score, even if your policy goes UP!  So be careful. 

I have never received results from a insurance score reorder make more than a $20 or $30 increase/decrease on the total policy premium. 

In my opinion, the NOTICE OF ADVERSE ACTION, sometimes abbreviated as NOAA, makes smoke turn into fire and after all is said and done, it's not worth the trouble and worry.

Good luck!

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Getting old SUCKS!

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As my insurance credit rating recently dropped, I realized that a  I had no moving, parking or outstanding violations, b. my insurance premium was paid in full on an annual basis, c. I have not had any claims in the last ten years, d.  I drive fewer miles than I use to (retired:}, e. my credit card balance is paid in full every month with no carry over card debt.  

So the only conclusion that I can arrive at is that I am being penalized because I am getting older.  Strange!

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One thing

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The reason it is being lowered is by age. The largest factor for driving is age and the older one gets the lower the score will go. It will rise in the mid 20s and lower from there.

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Right there with you.

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I don't understand how they calculate this score at all. I have good credit (very close to excellent), have never paid anything late (length of history is the only thing holding me back) but I am 25, never had a ticket, and no accidents yet my auto score is low. If an insurance company advertised only using driving history and actual credit score, I'd run straight to them. I understand the importance of using credit score, but not the "auto score" that makes no sense at all.

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It's age discrimination

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I think statistics will bear out that over-65 aged drivers have fewer moving violations and accidents than the 25 to 45 age bracket.  This is discriminatory.  It also makes me very wary of buying a new, high performance vehicle.  The insurance rates for such a vehicle must be astronomical in view of this bias.

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Same here

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Checked mine today and my auto insurance score went down 33 points.  My insurance is paid, I have never lapsed, and I have nothing on my record.   Doesn't make any  sense to me!  

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Where do I find auto insurance score

I could not find any link to see my auto insurance score

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