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Why are my two Credit Karma scores (Transunion and Equifax) so diferent?
Transunion score is 674 and Equifax is 732. Equifax was 675 just last week.

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Reality check.

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Everyone scores tend to be different at the different reporting agencies. And there many more that the big 3 and FICO.  

Scores fluctuate all the time. In the last week I watched my FICO score drop 18 points on one day then jump back up 19 points a couple of days later. It hadn't budged in the last few months.  

All the major banks have their own algorithiums that take the same info from your credit file and come up with a score for you. They will also get different scores depending on the type of loan or credit your applying for. 

Consider the scores we see as more of an average. More importantly you want to pay attention to which bracket your score falls in. Where your score lands in a bracket determines what interest rate you'll get on loans and credit cards.  Experian breaks it down as 600-650 as fair  651 - 700 as good. 701-750 as very good. 751-800 as excellent. 801+ they will practically pay you to lend you money.   The difference between a score of 675 and 720 can be as much as 20% on the interest rate. 

Sometime just making a large payment on a credit card  can make a score chance. Opening new cards will make scores drop and so will closing accounts. But over time these actions don't keep scores down for long.  Your average over time is what counts. 

Good luck. 

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I'm going through same process paying in cash isn't an option when trying to build unistablished credit, and I don't want to apply for a credit card if it'll deny me, it affects your score.It's so hard to build credit now a days with out a consigner.... definitely not like it used to be and secured credit cards you pay your own money plus interest just to gain credit! Ughhh paying for previous generations mistakes really stinks!!!

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one up one down

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Mystery to say the least. On the same day my TU went down 13 pts while my EF went up 5. There is now a 52 point difference with no discernable variance between the two. frustrating to say the least.

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i just want to know which score i should pay attention to. which is mor accurate? equifax or trans union. almost a 80 point difference. 

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CK Scores are Not Ficos. It's Vantage 3

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CK Scores are VantageScore 3. A few lenders publicly claim to use such scores, but don't know of any using it exclusively. FICO is the gold standard. So not only is there the issue of EQ and TU scores being different, but CK shown scores aren't even FICOs, so have little practical use other than roughly gaging the direction one's credit profile is heading.

As for why TU and EQ CK shown scores are different, it's a mystery, because mine are very different too with a huge 85 point variance, and yet there's seemingly no obvious reason as to why. My real FICO 8 score for Experian is close to that of EQ shown on CK, but that seems coincidental, since my Experian credit profile is the best of the three. My real EQ FICO score is likely a bit lower than CK VantangeScore 3.

Bottom line is VantageScore 3, developed by the three major credit bureaus, is very much a mystery. CK simply cops out and says they just pull the score from TU and EQ without going into any detail what's behind those scores and why they vary from each other and FICO.

And related to that is CK insurance scores - those are an absolute mystery, and CK is of zero help. Many ask, and CK dodges the questions of why insurance scores are often so low. With that said, another commentator noted awhile back that it seems CK insurance scores are an inverse of one's credit scores - that is better one's credit, more likely the worse their insurance scores. And that's been my personal experience - as my credit scores improve, my insurance scores get worse.

Rambling on. Point is CK lacks transparency. They don't go into the nuts and bolts of how the VantageScore 3 scores work nor the insurance scores. That's a shame, since FICO is publicly well understood, and what most major lenders use.

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who cares about the **** #s. it's all BS. one says 700 , another says 800. what gives? just pay in CASH!

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