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Which cash back card can I get approved for with a credit score of 700 TU and 696 EQX.
I already have a Capital One Master Card which is in excellent standing having it since last November which I just got an credit increase, and I also have a Fingerhut card with an credit increase too. I am interested in getting an Cash Back card. Which one would you suggest I pre-apply for.

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May I suggest you proceed with caution, with 7 months of credit history? Your chance of being approved for those cards are greatly reduced, those lenders tend like to see you have had 12 months of history. What's in your credit report are just as important as your scores. Discover now offer free EX FICO8 score, having their card isn't a requirement, anyone can sign up, with that score, might better gauge where you stands.


With pre-approves? There is one indication to tell if that offer is targeted or just general marketing... If the card(s) have range of interes rate, and the offer shows you a specific/set interest rate? Then it's bit more solid. If you also have access to your report that shows soft inquiries? If that lender showed up? Then it's another good indicator, of corse approval is never guaranteed. With Discoer, you can put Mickey Mouse and SSN of 1234 and see what pops up, tho I think they might have move/delete it all together recently.


Personally, I would wait till I have at least 12 months of payment history under my belt before I seek for those cards.

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With your scores,

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you should be able to apply for any that you want,  The variables will be the credit limit and the interest rate that you will get.  the higher your score the lower your interest and higher the credit limit. 

If you are looking for a good cash back card, I suggest the you look at either the  citi double cash card or the BofA cash back card. Although i will suggest that that shouldn't be the criteria you use to seek out a new card.  The reality is that it can take months to aquire enough points to acrtually redeem the points.  If you are not charging at least $2500 a month and payinjg it off every month for $25 cash back, you will probably end up paying it all back in a higher interest rate.  (I have lower interest rates on my non-cash back cards, that money has to come from somewhere!) 

Be aware too, You don't "Pre-Apply" for credit cards.  You either get Pre-approved offers in the mail or on line or you are applying for credit.  If you apply you will see a hard inquiry for the app and you will take a hit on your score weather it is approved or not.

I suggest that you have a much greater chance of approval if you are replying to one of these offers.

Good luck

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I was approved for the Citi Double Cash, Chase Freedom, and Amex Blue Cash Everyday all on the same day. My score at the time was 697 EXP Fico 8. All three of those sites have features where you can see if you're pre-approved for anything before you set yourself up for a hard pull. I suggest you take advantage of that.
Also, these pre-screenings seem to be legit. Some credit cards (Discover in particular) have "see if you're prequalified" features on their page that I don't trust at all, because no matter whose information I put in the result is always the same. Not so with the three I mentioned.

In your case, I'm guessing your scores are Credit Karma scores and not actually FICO, based on the cards you currently have.  Capital One Quicksilver is an excellent cash back card, earning you 1.5% on every purchase, and you can redeem your points whenever you like. 

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