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:What is the statute of limitations for medical bills?
How long can they chase me for an Unpaid medical bill

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Medical bills

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Like others said it depends on what state. However there is usually a portion of the bill that reflects your credit and anothe portion that does not. I have experienced medical bills past due. Usually the medical center you went too will have there own collection department. They will take what you can afford. However medical bills are ones that may never leave the report... especially if the medical establishment stays open. 

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Med bills

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Everyone I've talked to, including a lawyer and I judge said Medical bills are NOT TO BE USED AGAINST YOUR CREDIT!!!!

I know because I've claimed bankruptcy and was told the same thing!!! 

And if your on MEDICARE the drs and hospitals take what MEDICARE pays them and the drs and hospitals ARE NOT TO ASK YOU TO PAY THE BALANCE OR SEND TO COLLECTIONS!!!  ITS IN THE MEDICARE 2020 book the government sends out every year!!!  It's Red, white and blue!!! They do sometimes send to collections but it's a scare tactic!!!

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It can be anywhere from 5 years to 15 years, depending on which state you live in, so there is no one answer that will be accurate without knowing where you live.

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Tennessee whats the rules here 

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The statute of flimitations on collections varies by state, as was covered in the articles here.  Suggest yoou read them.

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Medical Bills on Your Credit Report

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I see a lot of conflicting answers to this question, so I wanted to help clarify. 

1) Medical bills can be added to your credit report legitimately. Creditors usually need to be reporting 500 or more accounts to add tradelines to your credit, so small doctors offices may not be reporting all outstanding accounts until and unless they use a third-party debt collection agency or sell your debt to a debt buyer. 

2) Like all debt, the statute of limitation will vary based on your state, and it may also vary based on if there was a signed agreement or other factors. 

3) Credit bureaus may allow the account to be reported for up to 7 years from the date of charge-off. Accounts can be reported to the credit bureaus even after the statute of limitation have expired. 

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I work for a Collection agency is Las Vegas, NV. I can tell you each state is different in their statue of limitations. Here it is 6 years in Nevada. 

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Taking the little steps

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The new credit scoring system comes out this year!!! Medical bills will have almost no bearing on your Score!!! Thankful doesn't even express it for me. my now grown daughter became sick at 3 months I didn't have medical back then I occurred a ton of bills.

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Google it. It varies by state. Just hope you don't get sued for them in the meantime.

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