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What if debt collector won't provide agreement in writing?
An apartment complex tried to charge me just over $300 when I moved out, which I disputed because they refused to provide any receipts justifying the charges and weren't accounting for five years of wear and tear. I got a call from a third-party collections agency (does not own the debt) seeking to collect the full $300. I said I was not acknowledging the debt but would be willing to discuss paying in order to protect my credit if I could get a written agreement that they would not report it to the credit bureaus. I told them I am not willing to make any payment if they would not provide me with an agreement in writing. Two collectors I spoke to told me they do not offer written agreements but said I had their verbal confirmation that it would not be reported to the agencies. When I asked why, they kept repeating, "Our company does not provide written verification." My conversation ended with the second collector hanging up on me after saying that collection attempts would continue. I'm honestly willing to pay the alleged debt to make it go away, because I'm not willing to hire an attorney to fight a big apartment complex over a $300 charge — but only if I have assurance it will not impact my credit score. Any advice?

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Release of debt.

Go to the small claims dept in the county that you were served notice to pay. The clerk in that county will help you find a solution to getting a satisfactory release for the amount you paid off.. If it was filed in a certain county, the clerk and recorders office should have a record of it . You may have to get a lawyer to go after the company that will not give you a legal release!

Good luck, but place it in their lap to respond and not keep you hostage!

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First try writing letters

Sounds to me that they do not have the legal right to collect this account.  They are only being paid to harass you.  They can not offer you a written agreement because they do not own the debt. 

If it has not yet been sent to collections, You may want to contact the landloard directly and just pay it and be done with it. it seems like to small of an amount to risk your credit over.

If it has been sent to collections, then the original landloard no longer has the right to collect.   Write the collections company asking that they only contact you by mail. (which they can not legally refuse) Talking on the phone will get you empty promises and does not work in your favor. The people at that level are not authorized to make that kind of agreement, you would ususally have to talk to a supervisor.  You always want a paper trail so that there is a clear understanding of whats going to hapen. Make the offer to pay if they will remove the account from your report, and only pay when they give you an written agreement.  If they refuse to remove the derogitory remarks, which they can do, you will end up having to pay anyway but you will have tried. 

A validation letter sent to the Credit bureau might get them off your back as well.  Google "Validation Letter" for a template. It requires them to prove that they have the legal right to collect the account. If they can't prove that they do they will have to stop.

Good luck 

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If you don't have it in writing you don't have evidence of the agreement.

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