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I have mostly unpaid medical bills from sustaining a personal injury due to a confrontation with another individual that resulted in a warrant being issued for him. I was told he was responsible for the bills but what gives and how do I fix it?

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If a court said that he was responsible

Did they set up a Restitution payment plan?   If not i'd contact your attorney or the court to find out when and how it was to be paid.  IF not then you will probaly have to sue in order to get the money to pay the bills 

Reality is that he probably had no intention of paying and would not have done so voluntarily.. Plus he would not have access to those bills unless you provided them in court.  

Reality is: The bills are in your name.  That makes you responsible for paying them weather you recieved anything from him or not.

Good Luck 

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I am not sure in this situtaion, other than they are in your name and as far as any lender is conserned those are your debts. Did you get a judgement? Can you get a copy of it? If so I would attempt to send that to them and see if that helps. Although there are some loopholes to medical debts with a collection agency (I have been doing tons of research lately). I managed to get a few of mine deleted with ease that were in collections and I paid nothing! I sent a debt validation letter to the collection agency withing 3 days they informed me they had no choice but to delete it off my report. For a 3rd party debt collector to validate medical debt it is in a direct violation of HIPPA regulations!!!! So they could not comply with my validation and deleted the debt. Often times this will kick it back to the origional creditor that is still better than it being in collections as you can negotiate "pay for delete"  or "paid as agreed" with the OC. Even a paid Collection has a negative impact on your score, Check your states SOL on debt reporting. It varies by state as to how long prior to something dropping off. If you have many previouse addresses on your CR send a letter to all three bureaus requesting the old addresses be removed and only your current address reported. Send them a copy of your DL and a utility bill that show your current address. This often helps in disputing debts as well as catching items prior to them reaching collections. I have many collections I did not recieve dunning letters from as I moved a lot in the past. Never forget that debt collectors "purchase your debt" for pennies on the dollar and with medical debt you can often time negotiate to pay less than 50% of the origional balance! When communicating with creditors for payment for delete always get it in writing and never do it over the phone, you want a paper trail! This way if they do not delete in a timley manner (usually 45 days max) you can submit all your records of the agreement to the CB's for deletion! 

If you make a payment on a collection it starts the SOL over, Pay the newest debts first as the old ones will likely drop off within 4-7 years (depending on the state you live in). Always keep documentation! Medical debts like to double dip, if you have inscurance it is  a good idea to keep track of things that they have paid as well.

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