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Should I apply for another card after a rejection from Chase Sapphire?
Incredibly annoyed. I have a 789 Score across all three Credit Agencies. My oldest account is from 1987. I have no debt, high income, and own two homes.

The Chase Sapphire card was recommended to me by CK, Credit Sesame, and Quizzle with a high chance of approval. So I apply and wait a week then call the reconsideration line. She informs me I am declined due to "lack of Credit History". I am like "what?". My oldest card, Citi Diamond Preferred" is from 1987!

So she checks and tells me I am only an authorized user on that card and as such it doesn't count. I explained that I am the only user of that card and can demonstrate if she likes that only I pay that bill from MY account. (Unfortunately, I also had an AMEX from 1987 as well that I was the primary account holder but I got rid of it a number of years ago. Yes I know that was stupid but it was before I knew you should keep your oldest card. I didn't know that account would age off my report.)

I was thinking if I can't get the Sapphire I will try for the United Card. She was actually incredibly helpful and even told me that, even though she can't give advice" almost all Chase products would probably get the same denial.

So I am looking for a strategy to fix this problem I clearly need another card on my reports.

1) Do you think it is worth trying to call the reconsideration line again after I receive the denial letter? Do they keep a record of calls?

2) That will be the only hard pull on my report at the moment. Should I apply for another card...non-Chase... or will two hard pulls kill me. that point

3) It seems INSANE that with my credit history and score I would have to get a secured card. Should I apply for Citi Preferred Thank You card since I already am a card holder there and they can see my payment history. The Thank You Points are rubbish but there isn't any International Transaction Fee which is what I am really looking for. I travel Internationally 7 months a year for work and am getting killed with a 3 percent fee.

I would HATE to get another rejection for the same reason and drop my score because of a second hard pull.

This really annoys me because it seems that the credit card companies always punish those of us that have the luxury of not necessarily having to use credit. This kind of thing is EXACTLY why I refrained from using them extensively for so many years.

Thanks for the advice.

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One of the key factors I looked at in your statement was you have no debt. Companies like to see you're able to make payments on time. Congratulations on owning two homes, but that isn't going to increase your credit score.  Two hard pulls on your credit report in a year might bring your score down a bit too. You state you have high income. Do you have money in the bank, or are you spending what you make?  I would suggest speaking with an officer at your bank, and seeing what credit cards you might qualify for there. Credit companies like to see a mix of accounts on your credit report too. I won't suggest obtaining a mortgage loan, but perhaps a small personal loan might help pad your credit file. Again, speak with a loan officer at your bank, and go online and read everything you can.

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