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Regarding Collections
Collection companies sell accounts to other collection agencies and my credit report posts multiple collections on the same account? Obviously this is hurting my credit report/score. Its been more than 7 years, though they continue to show up on my report. Can these be taken off?
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First of all, the above response did not answer your question. What you need to do is send the collection agency(ies) a validation letter via certified mail. Upon the collection companies receipt of the certified letter, you dispute the account with the credit reporting agency (Trans Union, Experian, Equifax). The CRA will contact the collection agency to verify the debt. The collection agency will not be able to verify the debt, because they have not validated it with you. After this process, the CRA will remove the negative credit listing.

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contact the credit bureau and tell them to take it off they will if you can show proof that you have paid the account

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