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raising my score

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go up 200 points asap

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Debt companies like Credit Karma's Lexington Law Firm say "don't pay the collectors or anyone else - just dispute it to get it off the report." Let me tell you... it will disappear from your report but come back the next month with a newer date thus screwing you over even more... and you will still owe it! And you won't get your $100+ back from the company you hired to "repair" your debt. Also banks are smarter than people think because they can read remarks about how many times you disputed things and if you disputed absolutely everything on your report. Would you lend to someone like that? 

Let me tell you how to get a permanent higher score. In a TWO month time frame I managed to go from a 500 something credit score to almost 700 and about to buy a house with about 3% down thanks to real life problem solving and not day dreaming over cheap rate credit law firms or blogs that are in fact made by credit companies to disorient those who are looking for help. Most blogs share awful information and dilute the real facts of increasing scores. Every blog says expand your credit or get more credit... but if you need to improve it, paying it is the only way to remove it, no matter what ANYONE tells you.  I had several collections over the years that made it impossible to get even a $500 credit card. I thought I needed to open more credit accounts to raise my score but what no capitalistic company will ever tell you is... opening more credit will only keep your score relatively the same or less for a longer period of time. They make it look like it will help you but it doesn't, they just want to suck you dry for that higher interest rate for having bad credit. Try paying off one thing and see what it does to your score, then it'll make you go crazy wanting to pay everything else off because you will get your second chance in life fast this way.

Real Life: I called each company and offered them 30% saying it's all I got back from taxes otherwise they'll need to wait until next year because I'm going back to school next month and can't work. Most took the bait because the accounts were so old and my credit score jumped 80 points for paying 3 collection accounts. Another 20 points after I paid off my current credit cards to a 0 balance. After 2 more accounts my score seemed to jump with greater points like 38 per collection account. And pay the ones with the most recent dates first for the most dramatic results, unless you have some with small balances that would be no problem to pay first. Just take steps and set goals. This is real advice and I never knew credit could be repaired completely so fast. I have 2 more collections to pay this month and I'm already 2 score ranges higher in 2months. 

The hardest advice to accept during difficult times is usually the truth, that is why credit companies have built an empire around the idea of ignoring debt. Pay it off, but always at a fraction of the price. If you name a price at 30% and say you can't afford more, they might say they can settle for 40%. I seriously don't think there is a difference in paying a fraction settlement as opposed to paying full amount because my score just keeps climbing and it is already high enough for a house. 

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The question I have for you is, does it improve your credit even though they dont actually remove the charge off they only update that it has been paid

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These are good points, but I would be interested in knowing how a mortgage lender might view the "fraction settlement". The score has gone up, I get it, but you still did not pay your entire debt that you were obligated to pay.  Some, if not all 3, of the CBs have a notation "paid off in a settlement".  Can you talk about if a potential lender would care or not if an item was paid in full or for a fraction of the balance owed? Thanks.

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a great strategy to raise your score

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try one of the AU partnership companies like Strong Tower at

if you do not have a good friend or family member to help you in this way. 

also check out folks that work or have worked on the other side of this credit game that 

are now helping others increase their knowledge such as :  and and 

Good luck and hope this helps!

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i need help to raise my credit score fast i want to move fresno 1 of my is getting out of hand

when i move to fresno he will go with me   i need 100% credit score more soon as possible

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yes and no

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Well that is true, it might come off just for a while, depending on what type of affiliation they have with those collection agencies and main credit banks, but from my experience, that never happened to me. If those are  big agencies you tend to trust them more...big mistake! They won't care about you. It will most likely end up being a rape off because their name is big enough already so try something cheaper and more serious... Personally I worked with, you can call them at  1-800-691-3127 . They do what they say. when something falls off your credit score, it falls for good, no matter what it is. They have a form that you can fill up on their website and a live chat there too. Give them a try, I saw improvement within a month and they have very accessible deals.

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Did you pay each debt off with monthly payments??

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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