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Pretty convinced Credit Scoring Models are a scam to keep scores low to increase interest rates
I've about had it. My credit score (Vantage) won't go over 670. I have consistently paid on high-value loans for new vehicles, I've paid off car loans, I've got relatively high limit cards, and a number of paid off cards. As soon as I *use* any credit card for anything and carry *any* balance, the score drops.

Case in point: I have a $12k limit card. Usage went over 50% this month.. sure.. hit my score a point or two, whatever.. But, here's what also happened: My vehicle loan balance dropped MORE than the increase in credit usage $ amount. Another vehicle loan was paid off completely; Mortgage balance down like $400. So, what actually happens?? my score DROPS by 19 points.

I'm convinced the Vantage score is intended to keep scores low, keep people getting accounts with high interest rates. It is clearly NOT observing the total consistent use of credit and abstracting out the higher incomes which allow for the consistent use of credit.

Sure.. get credit..,. but you better not use it.

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I feel the same way

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I feel the same way. They've got this "Don't go over 30% of your credit balance for each credit card and total credit balanced". But that doesn't leave you much credit to use, punishes you for using it, then punishes you for NOT using it.

I'm just now playing this credit game. But I tell you what, I grow weary really quick and will shut it all down and just use cash like Dave Ramsey has been advising us to do in the first place. This is getting ridiculous and is probably discriminatory. I'm convinced they pick and choose whose score they wan to increase and whose they don't. I'll be over this whole credit report hustle soon.

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For Reasons Unknown

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Score dropped 31 points because a Visa account that never existed is not showing on the report. Car loan is being paid off but score no longer changes. Seems like a scam to keep people in the 600's.

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Actually paying off car loans don’t help your credit score. It shows good payment history if you pay on time. But it goes away once you pay it off. So, it does hurt your score depending what else you use for credit. You also want to keep the credit cards below 30%. Yes, it’s best to have them and use them limited. Obviously that’s hard if you need them. But what you wrote makes since that it would effect your credit score. Credit karma actually explains how things effect your score.

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You're a genius. I don't mean this sarcastically, I'm dead serious. Now, to the bat cave!

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