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pre-approval letters vs Credit Karma offers?
I have pre-approval letters for a new Credit card should I stick with my current credit card company or apply for a different one. Both offers have the same terms. Or should I apply for a card suggested by credit karma? my Scores are mid 600's. Thanks

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You know your situation better

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than they do.  

You decide when the times right for you to apply.  Here are the basic paramiters for applying:   Your score should be above 650,  740 for better lower interest rates. Your combined debt should be below 30% of your total  available credit. Even better if its around 10%or less. No late payments reported in the last year and have 3 or fewer hard inquiries in the past 2 years.  

Pre-approval and Recomendations mean nothing in the big scheme of things.  All that means is that you got on list of potential customers that the credit company bought.  CK Recommends that everyone have as many credit accounts as possible because they get paid every time you click on one of those links, and even more if you actually apply, and more if you qualify and they open an account.  

Its your credit, Your score is the most important number in your financial life. One that stays with you until the day you die.  You need to learn to manage it and not be influenced by what a website or advertising letter tells you to do. 

Good luck 

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Be careful.

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Just because you have received a pre-approved latter does not mean that you will get the card. All it means is that they screened your public and limited information and decided to invite you to apply. There have been many people I know respond to pre approved letters and get denied. 

Credit Karma has a disclaimer that their recommendations are paid for. So please do not go with them. Really go your research before you apply. 

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Any time you get a pro-approval letter from a creditor, that is going to be more reliable than Credit Karma's odds. As additional protection against a hard inquiry that ends in rejection you could go to the credit card company's website and see if they have a "find pre-qualified offers" feature. If you are pre-qualified online chances are excellent you will get an approval if you apply for real.
One caveat: this does not hold true with Discover's website. Their tool is absolutely useless, because whether you have excellent credit or horrible credit you will supposedly be pre-qualified for exactly the same card.

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Agree with Eddie TX

I have been working with credit karma 4 about 5 in a half years now getting my credit up to almost an 800. About every 6 months for about 2 years straight I would go with a recommended card through credit karma and for 2 years I have Never been denied.  That being said, I Also KNOW MY ENTIRE CREDIT history and report, and i check it weekly.  I Never applied 4 any cards until I was at a 720 credit score with All agencies, all my credit card balances are Under 28%, I NEVER have more than 3 hard inquiries, I always, ALWAYS pay my bills when they are due and in FULL usually.  I keep Life Lock on all my accounts.  NEVER, EVER LET ANYONE RUN YOUR CREDIT...I carry my phone with me and access to my credit karma and I TELL THEM what my score is.  Then they work out the deal and at the end when I am happy with everything (4 instance if I were buying a car....) After I am happy with Everything and have the deal the way I Want it......I then let them run my credit... The very least thing they do.  Now I have 13 credit cards many UN--USED AND UNTOUCHED but they give you value, bc it is (credit) or money that backs you up, kind of like your 'net value, or what you are worth' based on how much Credit you have un-used, and un-used credit = money...I have an AMX PLATINUM card with unlimited money to use... UNTOUCHED to... That card =$$$ for me....I do not spend a lot of money and if I do, I always use the card that gives BACK the most,.... Like best points, lowest APR, ETC.... When you do this you will never EVER wonder about being denied 4 a  card Again!!!  They will ask you to get their card, which is what many credit cards so with me now.... And I am NOT rich or overly wealthy..... Very average...i work from HOME!!! But i know How to make my job work For Me!!!  I make the best of it and i am looking for some more people if anyone is interested?!  I also know HOW TO Use my money!  I make IT WORK FOR ME... That is what you need to know...... Or simply email me, I have been helping people get their credit score up to to the 800's!!!

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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