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Old debt that sounds like a scam?
Recently I began getting calls from the NRA non-stop every single day sometimes twice a day. They never left a message so I assumed it wasn't important (before finding out who was calling), eventually I became fed up and called the number back and they told me I had a debt. Mind you I did move out of my parents house so I had a new address but my parents would still bring me straggler mail, I never received anything in the mail stating I had any sort of debt. Talking to the woman on the phone I gave her my new address and about a week later received a bill, from FOUR years ago from three different hospital visits that I don't recall having. Since giving this person my address I have received another debt from some collection agency in Texas (I live in PA). So for my credit's sake I decide to investigate and call the NRA from the phone number I got, I wanted to know the account number so I could pay my bill online with my bank so I would have every bit of information. The first man I talked to only gave me an NRA ID number and when I persisted he transferred me to a woman who asked me to pay over the phone for my wife Olivia's medical bill. Not only am I a straight female, I am neither married. She insisted I give her my social security number and when I denied it to her and denied being Olivia's wife/husband I heard nothing more on the line, no more responses so I hung up. I called again and still this new woman could not give me a legitimate account number. I'm not sure but I think in the beginning I gave them my social security number, I'm afraid someone will steal my identity now that I believe this is a scam. Credit Karma also shows me as having multiple debts from Penn Credit as well but when I contacted them directly they told me I don't have any. I have absolutely no idea what to do, I don't recognize any of these bills and I won't give them a dime until I know for sure that these are mine and I do owe them.

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Go to and get copies of all three credit reports.  Look them over very thoroughly and file disputes on all WRONG information with the credit bureau reporting same.  They are supposed to investigate and either verify or delete the disputed items.

It is not uncommon for there to be mistakes on credit reports, which is why we are strongly advised to do the checkups annually to make sure all data is correct.

I do not recommend trying to solve such "issues" as you reported via telephone because most of  the people you will talk to have a script they have to follow and they do not have authorization to do much correcting.  That it why it is wise to do disputes via letter and keep copies of all related communications until after this problem is fully resolved and off your credit report. 

If the collectors are only calling you, tell them you want their mailing address, then send them written letters informing them that, under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, you have the right to have the communications from them to be via U.S. Mail only, and that all phone calls are to cease immediately.  Send via certified, return receipt mail and hang on to copies of all communciations and the cards that will be returned.

All of this may seem to be a hassle, but is far less hassle than what you are dealing with right now.

And, please take the time to read the articles on this site, for teaching people about credit is what Credit Karma is here for.

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