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Old Credit Card Debt from 2007-2008 - Should I repay?
Let me preface by saying that I was a young, dumb, poor college student who was given two credit cards when I was the poorest I could be! One for $1000 and another for $500. Both through my bank account with Wells Fargo back in 2006. I used them for groceries and gas during college. Once maxed out I started to struggle to pay them while working part time, paying rent, and among everything else. No excuses really, its my own fault. I was served a summons for one in 2008 and ignored (horrible idea, not here for judgement, just advice from THIS point on…I was a scared college student). I was served papers for the other card in 2010 with which I settled, paid, and got rid of that year. This story is for the other card, from 2008.
TO THE BEST OF MY MEMORY. Today I got a letter dated June 2, 2014 from a company that claimed I owed them $5,000. First time I called, was connected with a lady, and said that I didn’t know what it was for, I thought at first that it was maybe for a student loan, but was confused because I knew all my loan were current. It had been so long since the credit card papers that I had truly forgotten about it.They told me it was a credit card through US bank, I replied that I used to have a credit card but it was through wells fargo, never through us bank. I said if this is was the correct account that this would be very old and doesn’t it fall off after 7 years? (turns out sol in Minnesota is 6 years) She said that she was not able to give me legal advice but ‘promised that they would not be trying to collect on something if they were no longer able to’ She asked if I was willing to start paying and I said that if it was mine I would be willing to figure something out but that I wasn’t going to pay 5,000….a 1,000 maybe but I wasn’t sure it was my card. She said no and that they would be willing to talk settlements…I said that I would have to do some looking up and thinking. I said that I would have to get things figured out and call back….
I hung up and got to thinking that if this was the right credit card they had to have sent me something. So I called back and asked when the last date was that they sent me something. They said that they served me with papers on March 19th, 2008 but that I didn’t sign for those papers, a third party did. I said at that point that I didn’t know if it was better to find out if time had run out or to pay if it was mine, I did contest again that this wasn’t the bank that I had opened a credit card through, he said that that was all the information he had. He said “so you do not have any intention of paying” I said no, I would like to pay if this is mine and once I get things figured out. If it is mine and I owe that much money then I want to do the right thing. I will have to chat with my parents and get back to you.” (I also asked, that if it was my account if they would be willing to settle, he said yes, I said about how much do you think, he said that he would need my bank account information to tell me that. I said, there is no way that I can just give you a number and we can enter it in, why do you need my bank account information? He said that he couldn’t do that. WE NEVER TALKED ABOUT AN AMOUNT TO SETTLE AT and I never gave him any bank account information.
This credit card does not show up on my credit karma account, currently. Not sure if it shows up in hard copies of my credit report. I have had credit karma since about 2010 and that I can remember is has NEVER showed up on there?
Here is what I am worried about:
Did I get myself in trouble with what I said? Did I restart the SOL based on what I said. Can they argue that I acknowledged that it was my debt?
From what point did my SOL start on this card? Minnesota SOL when I looked it up today says it is 6 years. When did the 6 year point start from?
If their final action towards me was on March 19th 2008 then the 6 years has passed, right? So do I legally have to pay it anymore?
Can they serve me with papers again, or sue me, and start the whole 6 year process over based on what I said on the phone?
Should I ask them to prove that it is my debt for sure?
Should I Call tomorrow, say that I looked through I have no record of having had a visa through US bank but one through Wells Fargo that was paid off in 2010 (the other credit card that I mentioned earlier). Should I request a verification of debt before moving forward.
Should I wait for the next move from them? See if I restarted the SOL. I hate to contact them again and say something I shouldn't. Do you think they will send me another letter letting me know my account was reopened and give me time before serving me again? If they can?
If they DO serve me, do I have the right to enter into a payment arrangement at that point or will they go straight to trying to garnish my wages?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for your help!

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Me again (from above)

The judgement that they claim they filed in 2008 does not show up in my credit karma either (just as additional info)

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