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No credit card approvals even for 707 score????
hello!, i have 707 credit score and i am trying to apply for credit cards but not getting approval. i have one citi credit card of 1000$ and 29% usage, the other card i have closed in the month of May which is PNC secured card. please give me responses for good results. TIA.

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I think what you should do is lay off applying for a bit. Now - let's make a plan. 

If you aren't aware - when you apply for a card, depending on where from, either one or more of the bureaus will ding your score a few points. If you keep applying, all those dings add up. 

A lot of people aren't aware of this, but let's say you've got a balance of $290 on your $1000 citi card. 

Well, that's the balance you have now. Prior to paying the bill, it was probably higher. It takes a credit card company about a month to report your payment to the bureaus - so even though you may have had a score of 707 here on Credit Karma, or even at Citi's Fico link, the score is dated. Your new score is probably less - because of the small hits your credit took from applying for new cards. 

I recommend you visit each major CC company's site; look for the "offers". Almost all of the banks - particularly Capital One - will let you allow them to do a "soft pull" to see if you're eligible for one of their cards. It's not a guarantee, but it's better than a shot in the dark. But! You want to be careful. You don't want a card with a small limit. Big limits let you spend more, and encourage other underwriters to give you larger limits. Small limits usually mean more small limits. Credit Unions will generally give higher limits than a bank. I've heard great things about PenFed and NFCU. (you need military affilitiation to belong to them to apply) 

Unfortunately, there's no way to no how big or small a limit will be, if approved, until they tell you. When you find out, call the 1-800 number on the card and ask for more. The worst thing they can say is no. 

Then, make a note of when the account got opened. After 180 days, call and ask them for a higher credit limit. Don't speak with the customer service - ask to speak to an underwriter. Those are the folks that can make the decisions. 

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I'm going to strongly advise that you make the time to read the articles on this site since the purpose of Credit Karma is to TEACH people how credit works and how to improve theirs. Your usage is way too high and cancelling any credit card is a bad mistake. I learned a lot here and now have an excsellent credit score on a fixed income, so there is hope for you if you use this site as it was intended.

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