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Needing to improve my credit to get into a new car! HELP!
Everybody has a different story, so I'm here to ask for any advice you have to offer!

First, when I was 18-19, I got a credit card at Capital One, missed a few payments as I lost my job. Now, I didn't get a new job for well past 120 days. So the debt was sent off to collections. As soon as I got a job, I called them, and set up a payment plan. I paid $300+ in late fees, interest, and what not. Well, I was paying $50 a month until I had paid it off. I just recently paid my last bit owed (back in September.)

Two months after I started my job, my parents cosigned for me to lease a car. Well, Toyota is now offering me to trade in my lease, and buy a new car. (Only a year into the lease.) Well I really want out of the lease at this point, driving restrictions are killing me. Well I talked to my parents, and they wont cosign for me again. So I'm busting my butt to get my credit in line.

For the year and some odd months that I've had this lease car, I have made perfect payments, and for a while, before I switched jobs again (My choice, got a job offering me $5 more an hour!) I was a month ahead on my payments. Now my payments are being paid two weeks before the due date.

Back in August, I was approved for a Nebraska Furniture Mart credit card. $500 credit line, but that is perfectly fine by me! Now, I do have a $412 balance on the card, as I got a new laptop. My monthly payment is $17. Now I can afford to pay twice that amount a month. I plan on paying off the full balance at tax time.

Also somewhere in the mix, I had a medical bill go into collections, which I was taken to court over, that was paid off within 2 months after I was taken to court. (The fact that it went to court and collections, it left two negative remarks on my credit report.)

With that said, I have disputed a few things on my credit report, and actually got a response about one of the disputes with in 24 hours.

When I opened my CK account, which was around September of 2012, and it reported that my score was 508. Now with the medical bills added to factor, my score is 585.

My goal is to get into a new car within 6 months without having an outrageous interest rate. What advice do you have for me? I'm literally willing to do anything at this point. I feel like my credit score is sucking the life out of me. When people pull my credit information, I feel like they are looking down on me. Please help!

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Stick with the lease for now.

You have too many negatives on your credit score right now.  Forget disputing them because they are part of your credit history and will remain on your report for 7 years, as required under FCRA, a federal regulation. And you do not have a stable employment history.  Your utilization on that store card is too high, and you do not have a proven positive credit history.

Stick with the lease for now and be grateful your parents helped you to get a car or you likely wouldn't have one.  Get your payments caught up and build a positive credit history so you can have a chance a lower interest rates and learn from the credit tools and articles on this site.  So far, you are just beginning to build a credit history, and you have more learning and work to do to qualify for excellent credit scores.

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