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Medical bills attributed to me even though I'm considered a dependent. What do I do?
Hello! So I have no idea how credit works, and my credit score is rather lackluster right now. I've been considered a dependent underneath my mom, and all of my medical bills should have been covered under her insurance. Yet, my credit score is being hit by large debts that I supposedly owe to hospitals for visits. As I said before, my understanding is that my mom's insurance through her job should have covered the bills, yet the bills are still being attributed to me. How do I handle this situation? And regardless, I've been told before that medical bills can't negatively affect your credit score. I don't know how true that is, but that's what has me so confused about this whole situation. Does anyone have any advice for how I should go about handling this issue?
Thank you!

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If you are over 18,

Then you are still responsible for the bills. Credit does not recognise that your considereed a "dependent".  That only applies to getting the insurance and paying taxes.  

Insurance never covers all of the bill, At best you can expect them to cover 50% to 80% of the charges.  Medical bills do not go on your credit report untill they are past due and sent to collections.  Once they are in collections then they do effect your credit and your score. 

If your mother did not pay your medical bills thats between you and your mom. But as an adult,  YOU are still responsible for them.

If the bills are over 6 years old, they should fall off your report with in a year.  They can only try to collect for 7 years. if they are less than 6 years old then you will need to address them.  First Google "Validation letter',  This is the first step in dealing with them.  a validation letter is sent to one of the Credit Bureaus, it will require them to "validate" the account, The collection agency will have to prove that they have all the legal paperwork for them to collect the debt.  In many cases they don't and they will be removed from your report. Any account that is valid will have to be dealt with.  Read up on the articles on Pay to delete and offer and compromise in order to get those debts paid and off your report.

Take some time to read the articles here on CK.  Learn what good credit is and how to manage it.  Your credit score is the most important number in your financial life. One that stays with you until the day you die. It will effect everything from interest rates on credit cards and loans to the rates you pay for insurance and could even effect weather you get a good job or not.

Good luck

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