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How to deal with all this student loan debt!
Here's the scoop. I am 29 years old...I have a $7,558 car loan with a decent interest rate of 19% (just got that this past May), credit card debt of $1500 (all open accounts), and student loan debt of about $30k. I know I have a lot less debt then most people and I'm thankful for that, but the student loans are getting out of control..I'm getting threats of the loans defaulting and going to the fed govt and that they will keep all my tax returns...I don't want this to happen. My monthly bills are just enough to keep me at a point where I am able to get by but unable to save money, and I still cannot pay everything every month. I have a payment to a law firm for a credit card that I was sued for, cell phone bill (sadly a must as I am in the industry), car payment & car insurance, rent, then I just make minimum payments on my credit cards. that's all I can handle and still have money for food, gas etc. What can I do about these student loans? I tried consolidating but the monthly payments they want are outlandish! Over $100 a month. I just couldn't do that. Anyone have any suggestions?

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first off i assuming that $100 is a typo....but $1000 is to much on 30K of student loan debt......this situatution makes me happy knowning i'll graduate debt free with a BS in Finance come May woot far as your situation and based on your other question I answered your in a job that pays you by commission is it pure commission or salary based + commission cuz if its pure commission i'd suggest looking for another job depending if your degree is marketable and not some liberal arts degree or woman studies......have you considering getting a 2nd job even 16 hours a week at mcdonalds flipping burgers for $5 would add up to $250 after you take out cost for gas ($80/month prob high end).....and paying interest on credit cards isnt helping you PAY THOSE OFF IN FULL....then only use them for purchases that you cover with whats in your bank account treat it like a debt card charge it then pay it off that night leaving 1%-5% on it till the bill comes in so you have something to report when the credit card companies report then pay the last bit in full immediately when the bill comes in 

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You didn't say how much you make, but it doesn't seem to be much given what you reported.  Maybe you might find different lliving arrangements.  See if you can get an "equal payment plan" or "comfort level billing" on your utilities.  Stop using the credit cards until you can pay them in full when the bill comes in and, for now, select one that you will spend a little more than the minimum until it is paid off.  You will be paying the minimum on the others. Then take that amount and add it to the minimum payment on the next card and so on.  Cook your meals at home.  No take-out. If your income is low enough to qualify for food stamps, do so and utilize the food bank.  Check your insurance rates to make sure you are getting a good one. 

I think there is an income contingent program for student loan repayment.  You don't want them to default and they do remain collectable for life.  As suggested, consider getting a second job to help make ends meet.  Wish you much success.

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