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How do I remove paid collection data off my report?
I recently went through paying off settlement debt to collectors and on my report from transunion it states "Payment after charge off/collection Settled - less than full balance". If this remains on my report will it continue to hurt my score and how do I remove this if possible? Thank you

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paid collections removed

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my husband and i had got our credit ran threw our mortgage rep, come to find out my husband had great credit and i was going to be the one holding us back if i didnt get four sof my collections removed (even though they where paid) the rep had told us to go with a company called select us which we did and im so happy we did. they had all my collections removed and had me in my dream home in less than 6 months. i couldnt be happier  

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Direct TV Collection

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I just spoke to a representative in Direct TV and he stated that when you settle the account or pay in full they completely delete the account from your credit report.

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Verify they will REMOVE it before paying

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Our mortgage broker gave me this advise, and it worked. It probably only works, if you have not paid the debt yet.

DirecTV had sent a $100 unpaid bill to collections, and it showed-up on my credit report. That's a whole strory in itself.

Anyway, after speaking to DirecTV and the collection agency, DirecTV agreed and sent me an official letter stating that if I paid the balance to the collection agency, the agency would notify DirecTV, then DirecTV would REMOVE the debt, as if it never existed... I repeat... AS IF IT NEVER EXISTED (not just show as paid)... so if somebody ran a credit history, they would never be able to tell I had owed DirecTV that $100

It worked.  I also was sure to be able to get a payment confirmation # and payment proof would show, on my bank statement, that it was paid in full, with my debit card.

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School fedral credit union

I paid a charge off account in full still says charge off .. School fedral credit union

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I want to dispute DirecTV . I turn the the cable box 2 years ago and they are still charging me for it.

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Wait 7 years.

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Sorry, but every credit account you've had will remain on your credit reports for, generally, 7 years.  Then it will fall off.  This is according to federal rules and there is nothing that can be done to change it.

You will just have to be sure all accounts are paid when due and in at least the amount promised (making larger payments to get a balance paid faster is a good thing) so that you will have some positives on your credit report.

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