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How do I remove medical bills from collections?
I was in a car accident in 2012 , which racked up a huge amount of medical bills, about $6,000 worth, I had insurance at the time. I also had a child via c section in 2013 and had insurance as well but apparently they did not cover EVERYTHING. Then when I started taking my child to the doctor when she was first born , since I was waiting for her medical insurance card, they billed me for her exams at every appointment. 5 out of 7 of the collections on my credit is medical related. Is there any way I can dispute any of this with the three credit bureaus and have them removed?

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Open Disputes

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I recommend opening a dispute with any and all credit bureaus. One method I had success with was stating No Contract/Contract Cancelled, this is true since I have/had no contract with a collection agency and did not owe them anything. So far I have had 4 completely removed from Transunion and 6 or 7 from Equifax. Sometimes just a dispute with Transunion got them removed from both accounts. You just have to wear them down and hope they don't verify the debt within 30 days. This has worked with not only medical bills but rent that went to collections because I broke a lease. Disputes generally take up to 30 days but could get thousands of collections completely removed. 

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How long should you wait to do this? When does the contract actually expire? Should this only be done with old collections?

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Make a call

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This may or may not work, but MOST doctors/hospitals will be willing to work with you.  Call your hospital/doctor and ask them to remove the report if you will make a payment arrangement.  Most of the time they will have you set up a payment plan with the collection agency and you pay it for 1-2 months. After about two months you call the hospital back (or they call you) and they will request to have it removed from your report.  The whole process will take around three months (1-2 to prove yourself & 1 more for the bureaus to remove).  I hope this helps!

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Help! MercyAir Collection

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How can I dispute a MercyAir Service Collection? It's been over 5 years, no contract for service or bill ever received but it appears on my credit report only through through Equifax?

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Home Loan Credit score

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How do you know what your home loan credit score is?

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Medical Bills

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Yes go onto Credit Karma and send the dispute through and send it through both Trans and Equifax - and they will assist you in these disputes, they have assisted me since they were 4 or more years old.

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I had Tricare Prime insurance during all of my accidents but I'm the one that got billed. How can I get the collections off my account since Tricare was supposed to pay them?

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If they're valid you have no basis for dispute.  Your question doesn't contain enough information to determine whether or not they are valid.

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