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how do i bring my score up?
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There are some very basic steps to help you bring up your credit score.

1. Pay your bills on time every time.

2. Do not over use your credit. Never carry a balance of more than about 25% of your available credit.

3. Do not apply for credit unless you actually need them. Keep the number of hard inquiries to a minimum.

4. Go on a credit diet. Set a reasonable budget that you can truly live with and stick to it. Once the credit cards are paid off, don;t use them unless you have to.

5. Never close an account unless the cost of the account out weighs the benefit of keeping the account open. I am struggling with a Capital One card which I have had for over 10 years. All of the sudden they are now going to charge me $60 a year for this card that had no fee. The bad part is it will be at $5 a month no matter if I have a balance or not. I want to keep the card because of the length of time it has been open but I can;t justify the fee. I am not sure what I am going to do on this one.

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how do i bring my score up?

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