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How Can I Remove/Handle Collection Accounts To Improve My Score?
Hi All,

I need some good advice on how to take care of 3 Collection Accounts on my Credit Report. Combined, they have dropped my score by almost 100 Points!!! One is a medical bill (3Yr Old Account in the Low $800’s), the second is a phone company (1Yr Old Account in the High $700’s) and the third is a credit card (2Yr Old Account in the High $700’s).

The only charge I legitimately owe is the credit card company so that’s what my first question is about. How do I go about taking care of the credit card collection account where I get the maximum benefit to my credit report?

The phone company bill racked up when I was accused of not returning a replacement phone so they charged me for the full price of the phone. They later acknowledged that they received the phone but refused to take the charge off my account stating that they received passed the specified return date. So basically they kept the phone but still wanted me to pay for the full price. In anger I canceled the service and went to another company so they then tacked on a cancellation fee. How can I get this collection item removed?

The medical company bill racked up when I visited an emergency clinic a couple years ago. I knew it was food poisoning and told the doctor on duty because it has happened to me once before. He told me he would have to run his own tests to determine that. In all, he ran $810 worth of tests (I paid out of pocket for the visit) but in the end told me he didn’t know what was wrong with me. Then he proceeded to give me pain killers and sent me on my way. In the morning I went to my regular doctor who diagnosed that I indeed had food poising, prescribed antibiotics and in no time, I was healed. When I called the emergency room back to complain about the service and why they had me do all those tests, I got no tangible response.

How do I address the phone company and medical company collection accounts. Thank you in advance.

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First thing is to make arrangements with the collectors to remove to bad debt from your report if you can start paying on the debt. I know its hard to come up with that kind of money all at once unless its this time of year. Income taxes should be used wisely to help pay off debts accumulated through the year.

Building credit is all about paying on time, like car payments, home loan and personal loans as well as credit cards.

As for hospital bill you should try to pay a small amount on them as you can so they don't go into collections. Remember hospitals bills are a service rendered as long as you can pay on the bill they don't care. But if they don't see you trying then they send the debt to a collection agency. As they will have it put on your credit reports.

Phone you can try calling and speeking to someone in a high position than those that answer the phone. But no matter what the problem your stuck with it. Though you have to pay the cost. It called living and learning as we go. The same has happened to my wife with a phone that we could not get service to where we lived. We also canceled and had to take the phones over a 100 mile back to the company to get credit for the one which I had.

Good luck on building your credit. Remember try not to over due the debts. Even if it means doing without at times.

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