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How can I improve my credit fast?
Struggling with the stress of bad credit, I want a fix that is reasonable and smart.

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This is probably not the answer that you are looking for, but it is the best answer. First thing that you need to do is a lot of reading. You need to understand everything about credit in order to fix yours. Start reading, be patient and understand that things like this take time, ask questions along the way if needed, but you will need to be more specific about your credit situation for any kind of meaningful advice. Just DO NOT give any personal information.

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First, make sure everything on your report is correct. Are there derogatory remarks that could indicate identity theft? 
Assuming everything on your report is correct, there are a couple things you can do. Neither of them is an instant fix--no such thing.

1. The best, fastest way to improve your score, sometimes quite drastically, is reducing your utilization. Make your payments on time, and make sure your utilization is between one and nine percent on the closing date, because this is the day your balance is reported to the bureaus. Depending on when your closing dates are, you could see improvement within days, or in a month at most. 

2. If you have a low number of inquiries in the past two years (four or fewer), consider opening a new line of credit. This will probably cause an initial drop in your score, but over the next few months as you make your payments on time and keep utilization low (if it's a revolving account), you will see it slowly climb back up. Crowd out the bad with some good, but don't do it quickly because then you'll be dinged because of excessive hard inquiries and "seeking credit." One new inquiry every six months is what you should limit yourself to.

3. If you have any open collections, consider paying them or perhaps negotiating a payoff. The improvement to your score will be negligible, but sometimes what is in your reports is more damaging than the number. Open collections could be holding you back more than you think, making it difficult to find a place to live, open new lines of credit, or even get a new job.

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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