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Credit score jumped 113pts in 2 weeks after dispute?
Hey Guys, first time poster. I recently disputed an old capitol one account that i had about 2 years ago, and was charged off. I got a response from the credit bureau, and it didn't seem like anything changed. But when i logged on to CK, it showed my score had jumped 113 points and that the Capitol one account was removed. I am trying my hardest to get my credit back in order. I also have 7 hard inquires. any advice on how to get rid of those? thanks!

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Inquires REMOVED

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Signed in today to read that 14 inquires have been removed from my TU report. Too good to be true?? None of them were more than 2 years old. How can this happen? They are still showing on my other reports.

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I believe they call this a bump. I've been checking online for 3 straight days because this happened to me 2 weeks ago. I had 5 inquiriesfrom transunion removed that weren't supposed to be removed until the end of 2017.  It made my score jump 20 pts, but the following week I log in CK and all 5 inquiries are right back on my report. I read that if you check your credit constantly like I do, that it might have caused your soft pulls to bump your hard pulls off temporarily. 

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There was actually a TU glitch that caused this and when they added the inquiries back on, legally they had 5 days to tell you they added something to your report. If they didn't, they broke the law. You can write them a letter and have them removed.

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over 10 yrs old

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i have items still on my credit that were removed over 10 yrs ago.. im trying to get a loan and these are hurting me.. how do i get them removed?

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I had a jump of +73 points

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Only to find that it was short lived and it really didn't stay that way. I think CK scoring is way off when these jumps occur. In fact I ended up getting a credit inquiry thinking I was finally back on track. My advice is that this service is a good gauge for the price of free, but in the end you should get credit monitoring and credit report from all three credit agencies at least for a year if your actively trying to change your credit score while being on top of any mishandlings of accounts.

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Yes, but I feel that allowing a "free" credit check only one time a year is not good.

Then they charge an exorbetant amount for more frequent reports that really don't cost them anything more than a computer key punch and a postage fee, which is a lot less than $28.

If we could check more often, without penalty, it would sure reduce fraudulent claims and problems with our credit issues.

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Don't trust it.  I use CK as a gauge to see how I am doing overall.  I do not look at the scores as anything other than fluff when it comes to applying for credit.  In fact I got a hard inquiry and a denial trying one of CK's recomeneded for me offers.

I suspect (could be wrong here) that CK gets some of their cash from the number of applications submitted.  If this is the case then you really can not trust recomendations from them.

Though I do have to thank CK for helping me out.  I got my first CC in 27 years from this site.  Also tons of advice.

Before CK - (551) (ck scores)

After CK - 731 TU 713 EQ  Capitol One Platnum (started with a $300.00 limit and went to to 3,300 in six months)

New Discover IT in the mail.  No idea the limit yet.

Very usefull site and it gets people that were previously uninvolved in their credit profiles (like me) involved.

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Credit Success

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Help with your credit disputes.

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The only way to get rid of hard inquiries is to it for them to fall off.  They fall off 2 years from the time they are made. In the meantime don't apply for any new credit - that is where the hard inquiries are coming from.

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But do you really feel that two years is fair in this day of computers and identity fraud that runs rampant throughout our society that is chokingly linked to our credit lives?

Why should my credit be involved in my auto insurance rate? The two have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other, except for the fact that the insurance companies can gouge those that can't afford to fight them which HURTS the economy as well as your credit rating!

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Or you could send in this letter.


Your Full Name

Current Address

Current Phone Number

Attention: {Creditor's Name}

Credit Department

Creditor's Address

Dear {Creditor's Name}

This letter is your formal notice to cease your unauthorized hard inquiries into 

my credit report and, a formal demand that you immediately contact the credit 

reporting agencies and credit bureaus, where your organization has made 

inquiries into my credit history, to have your illegal inquiries removed. Be 

advised that I will be checking my reports to ensure you have had the following 

unauthorized inquiries removed:

Line Item {insert number}:

Made by: {insert name of company or person making the inquiry

Made on: {insert date of inquiry}

Made with: {insert name of credit reporting agency}

To my knowledge, I have not signed any documents authorizing your 

organization to view my credit history therefore, your inquiry into my credit 

report violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 1681b(c): Transactions Not 

Initiated by Consumer.

If you are in possession of any document that you believe authorizes you or your

organization to make inquiries into my credit report, I respectfully request a copy

of this document be sent to my address listed above so that I may verify its 

validity. Given the amount of identity theft, I'm sure you'll agree that verifying 

your information is in your best interest.

Finally, assuming you do not posses inquiry authorization, I request that, after 

removing your unauthorized inquires from my credit profiles, you also remove all

of my personal information from your records and send me confirmation that you

have complied with my requests.



Your Printed Name

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how do i dispute an item?

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how do i dispute an item on my credit

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Contact me I can possible help 800 270 4747

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That is great

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Just remember though, CK rates your score differently than the other 3 reporting agencies. So a 113 point jump here doesnt mean it will jump that much on another score. Either way, though, they will go up from the removal, theirs just may not be as much, or could be more!

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Why was thia account disputed? Do tell all the details. I have a capital one charge off on my account that i opened in 2006 and went deliquent in 2007

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How did you "dispute" the capital one entry?  I am needing to do the same and need to know how to go about it, I am new to this.

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Disputing Something

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How do you dispute something on your credit report that has already been paid.

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you got to send a copy of your reciept from the company you paid the debt to to all three credit companies ands ask them to remove it off your credit report

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