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collection item not removed
I did a direct dispute. It said it was removed from my credit report, but it still shows as a open collection

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Don't just rely on the credit bureaus.

Obviously I do not know your exact situation, but there are speedier ways to correct your credit reports than relying on sometimes negligent credit bureaus.

     1.) If you paid off this collection, NEVER pay it off without both parties understanding (with documentation) that payment ensures that it is immediately taken off by THEM from YOUR credit report. *NEVER accept word of mouth, always ensure there is documentation for your proof and keep it in your files.*

          a.) Although emails/texts/phone calls/ faxes are fine, there is no substitute for a nicely formatted and mailed registered letter through the Postal Service. THIS will NEVER be lost and is confirmed by a 3rd party that has no interest in this transaction. This costs you several minutes of time and approximately $2 to have mailed.

          b.) Always give/agree to a timeframe (the same as they do); usually 14 business days to respond and the lack of response is an agreement to your request (again the same as they do).

          c.) Always be nice, and keep emotion out of the equation.

     2.) If this collection has met the statute of limitations [by your state], inform the institution that holds this debt that it needs to come off or you can and will contact their states attorney general to force them to take it off. The BBB does not do much (let's be honest) insofar as this is concerned. Purposely keeping it on is in direct violation of several laws (I'd have to research to state the exact ones) due to the fact that the main purpose is to hurt/harm your credit. *I cannot tell you how to operate using the statutes of limitation, but empower yourself and research/learn the law before you take action.*

     3.) I have always been proactive and never waited for a 3rd party to do their job (credit bureaus). I've always went straight to the source and taken care of the problems or have handled my specific requests within the legal parameters provided for us as consumers. This is in regards to collections, improper/irregular/completely wrong credit profile postings, and my favorite; hard inquiries.

          *On a side note, there are many unscrupulous lenders that employ deplorable tactics to drop and keep your score low, such as hard inquiries. They claim it's their right and they are within the law. Actually no, not when they hit your credit every month [obviously] with the intention to hurt your credit. Research small claims court rulings (in your state and others) and you will discover that more and more judges are levying the maximum penalty to the perpitaraters of this underhanded practice. When you find them, let the creditors know and cite the case numbers and filings. I am quite sure it will cease post haste when faced with having to pay $5 to $10 thousand in [maximum] damages due to their abuse of the system.*

Good Luck. (:

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It can take 60 to 90 days

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information can take that long to get reported and cross report through the different channels. 

Give it that long to report to all your credit reports.  Even in the Tech age, The credit bureau system is a mighty behemoth that moves at a very slow pace.

If you don't see the changes in your credit report after 90 days after the notification from the creditor or Credit bureau,  then dispute it on the website for one of the credit bureaus. That will trigger an update.

Good luck

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