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Collection accounts moved to "other loans"
I don't know quite how to explain this. I had 4 collection accounts. They are all old medical bills. Today when I looked at my credit score on credit karma they all were removed from collections, but then showed up in late payments, as other loans. This dropped my score significantly. There are several other things that have changed as well since last week that make no sense, but I don't even know how to begin to explain them.

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how about this ? ?

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1)Uncle had chase credit card. When he stopped paying it, the balance was $1200. Then the bank added late fees and interests and the account was CLOSED AS CHARGE OFF with a balance of $2000 in 2015.(1200 to 2000).

Suppose that bank sold this account to collection agency. Can collection agency increase this final, closed charge off balance of $2000?

2)My second question. He disputed this account 6 months ago and the result was "meet fcra requirements" nothing changed and happened. 

Last week, he checked my credit karma and showed me this: 

your credit reports no longer lists 1 account. 

account name........type...........opendate............removaldate..................reported by

chase bank ?.......................transunion and also equifax

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I'm confused by your questions. I hope an accountant will answer your question one. And probably two also.

Best of luck to you. I hope someone with knowledge about this answers your questions.


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Why am I not getting a credit score on my credit karma overview? It's been weeks since it showed a score and I have had some activities in my debt consolidation and review. I called to have me credit report sent to me, but costs money to get my score. Can you please help?

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people showing on my account


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Payment History

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Is this discrepancy showing up in both reporting agencies such as Transunion and Equifax? I'm experiencing the same thing but it is only showing up in Transunion and it also has caused my payment history to drop significantly. Have you tried to contact Credit Karma? I have asking what is going on  and haven't heard back from them yet. Hopefully I will hear something soon from them and get this straightened out. 

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I'm going thru the same PROBLEM. I should be way over 70p0 by now!

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Did you find a way to resolve the medical bill/s  I have several that have gone to collection and have contested them on credit karma but they keep coming back and it hurts my credit score.

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Late payment

How long will a 30 late payment affect your credit score?

what if a business checked your credit and they did not have your permission

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Probably just a credit karma glitch. Get your reports directly from the credit bureaus for the most accurate picture of your credit. That does cost money though.

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Legally all credit bureaus must furnish you with your credit ratings and accounts once a year WITHOUT Charge. Request immediately.

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