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A collection agency is reporting activity every month. How can I stop that?
I have a 5-year old collection that I just found is reporting new activity every month. So on this collection, they're saying the most recent activity is a LATE payment THIS MONTH.

I know I can try to negotiate a Pay for Delete, but if they refuse to accept that, what recourse do I have? Especially considering that the agency is on the west coast & I'm on the east - and it's only $200.

It's not the money (although I DID try to pay it 5 years ago & payment was refused), it's that I want to get this RECENT LATE off my report - that frankly I don't think they should be able to do. I HAVE to pay it to get it to stop, so they really have the power in this case.

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They REFUSED payment 5 yrs ago?

 Has this thing just come up in collection, or has it been going on for the total 5 years?

First thing would be get copies of your credit reports.  Go to and get copies of all 3 credit reports.  Look them over very thoroughly in minute detail.  File disputes on any wrong entries (account not yours, wrong information) with the credit bureau reporting them.  They have to investigate and either verify or delete these wrong entries.  Check your reports once a year to make sure only your information is reported.

Look at the bottom part of each entry to see when it is scheduled to drop off your credit report.  See if there is a "date of last activity" notice.

Do a search for "statute of limitations on collections" and see what it is for your state.  This is important since it varies by state.  In my state, it's 6 years, is some others it's only 3. 

I hope you kept the letter of refusal of payment by this company.  Actually, refusal of payment is indication they consider the account "paid in full."  They actually have no valid reason to continue collection activity after refusing payment.   But, I provided the information on other important factors for your benefit in case you do not have that letter.

I'll be keeping track.  This is puzzling and aggravating.

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Original debt is medical, and it was the doctor that refused payment, saying they sent it to collections earlier that day & I would have to talk to the collector. (I realize that wasn't completely clear in the original post) I was notified of this by phone when they received my check. Of course, this happened right as I was moving cross-country, and I never heard from any collector until I found the debt on my credit report last year.

Debt originated in CA, and statute is 4 years. Collector is in CA, too.

I have a recent report (got it last week) from a mortgage co. that's showing it now reporting as new activity every month.

It looks like it's been there & reporting the same for awhile - I see it with a similar pattern on my old reports now that I know what to look for, but I wasn't aware it was reporting new activity every month. Last activity reported is 9/13 - and that's what I'm concerned about, since it's recent activity it's really clobbering my score.

I want to negotiate a PFD, but I have no recourse that I can think of if they refuse, given that I would have to go back to CA to fight anything in court. I know they're not supposed to be able to report activity on an account when there isn't any - but what can I do about it?

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